Happy One Year Engagement Anniversary Quotes

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Before you start reading these happy one year engagement anniversary wishes and quotes, let’s discuss a little bit about the importance of true love between you and your fiancé. Love is the greatest teacher. It spills over into everything in life. I've thought many times how I could describe it but it never fails that no words seem worthy. Actually, the best that I've come up with is that most people have multiple relationships in their life. And in each one, we all think that somehow or in some way we are in love with that person, but then it ultimately ends up not working out. Then we're on to the next one, each time learning from our mistakes before and inching closer to what, at the time, seem to be the most elusive thing in the universe. That is something very special happens and it only happens with one person on this planet. This person does something you've never experienced before and it rocks you to your core. They wake up your soul. Or rather your soul recognizes them and beats on your heart and head. I would never be able to say that I feel complete, or at least well on my way, until I met you. A year ago today I asked her to marry me and I've only gotten more excited about it. I love you, babe! Happy 1st engagement anniversary!
Happy 1Year Engagement Anniversary Quotes

Anniversary Quotes for Happy One Year Engagement

Today on this day we got engaged, happy first-year anniversary baby. Everyone that knows her knows what an amazing big hearted soft soul of a person she is. She does everything for anyone even when she can’t; she finds a way to help. You are my best friend and someone I have always been able to count on.

Dear love, one year completed today. But, still, we are in same happy, crazy, and small miss understanding but finally lots of love. What ever happened till now you always stand for me! Here I want to say really am blessed by the way am asking only one thing from you. It all will continue till my last breath. Hope you will. Love u lot honey. Happy first year engagement anniversary!

Happy one year engagement anniversary! My world has changed so much since you've been in it and I don't regret it for one second, you are my reason to stay alive, I am not living just for me no more everything I do is for you, I am not perfect but I try every day to be a better person and a better husband to you.

When you love someone you don't just give up, and after all, we've never given up on each other no matter the flaws, and always been here for one another. I love you so much and I don't care what anyone has to think. It's me and you against the world. Happy one year engagement anniversary!

Today marks 3 years of dating, 1 year of engagement to 4 years of love with this handsome guy. Although you see me the date on Valentine day in and day out, don't get it twisted, this man is the backbone that holds our family together, my best friend and the one who God made specifically for me. I am forever thankful for him and always proud to be his wife. Happy Anniversary, my love!

Today marks my one-year engagement with my fiancé. On this day, we committed ourselves again as a loving couple and have since been proud of how far we come together. A few days ago, my fiancé and I celebrated our three years anniversary together and we discussed our plans for the future. Since we are getting married next month, we then talked about having children and possibly even moving into a bigger home if this happens.

A Sweet Happy Birthday Letter to My Boyfriend

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Writing a sweet happy birthday letter for your boyfriend may seem old fashioned but it's important to master this concept in a relationship. Never wait until your boyfriend or husband has a shining moment before you praise and celebrate them. Cheers them on during the process of meeting their goals. Let them know they'll get the next contract if the first was a no go. Do birthday lunch or dinner when they deliver the presentation. Be their greatest and oldest cheerleader. Lead the cheer.

Pay very close attention to the things your boyfriend say to you when he is angry or not in agreement with you. It is the truest indication of how he really feels about you in his heart. And it's what he has wanted to say for quite some time. It is always this simple. I believe some key and healthy components for dating to ensure you're on the same page from the beginning. Always communicate. Believe when people tell you they are having a change of heart and do not try to convince them otherwise. Take responsibility and be accountable for your own emotional health. Set some boundaries and stick to them mugs like a budget. Your relationship boundaries should be like a mortgage to you. That's a line item that you have to enforce and pay or you will be homeless. Make your life matter. Dating is different from an exclusive relationship. Now being in a committed exclusive relationship does show you some aspects of how marriage would be. The fun of dating exclusively allows you to see the real them. Now cooking, cleaning, submission and all of that comes with marriage now they can see some of that because I may cook or clean or submit from time to time but too many women give guy full benefits when they have not given the woman full benefits of being the husband. Full benefits of being a husband are being my covering, protecting me, and taking care of the home fully financially and physically. If you are not doing all of that before you marry me, why am I doing all of the wifely duties?

Happy birthday letter for boyfriend

Happy Birthday Letter to Your Boyfriend

Dear boyfriend,

It's your special day, Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world I love you so much, you are my right hand, my joy, my headache, my pain, my life time partner and my last love. Today is going to be very special. Hey, baby let me see how can I start this well every day since we've been together I have never been so happy to be with someone like I am with you and I don't know where I'll be without you. In my life, you have always and will forever light up my days through the thick and then and I will do the same for you. When I first met you my heart told me that I should date you and every day I thank the Lord for bringing us together and gave me the love of my life and the Angel that has been sent to me by the Lord and I can't wait to begin our future together like getting our careers started and then have a child and maybe more as the years progress. I just want to let you know is that I'm very proud to be your girlfriend and soon to be wife and mother for the kids. You are the most beautiful man I saw in my whole life and the sweetest person ever, just think through the full three years we been together. I know we had our ups and downs and I made many of mistakes but you forgave me and I promise to god I'll never make them mistakes again as long as I live and I learn from them mistakes that never to leave my man and always give the shirt off my back if I had to and like the songs I be listening to like "I love you this big" that song shows all the love I have for you just in one song and the song "comfortable by k camp" that song shows how much I care about you and how much you make me happy and the most lovely song Is "making my way to you " by Cole Swindell. That song tells pretty much everything, but baby I just want to let you that I'm just blessed to be with you and I can't wait to marry you and slide the ring on your beautiful finger, you have no idea how much I love you. I swear I love you more than words can describe nothing can ever change the love I have for you.

Inspirational Good Morning Quotes with Images

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Enjoy another collection of inspirational good morning texts and quotes with beautiful images. It’s time to start your day with some motivation. All of you must start your day with some Inspirational good morning quotes or beautiful prayers. I added beautiful morning images with motivating sayings in this post so you can easily send texts or post photos on your Facebook and Whatsapp statuses. Take a deep breath and let go of all dust collected in the mind of past and let good memories make a good day blast. There is always a good smile from above, waiting to smile with all everywhere. Just open the heart and spread helping hands to all, that's all.  Nobody is big, nobody is small in the vast universe, it’s a big screen and we are all small insignificant dots. Let all dots join to smile together with universal smiling light.

Pretty good morning pictures with inspiring words of wisdom are nice to look at on social media or in your text messages. But they do not transform the reader, the only action does that. Yes, I'll still have the inspirational images, motivational good morning quotes that hold wisdom but my main focus will be you experiencing the life you desire.
Inspirational Good Morning Messages 

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes with Images

1- Good morning. We must expose our soul to the right things. Reading the word of God and allowing it to dwell in you richly keeps your soul alive, whole and well.

2- It doesn’t matter if it rains or the sunshine, gloomy day or sunny day, flowers never stop blooming until they fade away. We must learn from them. Always shine no matter what happens to our lives because we will live for a short time. Have a good day everyone.

3- Good morning. Believe success is in your mindset, no matter what industry you work in. have a good day at work.

4- Good morning. When God prepares a table for you, it's not just for you. Our blessings are not to make us comfortable, but to comfort others. Ignite the giving factor in your life.

5- Faith must be attached to works. Consistent works. Faith says I'm going to serve this ball and it's going to go where I intend for it to go. Have a sweet day.

6. The best way to have a healthy relationship is to inspire each other and motivate each other. Focus on bossing up and not trying to impress local jokers. Have a beautiful day.

7- Good morning. Never trade your purpose for popularity. Popularity is temporary and in hands of those who think you deserve it. The purpose is eternal and deserves a healthy you.

75 Happy Weekend Quotes and Images

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Do you want happy weekend quotes to share on Facebook along with beautiful images? Hope you're all enjoying the weekend and the amazing excitement for the weekend is really setting in! Why? Because it’s so full of expectation for things to get better in all areas of our life! Forget about those troubles and entrust daily to doing one thing that gets you closer to where you want to be. That's how you create real change! Life is a precious gift, given to us by a precious God, who gave his precious son to die for us. Don't take it for granted and live every day to fullest. Be all you can be every second of every day. Love, even your enemies, forgive quickly, be thankful for even the bad and keep your knees bent in prayer. Don't judge others for their faults; instead, focus on yours so that you can better yourself. We all are wishing to be able to spend more time with our family and Weekend gives us pleasant sensation toward our desire. In working days we do hard working because we know if we want to fulfill our family needs; we have to work for it.

I love my family and I'm not miserable or want to be somewhere else I just want to contribute in a way that I'm able that takes the burden off my better half.  Someone told me to not post weekend fun time with your family on the Facebook or Whatsapp because potential haters read a post. Well, I guess if they don't want to hire a person who will show up on time in the hours and show proper respect to fellow humans because they post stuff I don’t know, probably just get judged on grammar and punctuation anyways. No matter how much you help someone with whatever they need to only earn their respect and try to see the best in them and be their friend, you can't do that because 90 % of people don't even respect themselves enough so how are they going to respect you back when they have no respect for themselves. Do share these pretty inspirational weekend quotes and images that have a good amount of meaning to them.
Happy Weekend Wishes

Wishing Happy Weekend Quotes for Facebook

1) Do your best today and your future will reflect everything you do? Dreams are important to lay out the roadmap of where you want to be mean nothing unless you get up get out and get something. Just because you think it will happen doesn't mean it will without effort. Have a happy weekend.

2) Figure out what you really want and work towards it. Those obstacles you hit feel like a major achievement when you resist the temptation and finally hit your goal! It's a proud feeling. Have a happy weekend.

3) Never say never in life; no matter what you do, the impossible is always possible. Stick with it and focus on the finish line and you will get there. Always do your best every day. There will be days when you won't feel up to doing anything, but you must. What you do now is the springboard for success in your future. No matter what the weather is like and no matter who you are keeping company with, always bring your own sunshine. Have a great weekend.

4) For a winning change to looking and feeling great, it starts from the inside and you work your way out. Have a super weekend and good morning.

5) Happy weekend everyone, one of the hardest things to do in life in managing your time! The most difficult part of that actually trusts the timing of your life. Sometimes things are meant to happen in order to push you towards something or someone else.

6) Life is always busy in bringing events. That's what we do! Are we believed to live every day right? Should you discontinue working on your goals because something comes up? No! It's up to you to set the goals you want to attain and keep working towards them. Happy weekend to all my friends!

7) You must do your best to determine what you leave behind in life and what you hold onto. This can be extremely confusing, but once you figure it out, you will be off to your next destination. Always trust timing and don't fight what is meant to be. Live your life and don't hold back. Happy weekend to all my friends!

8) Do you really give importance your daily activities? Are these activities working towards your targets or interruptions keeping you from reaching them?

9) If you aren't happy with yourself or with your life, there is only one person to blame, yourself. Don't like something, change it. You and you alone have complete control over almost everything you do on a daily basis. If you want to do something you have every opportunity to do it. Take charge of your life and do what you want. Make things happen! Stop wasting your life away.

10) Always set goals for yourself. All goals are important; whether short term or long term. Often it takes a long time to figure out what you are going to do in life. Happy weekend to all my friends!

Cute I Love You Quotes for My Husband

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A good husband is a great blessing for a wife in this world, now it’s time to appreciate him on his birthday or your wedding anniversary with some beautiful quotes that say I love you, my husband. These sayings and lover letters are some good, simple ways to show your husband, you value him. Affirmation doesn't need to be constant or expensive. It just needs to be consistent and true. Small affirmations are good for both people in your marriage, and will go a long way! These pretty much cover all the love languages and are just small tokens of things that will, as our elementary guidance counselor tells our kids, build up trust, in your marriage.

First and foremost let me say this; I love my husband. Now we may fight and we may have our share of problems but that does not mean that I don't love him. Most couples have problems. No marriage is perfect. I know of a few that come real closes but no one knows everything about someone else's life. All I can speak to is mine. When another woman interjects herself into my marriage in a way that I feel is disrespectful to me, I believe my husband should stand beside me and support my feelings. With that being said as with all our problems we will work through this. And you have only shown your true colors and will make us stronger. Take your trifling face somewhere else and leave us alone. End of this discussion. You are inconsequential to me and mine. These following messages can be edit by putting your husband name in appropriate places.
I love my husband

Cute I Love You Quotes for Your Husband

1. We can talk about anything but never a harsh word. You are the kindest hearted man I have ever met. I am happy you came into my world. I love our sweet conversations after I get off work. More men should follow your lead.

2. I got to say I love my husband and I hope his day goes well tomorrow! Baby if you’re reading this just knows I love you with all my heart and that I’m proud of you for being the strong man I know you are. I am here to lift you up when you want to quit.

3. You are truly one special man. May God continue to always bless you and keep you and shower his love, favor and blessings upon you? You are truly a blessing to our family, you are the other man in our lives - with all you do for us and never ever complaining. I thank God for blessing me with you a beautiful man inside and out. We could never thank you enough. May God grant you all the desires of your heart!

4. You are such a sweet man, I love coming home to you each day after work. Life can be stressful but you calm my day. I love you, I really do. You make me smile and laugh and help me forget about the stress of the day. I love you, sweetheart. My life is perfect with you.

5. God loves me a lot to give me such a great husband and father for my children. He is better than the man I dream up as a child. He gets better with age. He brings out the best in me. I love and crush on him more every year. He is a handsome, smart, hard working and he spoils me. He is dedicated and faithful to God.

I Love My Wife Quotes for Facebook Status

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Do you ever write a love note or paragraph for your wife and express your feelings in a Facebook status? I love my wife and write several thankful notes on her birthdays and our anniversaries. I write down some beautiful love quotes for a loving wife, so if you really love your wife copy and paste these wives love quotes on your Facebook timeline. Why does a man need a loving wife in his life? Because a loyal wife is the pillar of your strength, she can guide you and show the way she'll take care of you in any way you need she'll love you unconditionally. Here are a dozen of images you can Whatsapp your wife to express your love or simply pick a quote and design a cute image for her.

Let's think about the word love for just a minute. Who knew that such a small insignificant word could hold so much power? I'm no expert, let me tell you, I'm not even sure I know what it is, how to do it, or if I have even ever been in it. I mean I know what unconditional love for my wife is and even the love I have for my friends but the love between a man and a woman is completely different. I've wanted and searched for that love for years and have convinced myself on a few different occasions that I was in love but that weren’t the truth. The truth is I am just now, at the age of 35, to the point to where I love myself enough to think that I deserve love. So what is it? How do I do it? Where do I find it? I know one thing I do not believe you can be in love with someone after only knowing them a few weeks; I believe that's euphoria and will eventually wearing off. So what is the timeline? I don't know. Can you be in love with someone who continues to use and disrespect you? I see all these things about how hard it is to walk away but truthfully if they loved you they wouldn't be mistreating you. So no, I believe that is fear, not love. I'm not in the business of changing people and someone who loves me shouldn't be in the business of changing me. I believe if you love someone you love everything about them, just the way they are. Love is not selfish. Do not be afraid to lose someone who doesn't love you unconditionally, and do not be afraid to leave someone who isn't everything you've ever wanted. I would rather live the rest of my life alone, knowing that I am happy, and then live it with someone I didn't love unconditionally trying to be happy. Do not compare your love story to those on the big screen or in a book or even those of the ones around you, your love story was written for you and you alone, by God, not by authors or scriptwriters. Do not convince yourself you are in love with someone just because everyone says you should be. I know what it is that I want and deserve and will not settle anymore. I'm not confused; I'm being realistic, what is meant to be will be. I've never been really good at being patient but I'll be damned if Love is something I'm going to be rushed into. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, hopefully, so I got plenty of time to explore and find this elusive thing called love.
I love you my wife

I Love My Wife Quotes for Facebook Status

My best friend in life is my wife because she is the person who knows me inside and out. We laugh together, we sing we shared sentiments and even argue on things beyond our control but at the end of the day, she's there to love me unconditionally. I am blessed to have her not only as a mother to my dearest children, a buddy, a confident but most of all a better half who is willing to give her everything for us.


I am thankful I have a great wife in my life who does not believe in the old cliché that a family matter is a man's job. I am thankful I have someone in my life who makes me gut laugh at least once a day and brings a smile to my face every day and who will listen to me and not take me for granted and love me unconditionally and communicate without arguing. I am thankful for how my life is now. I am totally content and would not change a thing.


Twenty years ago my life was blessed with my beautiful, smart, funny, caring and best wife in the world. Thank you, God, for picking me to be her husband! Now she is a daughter, wife, mother, and a beautiful inside and out woman.


My wife is the woman that always knows what is wrong even without me saying it, my favorite girl, my bestie for life, my comforter, the woman that always stand by me even if I messed up. She is the woman that always want the best for me, that loving and caring wife and mother, that woman that will always tell me don’t worry everything will be fine and trust me everything will in no time, that woman with solutions to my problems I love you so much.