Cute New Baby Wishes to Parents

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Do you know what to say when a baby is born to his parents or grandparents? There are so many ways to write new baby wishes in cute and funny ways. You can also design a fantastic greeting card and copy these newborn quotes without my permission. In our society, the birth of a new baby was an occasion for family involvement. Since many relatives lived nearby, grandparents and cousins gathered to lend a hand in the process when needed. On that day, things have changed, and new protocols are in place and traditions have been rebuilt. However, the joy that fills parent hearts at the addition of new family members has not changed, and welcoming and honoring the arrival of treasured, little-loved ones are as important to us or perhaps more so because our times together are so limited and precious.

New parents extended relatives like great-grandparents are expected to visit and gift the new family member within a few days. As usual on such an occasion, parent’s heart was filled to overflowing with gratitude to our God for creating humans with the ability to love so deeply and so extensively. The more children he gives us, the more lovable individuals he puts into our paths, the more bosom friends we connect with over a lifetime, the more our essence expands with love and devotion. He certainly knows best how to love us how to make our lives worth living, not only through knowing Him but, also, through having families who enrich our existence.

Regardless of the circumstances that bring us, children, we love them dearly and unconditionally. Relatives who must parent children because of poor choices by adults, adoptive parents who birth a child through filial love, foster parents who fill in during times of need., all these situations we can see as gifts from our creator because they offer opportunities for these precious babies to receive love unimaginably. More, they offer us who love them the opportunity to become better than we might normally be by sharing ourselves with these wonderful blessings from God. The most precious thing parents can ever see in their whole married life is a newborn life.
Newborn wishes

Cute New Baby Wishes for Parents

Congratulations to the parents and special hats off to the mother for carrying the child for 9 months, I know it must have been extremely hard because I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy via a caesarean section who weighed 10 pounds and some days I could have hardly walk with my belly. I pray for continuing health for you and your child.

Wow, New baby in the family! Congratulations to my sister on her new and first grandchild. It's a cute tiny girl.

This made me cry. God Bless the new parents and may he receive all the love he deserves.

We welcome our newborn baby nephew to the World. May God make him a blessing to us, to his parent and to mankind O God protect him with the best of protection, make him righteous, and make him grow in a good manner, and make him kind to us and mankind. Amen.

Congratulations baby. I'm so proud of you. I'm glad I was there to see you end a chapter of your life as you prepare for a new one. I didn't get to get a picture but its fine. I love you, honey.

Thank God for a new beautiful girl in our family, may protect you and bless you. You are an instrument of love in our family. It has been a long journey to get to today, but well worth the prize in the end.

Welcome my new baby nephew or as I say my new nephew-son!! Congratulations to my big sister and hubby on their blessed son, which means God's Love. Yes, it’s completely worth the wait. We all are overjoyed.

Nothing in this world surpasses the gift of life, and today you gave life to someone. Congratulations and Welcome to motherhood. Words cannot express how excited I am for this greatest blessing.

This is our new great-great-nephew. This is the baby that I've been asking everybody to pray for he was born at 3 pounds 15 ounces and 7 weeks early we will get to see him soon because we're headed to California. Congratulation and welcome to the motherhood, I'll end up being an old grandma now.

Today, I received the sweetest news in my life. It’s when my cousin birth to the most handsome, adorable, cutest and most everything boy. Congratulations on making double digits, my boy. Lots of love and blessings from your loving auntie, I love you so much baby boy.

Congrats baby, I have to find a way there to come see you and the baby. I'm so happy for you!! Welcome to Motherhood, you’ll be fine.

Congratulations to my cousin and his fiancé on the arrival of their new baby girl. I can’t wait to meet my little niece. Nana would be so happy. Congrats to all of my family members, keep up the good work and keep your faith in God, as he will always love you in the right direction.

Congratulations my friend, I’m so happy for you two. With what started as a relationship than a home, a new baby boy and now marriage I'm glad you two have found each other and I wish you nothing but love and the best of luck.

Congrats to my baby sister. She is the youngest and will always be a baby to me. Her new chapter in life just begins today as she becomes a mother of a cute baby boy. Congratulations to my mom as well, you raised 5 healthy successful children. You deserve a major pat on the back for a job well done.

It's times like this where living away is really hard. I just want to say a massive congratulation to one of my best friends and her boyfriend on their baby news! I love you so much and I can't wait to meet her at Christmas. I miss you so much.

Newborn Baby Congratulations Messages and Wishes

I want to say Congratulations to my baby boy, now you become a dad. You did it. You ended one chapter in your life and started a new one. To see you walk across that stage made my heart smile. I know you'll continue to be great in whatever you decide to do. I love you and this is a new beginning.

Congratulations newly parents! How exciting to have a new baby coming to your family! I would have loved to come to the shower but I work that day and can't get out of it.

Congratulations to this beautiful young mama right here. She's actually one of my many sweet young aunties. Thank you, Lord, for blessing our family with a new beautiful baby girl! I am so glad you both made it. I wish to meet you soon baby girl. I love you both very much.

It’s the birth season, not just for babies but the start of something new for people’s lives. I wish you all the joy and happiness as you start this new journey of your life, reach for the stars baby. We are so proud of you.

I am freaking totally awesomely psyched out, congratulations to my best friend. I'm so proud of you.  I wish you nothing but the best on your new journey with your baby girl.

Congratulations to my cousin and her husband for their third baby boy born yesterday. He is so cute! I'm so excited for you two! May God bless your family on this new journey and I hope to see you soon, I am sending lots of love from my family to yours.

Congratulations to my eldest son my daughter in law who delivered their healthy baby boy this morning. Also congratulations to the New Grandparents, on their new addition to their family. Thanks for making me a Grandpa for the 2nd time; this is such a blessing to be able to be there for the birth of my second grandchild.

Seeing that I have about five or six girl cousin having new babies this year, I am so in baby fever, but I know I can't have another because it will mess with me financially, and I wouldn't be able to leave my newborn at a daycare center so congratulations to all my beautiful girl cousins.

It killed me to hold in the good news this long! Ladies and Gentlemen, please send your greetings to my big sister, my role model, my baby bear on delivering a cute baby boy. I couldn't be prouder of her, May the Lord continue to bless her, guide her and empower her.

Today’s an exciting day for our family. I feel this is a new chapter for a lot of people and even for me. And we are going to succeed in whatever we set out mind to. It’s not January nor does the beginning of the year but today feel like the start of something new. God bless you all.

What to say when baby is born?

Congratulations to my baby brother who will soon be a father. He's going to be holding his new baby like I once held him. I got to be an auntie again, which is one of my most favorite things to be.

Today, I wake up to some amazing news! Huge congratulations to parents on the birth of your beautiful little girl. Welcome to the world baby, I can't wait to meet you. Welcome to the magical world of motherhood ladies.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I remember the sound of my baby crying for the first time. It was music to my ears. I hope you are well, squeeze that beautiful baby boy! Again congrats a lot!

Congratulations to my friends and his wife for the newborn baby girl ,may she be beautiful , joyful and health and may she be lucky in her life , and with a good and kind heart but most of all be a good person. God bless your little one.

You do such amazing work. I wish I would have been closer for you to do pictures for me when I had my baby girl. Love seeing your work, by the way, congratulations on your new addition.

Welcome to the Motherhood Quotes

1. Shout to my friend and his fiancé on their newborn child! That is one lucky baby because she has been blessed with a parent that has one of the kindest hearted souls I have ever met in my life.

2. All differences to the side my sister and sister in law bring a baby girl into the world tomorrow so I'm praying for safe delivery tomorrow and welcome to motherhood ladies. Don’t get scared when about contractions just rub her back and be on your best behavior.

3. I am welcoming my first grandchildren into the world and it was the most precious moment to me, but seeing my oldest daughter jump right into motherhood was just as precious. Through all her pain and while undergoing a C-Section her first concern was her kids! Tears fell from my eyes knowing that even though I had her at 17 and may have struggled to make sure she and her sister had what they need, she was paying attention and know what it is to be a mother.

4. I just want to say welcome to motherhood to this beautiful baby mama, I know I have to do nothing but clean dirty nappies and making bottles for the new baby from now.

5. So I have had my first welcome my sister to motherhood moment. I thought newborn had a wet diaper well I open it up and it was also dirty. I go to get in the wipes and guess what? Yep, they were empty. I started to fasten the diaper back up to go get some wipes and she sticks her foot in it. We are home alone so what do I do. You wiped it off with my hand and then onto my pajama pants then went and got some wipes. The things we will do for our babies.

6. I introduce to you my entire newest nephew, I want to congratulate my youngest sister on her new bundle of joy and welcome her to motherhood. This is a journey that for sure will change you in the best way possible as you ensure the best love and bond ever created as a Mother and son. You’re going to be a great mommy and he's truly a blessing.

7. I am so proud to have had the honors of bringing my great niece into this world last night, thank god for a healthy baby girl. You did a great job, welcome to motherhood. Live, love, teach, protect and provide for a princess.

8. Welcome to motherhood sweet girl. Take care of yourself and your angel with all the love and other emotions that you are going to be experiencing, remember to rest and accept help from others around you. God bless you and congratulations.

9. Today was very eventful. I'm so blessed to be an aunt! It feels great. I'm in love with my nephew. I am so proud of you too sissy. Welcome to motherhood.

10. Nothing says welcome to motherhood like changing a dirty diaper in the car at a parking lot! Thanks, funny kid. Your mommy's day is now complete. You be the strong woman we all know you are! Love you lots!

11. Congratulations on your bundle of joy and welcome to motherhood darling I'm sure you'll be an awesome mother I can't wait to see that little rascal he has been terrorizing you before birth.

Right of a Father on His New Born

If you’re not grown enough to handle situations don't put yourself in them. Women fail to realize that fathers have rights to their children also. Dad is just as important as the mom; I don't know who told you, women, you have the power because you gave birth. I don't understand why females are so salty when the father doesn't want to be with them. What needs to be done instead of trying to keep a father from their child is called self-evaluation. There is a reason he doesn't want you so evaluate yourself and maybe you will figure out what's wrong with you. For all of the women out there playing and toying with their children lives, let me tell you, that child is not a puppet. It’s a human who deserves both parents in their life. See you chose that Individual to be the father of your child. You knew about that individual before you chose to have a baby by him. Whether you're together or not gives you no right to say when or where the father can interact with his child. I don't understand some of you women. You feel like you have the power because you had a baby. Let me put a little birdie in your ear. God gave you a blessing when he handed over one of his angel to you. So how dare you be selfish and stingy with one of his gifts? So you women really need to think about what you are doing to your children. It's not fair to them. It's not about you. This is my honest opinion and thoughts about how I feel when women use a child to get why they want from the father.

Quotes about Fake Friends for Facebook Status

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We collect some warning and funny quotes about fake friends for your Facebook and Whatsapp status. After reading these quotes you can easily distinguish between your real and fake two-faced friends. Sometimes people often forget that being friends with someone, you have to accept the good with the bad with that person. If this person is your ride or die, then talk to them works the kinks out. If it's getting too much for you and hard for you to deal with such as if it’s affecting your life because you care about them so much, then you can always tell them you don't want to be their friend anymore. Simple as that!! It’s a hard choice but don't hide your feelings! Let them be known! That's how you know real friends from fake. That's what real friends do.

Watch the signs of a fake friend! You may think because you treat them so well you will be returned with the same favor but sadly, most of the time that're not the case! I've begun to stop questioning fake friendships and just cut them off. I have to say since I've cut off toxic people in my life, I've been living fantastic! I do so much for people, go out my way and treat people as if they are family and get nothing but spiteful things in return. But, I've learned that everybody isn't raised like you, as real as you, and lastly as blessed as you. Jealousy is nothing but love and hate.
Quotes about fake friends

Fake Friend Quotes for Facebook Status!

  1. Don’t worry about how many friends you got, worry about how many friends are real. One real friend is far more valuable than 10 fake friends will ever be.
  2. Sometimes you feel like you can trust people when you really can't because you never know what's going to be said. so keep your friends close but fake friends and enemies closer.
  3. There is nothing on Facebook, the news, the radio, out of a friend of a friend’s mouth that I would ever believe. Anything that is on Facebook is fake or a lie. That's including anything political, religious, your opinion, her beauty, his gains or anything else.
  4. A real friend should support you if you do something great. They shouldn't try to do something to be better than you. That's just a sign of a fake friend. It seems like there are a lot of those around here.
  5. What does it mean when something bad has been done to you and you don't even know who did it and then one fine day you casually tell about it to your best friend and Boom! The best friend who is as cheerful as a butterfly goes into perpetual hiding.
  6. If you are only interested in people because of what they can do for you - you are actually not interested in them, only yourself. The test of time will reveal true friendships and relationships. Fake relationship will wither away.
  7. Being fake is now a trend, loyalty is simply now a tattoo, friendship means nothing. At the end of the day, you can't trust anyone. The only person you truly have is yourself.
  8. I can’t be friends with a person that's fake. They have a fake mentality. They listen to the bad & when y'all get into it, they start pulling cards. Their hairs are fake and their lashes are fake too.
  9. A friend of your friend is your enemy. An enemy to your friend is your friend. Friendship can build you or ruin you. When spirit talks in your mind of your friends, listen to that voice. It owns the richest message you'd never regret.
  10. Only fake friends criticize and pass judgments, smile to your face and hug you just to bury knives in your back. Shout out to the ones who hate me, the guys who think they played me and jealous girls who aren’t me. Thanks for all the attention and flattery, the more you lower yourselves the high I stand.
  11. Without haters and cheaters, you wouldn't know who your real friends are.
  12. Someday, sooner or later you'll find out who your fake friend is, who is loyal, who your hater is, and who would support you in your troubles. And trust me; some people will give you a big surprise.
  13. I am really tired of fake two faced friends, if you’re going to pretend to be my friend and then talk  bad about me to everyone, you don’t belong on my friend's list, please remove yourselves.
  14. If you really know you thrive off of dependency friendship why not choose one friend and pursue her correctly without your ego getting in the way of how you truly feel about her. And don’t think for one second that when your focus has been switched in another direction that she won’t know about your fake mentality.
  15. I really like to lose money than gain a fake friend. A friend is a rare word when you get older.
  16. I was raised with the mentality that even if my friends or family were wrong, they were still right with me. You showed loyalty regardless. It's a shame nowadays but at the same time a blessing. I'd rather have a small circle then bring fake people around.
  17. Just because I'm a yielding person it doesn't give you the right to mow me down.
  18. Please, don't just trust me. Judge me and see if I am good for you. If not, don't hold it against me and go your own way knowing that I will do the same with you and that I wish you the best.

Cute Quotes about Being Happy With My Boyfriend

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Are you happy with your boyfriend? These are the cute love quotes that truly reflect your feelings about finally being happy with someone you love. He could be your boyfriend, your fiancé or your loving husband. Few of these quotes are really longer and hardly cover a paragraph, but the longer text messages could express your emotions in more depth. There are many things our heart needs in order to be happy and joyful. And the best way to get those things is to go out there and give it to someone else. You may ask how? The universal law that says, give and it shall be given unto you, is powerful. Our bosom shrinks in selfishness but it blossoms in generosity like a sun flower. Don't wait for someone to love you, love someone; don't wait for someone to care, show people you care. Be the first to forgive and trust, it makes heart better and sweeter.

Always stay positive always be true and always treat people with love. Life is always amazing if you just be yourself. Have faith. And be strong because even when you are down or feel like no one is there. There is always family faith and internal happiness. Let the ones in who truly care and always give back to those who didn't show you care because everyone deserves to be loved and be happy. Always thankful for where my life will go. I thank my family and friends and those who are always by my side and always there for me.
 Quotes about Being Happy With

Quotes about Being Happy With Your Boyfriend!

1- There are moments when I feel the need to call you phone and tell you either the good or bad that has happened. You were always someone I could talk to about almost anything. Thank you for all the unconditional love in my life but mostly thank you for teaching me your mean baking skills.

2- You have brought nothing but happiness and joy to everyone. I've never met someone as genuinely sweet and caring as you; you always making sure everyone has a smile on their face. You never fail to amaze me with all that you know! I love you more than you'll ever know and I can't wait to see you become the best mate and I know you'll be.

3- Try to give yours to someone who could make you happy do not give to someone who you love but couldn't make you happy.

4- The moment when your boyfriend texts in the middle of the night to text you and tell you he got some chocolates for you. I love him so much I wouldn't change anything for it at all. I’m glad that we are happy. We have so many good memories and so much more to make.

5- I never thought I’d be able to look at someone and feel as happy as I do to know they are all mine, forever thankful to call you my boyfriend, love you, my baby.

6- Maybe 25% of 5 years we have spent on fighting, misunderstandings & near break-ups - 75% of we spent on happy memories, adventures & feeling of love. I am so thankful that I have you as my partner, my boyfriend, my best friend, my enemy most of the times and for that, I will continue to love you every waking day of my life because for me you are the best. I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for the gift of yourself to me.

7- It makes me feel really warm and special when my boyfriend tells me he loves me. Even when I'm mad I can't keep from smiling through it. Maybe it's just pregnant feelings, but I'm blessed to have someone that makes me feel happy and secure just by their words.

8- Well that time is here I was hoping I was going to make it until my due date but I've been told I have to stop working frown emoticon I know it's what's best for me and the baby but I don't like helping. I'm so happy I have a hard working boyfriend that goes above and beyond to make sure we have what we need.

9- This man has changed me dramatically. I'm thankful for him. I'm thankful for my boyfriend. He keeps me happy he keeps me moving and motivated. He keeps me positive. Granted I'm negative at points but I always bounce back up and be positive. I love you to death and I'm here for you. I love you and I don't know how many times I could say it.

10- When you have an amazing man like my boyfriend who not only skipped out on his only day to go fishing this week to fix my car but always make sure I'm taking care of all the time. You can't help but be thankful! So happy I found my hidden gem because I know most guys are not as caring as him.

11- I find myself so thankful to God because he sent someone as sweet in my life. Thank you for not just being my boyfriend but also being my best friend. I will never be able to find anyone like you. I hope that you fulfill all your heart desire, stay healthy and awesome.

12- I am so thankful that I have such an amazing boyfriend. I never meant to hurt him but he understands that. I love him more than words can explain and I'm so happy he forgave me for all the mess I put him through. I love you more than anything, absolutely anything in this world.

13- Before I was just too afraid to accept the fact that I am in love again with someone, I'll try to keep that for more than a year. But it’s hard to deal with. Maybe he is a stranger to me but my heart knows he is not. I know time really passes by and maybe that person is really important to me and I just put that feeling inside my unconscious mind but not in my heart than by not recognizing that fluffy feeling that lives inside of me. By reading this again, I just smile and happiness draws on my face. But now I'll need to reveal the person behind this post. It's him my future and present Boyfriend.

14- Being a parent is the most rewarding thing in this whole world. But it takes a lot of hard work to be a good one! I’m super thankful for my boyfriend working so hard lately. I’m very happy with the person you have become and I’m so happy my sons have you to teach them everything and show them so much, love.

15- I'm protective of what's mine especially when it comes to my boyfriend; I love him with all my heart. I am so thankful that he has come into my life. I am so happy again.

I'm Proud of My Boyfriend Quotes

16- I am incredibly happy to have the boyfriend I have even though I'm highly incapable of showing it. He supports me always even though I do things that could possibly hinder his grown as a human and obstruct his moral compass. I'm so thankful that he stays by me even though I'm horrible as a girlfriend. Thank you so much, my love.

17- There are no words to express how happy and thankful I am to have you in my life. I am very thankful that you came into my life nine years ago and haven't left. Thank you for everything you do for me every day. I know I'm not an easy person to put up with. I'm really happy and thankful that you spend this weekend with me it really means a lot to me and I really appreciate it. You are the best boyfriend ever. I love you, honey.

18- It's officially been 1 year with the best boyfriend ever. I'm so thankful that you came into my life and that you are willing to put up with me. Thank you for everything baby. You make me so happy. I love you so much more than anything handsome.

19- Thank you for being the best boyfriend and now fiancé that I could ever ask for. You have changed my life is so many ways and I'm thankful for every one of them! I love you more than you will ever understand.

20- He is the world best sweetest guy ever. He is so attractive, I really don't care what others say about him because he's my boyfriend, not yours. His laugh, smile, hugs, kisses are the best. He is the first boyfriend that ever treated me like a girlfriend and I actually knew him since my freshman year of high school.

21- I have the most amazing man as my boyfriend. I never thought I would meet someone that would treat me so good, he treats me the way a man should treat a women, he knows all the right things to say to make me smile, he is just so perfect, he doesn't treat me any different when he's around other people he treats me just the same as if we were alone together. I hope one day in the future he will be the one I marry and live happy ever after with. I love his family they are fun to be around they are really nice people they remind me a lot of my family. I hope they love me too. I am so glad that my friend from my past came back into my life and opened my eyes and made me see that there is a man out there for me that will treat me with respect and that will treat me like they are proud that they have me in there life, it took me a while to realize that it was him this whole time. I love him with all my heart and soul, he means everything to me. If it wasn't for him I would probably be heartbroken over some boy who really didn't love me at all, but I'm not now because I am complete thanks to my amazing boyfriend.

22- I'm so thankful I have someone that cares that much. I know I make you mad, you make me mad too. Even though we push each other’s buttons a lot, we will always be together, through everything. No matter how much we argue and fight, there will be no one to take your place. It will always be you and me against the world. I'm so thankful to have such a well perfect best friend and boyfriend!

23- I want to thank my wonderful boyfriend who stood by my side thru my rough times and gave me hope and believes in me to get thru the struggle I was going thru. I have never been so happy to be backing home and wanted and appreciated. Mostly thank my boyfriend who’s been my best friend since 7th grade! I love you dear so much without you I would be in a worse position.

24- I have the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world. I am so beyond thankful for him every day. I can't even begin to describe how lucky I am and how happy he makes me. Thank you, babe! I love you!
25- I'm so happy with my boyfriend he's helping me turn my life around to better. I just love how my life is changing and I start loving my life. My past was terrible and bad, I am glad I got out of it. I'm so glad my life is turning around.

26- Happiness is when your boyfriend doesn't know how you know something that he doesn't. How he doesn't understand that you are a magician.

27- Never thought I'd be so happy to see someone smile at me. My boyfriend made eye contact with me and smiled at me. Holy smokes my heart is so full!

28- I never knew you could love someone more than yourself. I never loved someone so much that I wanted to improve me to give them a better life. I've faced fears I never knew I could for you. No one could ever make me as happy as you do. I'm not perfect but its moments like this that make me wish I could freeze time.

29- I don't know about anyone else but I have one amazing boyfriend! He so loves and cares so much for me! It took a while for us to come back together but the wait was well worth it! So happy his family accepts me for whom I am and they are awesome as well. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world and I hope to have much more awesome days and nights like we have had here lately! I and he till the end, I love you.

30- My only man crush goes out to my wonderful boyfriend. I could not be more thankful. You make me happy and always put a smile on my face. I love you so much more than a boyfriend. You're my best friend and someone I can always go to for anything. Thank you for everything that you do.

Quotes about Being Happy With Your Husband

1. You really are such a blessing and I'm so thankful for having you in my life! Thank you being my husband and for loving me! I thank God every day for you! I love you so very much.

2. It’s being 21 of the best years of my life. I am thankful for you every day. I'm so thankful for all the learning, growing, and loving that has happened these past years. You’re the best husband and father a girl could ask for. Here's to 21 more. I love you to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond.

3. This year’s been pretty intense and I'm very thankful I've had you by my side. It was a tough year, but, we had a bunch of great experiences and new chapters open up. You are the best man I know. You make me laugh when I'm trying not to cry. You are always there for me. I'm so lucky to have you, to spend every day pestering you. I love you.

4. We have had a lot of good times and some bad. This has been the toughest year we have faces together. I am so thankful to have you by my side. I'm looking forward to happy years ahead. Love you forever. I pray for my husband's continued strength as he maneuvers this life and continues to keep me well as well. I love the way the family has pulled together to make life sweet.

5. We love and appreciate you so much. Thank you for always being there. He is the head of our home and we are so blessed to have you. You are the kindest, most loyal and honest person that I have met. Never change my love. You are an example to our children .Thank you for always praying for us.

6. I'm so happy to have you in my life have you as my husband and the father to our children. Thank you for coming at the right time. Before you, I was in a bad place. Then you came into my life and then things took their natural course. I love you so much and so thankful to call you my husband and father to our children.

7. I am beyond thankful for this man, I am so happy to be able to call him my husband. We may get messed up at each other and I may want to kill you but I wouldn't be able to live without you. You are not only my husband you are also my best friend. I love you with everything I have and I couldn't ask for a better man to call my best friend and husband.

8. I am thankful to God for blessing me with you, for your positive attitude, love of life, direction, support and of course your awesome sense of humor. Our lives would be so boring and dull without you. I am looking forward to celebrating the next 50 birthdays with you.

9. I love you more than someone could ever explain. We are so thankful for everything you do for us; you always go above and beyond just to make us happy. We are so proud of you every single day and we are so thankful God gave us you.

10. Life is tough and things will upset you quickly, but we just need to grow up and pick our battles. Life is about happiness and making beautiful memories. I am so thankful for a wonderful loving husband and I can't wait to spend the weekend away with you and make memories that will last a lifetime. I am so proud of the man you have become and am so thankful I get you for the rest of my life.

I Have the Best Boyfriend Ever Quotes

11. I love you with all my heart. You are my shoulder to lean on, my best friend, my protector, the love of my life and I'm so thankful you are my husband. Looking forward to all the many adventures we will have in the future and thankful for all our past ones. Love you, sweetie.

12. I was doing so well and so, so happy I don't know what happened today but I keep crying. I'm so thankful for a great boyfriend who helped make me smile and even laugh a little in an otherwise strange day.

13. I hope you remember that time when you need to see me, after that successful event of your life. I was so happy right that very moment even there's nothing between us but the friendship we are holding on. Time really travels so fast and looks at us now. Everything seems to grow, you remain as my friend, best buddy, best listener, someone whom I can lean on and naturally by being my partner.

14. I knew you were the one since the day I met you. You've always been by my side through the ups and downs and you've never given up on me no matter how hard things get. It only has made us stronger. You work so hard to make me happy and I've never had that effort put towards me. I know you have never loved someone the way you love me and I have no idea how I got so lucky.

15. If only I could have had a chance to meet someone like you in my younger days I might have a happy life now. I wish I had met you many years ago. It only reinforces that I'm in a good place now. A happy, healthy relationship with someone that loves and respects me! It's amazing how much we can grow and learn from our past when we recognize that things are wrong and make the effort to change them.

The formula of Being Happy!

Being a happier person does attract friends because obviously being miserable all the time would dishearten people from being around you. Although I rather enjoy complaining about things with the guys at work and they must as well because we all do it so much. So the point of these quotes: the rich are under handing conniving manipulators that need to be retaliated against so that happiness can be spread to all. Allowing the rich to be so terribly rich is causing sadness in the world. Don't be fooled money does bring happiness.

Relationships can either give to you or take from you. How many times have you remained connected to someone because you thought things would get better or you prayed they would get better? Months and sometimes years go by and you're still connected to unhappiness. The only things moving are the days and your age. You're the only one that cares about the situation and the fear of having another failed relationship or marriage disgusts you. Release that fear. You're never responsible for the actions of others. You can't control that. The only thing that should disgust you is subjecting your peace, your presence, your emotions and your existence to negative energy. Sometimes the story ends. It's okay to close the book. Write a new story. The new story doesn't have to have multiple characters. Sometimes the main character is just you.

Best Wedding Congratulations Quotes

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This is an incredible collection of little funny and cute wedding congratulations quotes and sayings for your friends to write in cards. When you're single you can do what you want. Once you have married you must give up your single life and responsible for the promise of marriage. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, is to take care of each other, understanding, trust and dependence. If you can't live with someone for a lifetime then why to hold the hand and why still want to marry.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and it needs hard work and effort to make it work. It is not just a onetime big celebration but a series of ups and downs, twists, and turns that need to be overcome by couples who decided to take the course and face the future together. It is not an easy process but their love will be bigger than the challenges they have to take. Along the process, they may encounter the challenge of poverty, sickness, failure, boredom and unexpected changes, but it is their love and faith for each other that will make them strong enough to conquer every life's storms. At the end of the journey, they can say that the world was a better place and life was a meaningful experience because they still have each other until the end and it was worth it.

A man made a fool of himself by accusing a woman that willingly and voluntarily married him of having an affair with her boss. If you made up your mind to do something as serious as marriage, it is supposed to be a lifetime commitment between two matured both physically and mentally adults. Do not mind our Hollywood dummies that do not know the difference between acting and reality! It is a shame to waste money and a lifetime commitment that failed within 3 years, only Kim Kardashian can do that and still smiles. Are you worrying about what to write in a wedding congratulations card? Don’t worry and discover the best happy wedding quotes for your friends and relatives.
Marriage congratulations quotes

Cute Wedding Congratulations Sayings for Cards!

1- Congratulations my beautiful cousin. It was a perfect wedding ever. My God blessed your marriage and love.

2- The hugest of congratulations to my brother and his wife on their wedding yesterday! What an absolutely beautiful day.

3- The wedding day is soon to arrive. I'm super excited to be at your wedding. What I'm more excited about is you taking a huge, yet beautiful step towards your new life. Congratulations in advance.

4- Congratulations to my sister and her Fiancé on her engagement! We are looking forward to the wedding day! Of course, we used the moment to encourage her to be the unifier in her new family.

5- Congratulations to our friends on their beautiful wedding. Thank you for inviting us to share your celebrations. It was the best food and music ever.

6- Yesterday I had the pleasure of being part of my sister and her new husband's wedding! It was an amazing wedding and it was for sure you two. I am so happy for you both. Life is going to have so many adventures, and some crazy times too. Love, you both so much. Congratulations to the amazing newlyweds.

7- So happy I got to celebrate the marriage of two beautiful souls this weekend with so many friends! What a perfect wedding! Congratulations to my dearest best friend of 20 years, my sister, and my new brother. Love you both.

8- What do you do when it's really windy and a little cold on your wedding day? You work that wind and you snuggle up to your man; that's what you do! Congratulations, it really was a lovely day. Your wedding was absolutely amazing and we had an awesome time. As these pictures show, you guys clearly love each other tremendously and will have no trouble.

9- Yesterday I had the amazing honor to be the Wedding Photographer for my brother wedding! Congratulations and best wishes for the future! It was amazing seeing their family, friends and all the brilliant wedding suppliers come together to make it a wedding day to remember.

10- Congratulations to my son, and my new daughter in law. Thank you for letting us shares your special wedding day and wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and now off for some fun in the sun.

11- Marriage does require a lifetime commitment. It doesn't matter what at what age or with what financial status you have when entering a marriage because it's not the money but the love which matters. Have a good startup buddies.

12- I had the most amazing day yesterday celebrating my best friend’s wedding. I am so grateful to have been able to share their special day with them. Congratulations, you both looked amazing; you would never have known you were nervous.

13- Congratulations buddies, I am so proud of you, you have achieved so much, your wedding was amazing, I pray that God's love that entwined you together will be with you always, and your deep love that you have for each other will hold you firmly together, for love covers a multitude of sins, and your marriage will stand the test of time. God bless you both.

14- A big and wonderful congratulation to the marvelous twins, wishing you much and more success as today marked your marriage day, I pray it should be the beginning of success, a great achievement for you in this world and in the hereafter. May Allah bless your marriage; give you both good understanding and much of more, may you be together till eternity.

15- Congratulation to my immediate elder brother on the historic event of his marriage ceremony! I pray that the good Lord will bless and strengthened the bond of your union as you join the clique of extraordinary married men.

16- Congratulations to my dear friends! You don't see this kind of commitment every day. It's a goal of mine as well. I pray that God Blesses your day together. I pray that you find and take the time to celebrate the journey that began today. May you have a blessed to overflowing kind of day.

Congratulations on Your Marriage Sayings

17- I want to take this moment to say congratulations to my beautiful friends. I pray your marriage continues to be overflowing with blessings, favor and abundance of joy and peace, thank you for trusting me to be a special part of your phenomenal day of marriage. I love you both.

18- Congratulations to you both. I wish you all the happiness, laughter, love, health and wealth that you can stand. I pray God's protection over your marriage and know that I am here for you both.

19- You weigh heavily on my heart today. I pray you have the most beautiful day today with all the most precious memories to look back on. I pray your lives are blessed forever. I pray that as you two embark on this exciting new journey of your lives that God would grace you with his presence and fill you with His joy. Congratulations to you both! Happy Wedding Day!

20- Congratulations to my brother and his wife on their happy wedding day! I am so sad I couldn't be there in person but I am so thankful I could Skype after the ceremony. I pray for many, many years of happiness. Keep your eyes on God and he will guide your marriage! Love both of you!

21- Congratulations to the bride and groom. It was a beautiful wedding and very well done. May you have many happy years together and much more adventures? You two are now complete. Love you guys.

22- Congratulations to my cousin and her wife who were married today. I thank you for trusting me with the photographs of your most special day! It was a beautiful wedding and you are a great couple.
23- Congratulations to my mother's bestie, the beautiful bride, and bridegroom. We feel so humbled that you included us in your wedding celebration. The church ceremony was beautiful and very touching. Thank you again we had a wonderful time and the food, drinks and especially the cake was amazing.

24- Thank God for a successful wedding between my two best friends. It was indeed a very nice outing. What a beautiful wedding for such a beautiful couple. The very best to you and many years of happiness!

25- I want to send love out to my little cousin and her husband on their wedding day. Marriage is a beautiful partnership, lifetime commitment and lots of giving and take. But always, keep God first and others out of your relationship and enjoy each other. I am so happy for you both.

26- You may be young but you know that marriage isn't something you can just back down from when it becomes an everyday battle to even be around each other and is an everyday commitment that you have to work through together. Congrats a lot on your special day, all my good wishes will always follow you.

27- For the lifetime commitment of marriage to last, both parties must be resolutely anchored in a love bigger than themselves. Congratulations on your very special day.

28- Congratulations to my beautiful friend on her nuptials today. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Thank you for inviting to witness the wonderful union between you two amazing people. It was great to finally meet the man who has made you so happy. I pray Allah bless you all marriage.

29- Congrats my dear boss on your special day. In a marriage, you go through ups and downs, but if you put God first and work to maintain the love, mutual respect, and commitment to each other, you can weather any storm.

30- What a perfect day for a wedding! The weather was perfect, the sun shone down on the bride at the perfect moment, the food, music, and company were just as perfect. This is the marriage that can be pointed as a subject to learn from, through thick and thin and a lot of argument and disagreement they are here today. Let's celebrate people whose marital can be made as an example to the young ones.

Wedding CongratulationsWishess for a Friend

31- Congratulations to our niece, and her husband on their wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and you made such a beautiful bride. I'm so happy for you both. I love you so very much forever and always! Here's to a happily married life.

32- Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of serving as best man in the wedding of my friends. It was a beautiful wedding and an emotional moment that I'll remember forever. Many thanks to both of you for allowing me to be part of it! Congratulations guys, I'm so proud of you both.

33- Congratulations to my sister in law who is celebrating her wedding ceremony today. I am rejoicing with you and prays that the Almighty God will continue to sweeten your marriage with new wine every day. May joy, love, peace, blessings, and unity increase in your home on a daily basis and may you, your wonderful husband and future beautiful children grow from strength to strength in God name, Amen. Wishing you many happy returns of this day with much love!

34- Congratulations on your wedding today, I am so sorry I wasn't there physically but I was there in spirit and in much love. Again congratulations baby and be happy.

35- Yesterday I went to a very special friend's wedding, there was so much love in the room, and it may feel that I miss that feeling of someone loving you so purely. Congratulations to both of you,  may the Lord bless this union and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

36- Congratulations on a beautiful wedding! I am so happy for you guys and wish you the best on this journey! Thank you for asking me to create your wedding cake on your special day.

37- Congratulations to these two sweet souls! Their wedding was beautiful yesterday. It was just perfect in every way, I love these two! Now have a blast on your honeymoon.

Cute Good Morning Texts for Your Boyfriend

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Have you communicated with your boyfriend today? Take a few moments to call or send a cute good morning text to wake him up and let him know you're thinking of him. Definitely, he will enjoy these little funny messages from you.

In my eyes my boyfriend is the best; I don't want to know what you see. For the longest everybody always got something to say about who I date. But who's there when I need a shoulder 2am in the morning? Or who is dealing with my attitude not because they have to but because they care? Who makes the effort to call and text me every morning 6 o'clock before I even wake up? Who asks me how my day going every day? Or snap me just to make me laugh or see if I'm okay? Care about my education and future? None of you all doing it but the person nobody wants to see me with does it all. Whoever doesn’t like it both ways? He chose me so don't be mad, and I chose him. You don't determine my happiness. I'm not going anywhere and he not either straight like that. Nobody I've met got me like he got me.

A nice good morning image with having a cute love caption speaks volumes. It matters who your mate is. Not only should they be excited with you, they should be your number one supporter, your personal cheer team. Someone who professes their love and devotion to you should not be silent during the groundwork or when you're on the grand stage. Pay attention to that gets happy about your success. Nothing feels better when every morning your boyfriend wakes you up before your alarm just to call you and those good morning deep texts. This post is full of cute good morning quotes, SMS messages, images, paragraphs, poems and lovely morning images, now the choice is yours. Use these morning captions as your Whatsapp status or may stick it with your Instagram photos.
Good morning photo text

Cute Good Morning Texts For Him!

1- Good morning my sunshine. True love will take you where friends can't. You can't walk into your next season with your present level of true love. The grace that's coming to you requires a new commitment to work through you.

2- It's a new day. What's your happy? Remember that you can choose your emotions. It matters not where you are in life. If it's just you, you and me or you and some little ones, your devotion determines your emotion. Be committed to good. Be committed to you. Drop a line using my happy is and let me know.

3- It’s time to prepare for your morning workout. Who's up? Let's go! You can do this. Preparation positions you for the dedication. Remember it's day by day. Each time you move, you get a result. And each time you sleep in, you get a result.

4- A man who is healthy in mind, body, and soul desires a lady to compliment that. There's more to womanhood than being cute and wearing nice clothes. Accessorize your soul and spirit. Now wake up with a smile, I am waiting for you. Give yourself the green light. Be confident in who you are. It's the first thing people notice. Good morning.

5- Healthy eating is a lifestyle. Choosing fresh green veggies increases your health and energy. What are you having for breakfast? I'll have watermelon after this text. Have a good day my sunshine.

6- I know you are not a fan of the 'real woman's mantra, but all words are true beginning with your girlfriend. Have a happy good morning my best boyfriend.

7- Good morning. Happy Sunday! I'm up. I'm blessed. I'm moving to. I have sight and vision. My boyfriend is sleeping, you need to wake up and send me a morning kiss. You are my morning ache healer and my everything. Life is so amazing with you.

8- Good morning prince, eat your breakfast and do you every morning rituals properly, don't mess your hairstyle baby. Please take care and don't go near to a girl understand sweaty? You are mine and mine alone. I love you so much.

9- From the very beginning to now; you have made every morning bright with every morning text you've sent.  You have made every night peaceful with the sweetest goodnight text.  Your support and understanding are remarkable. I appreciate everything about you. I'm beyond lucky to have a boyfriend who helps me make the right decisions, cooks for me at the slightest comment of food, tells me I'm beautiful every day, wants to watch Netflix as much as I do and is there for me as I am there for him. You're an amazing guy; I want nothing more than to make you happy. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

10- Good morning. So I've been lying in bed trying to process everything that happened last night, thank you from every angle of my heart. You came. You mingled. You stayed. You ordered food. You participated. You are simply the best. Better than all the rest.

11- Good morning, make sure before you post your photos on social Facebook with the extra and overly-done enhancements that you take into account of the girls who really know you and have seen you in person. As your girlfriend, I feel really sorry for you. I see these sober pictures of you on the Facebook and an entirely naughty boyfriend in real life.

12- When you come up against a problem, go to an expert to help you get out of the problem. Do not go to your friends so they can whine, moan and complain about you as it doesn't fix the problem. It just creates negative energy. Make this morning bright with your beautiful smile and never down your head.

13- Every morning I pray that you become everything you were created to be and that you are watered and renewed daily with abundant love and exponential growth.

14- I can't emphasize this enough. Texting should never replace full conversation. The good morning picture quotes are an indication of when texting is used appropriately to say hi or I'm thinking of you and inappropriately when face to face conversation is needed to avoid love fights. You cannot successfully date me via texting and social media.

15- Today you need to struggle up the hills, but you didn't give up or stop. Sometimes the body doesn't want to go, but the mind says yes you can. Mind and body alignment is essential to your good health. Good health is possible for you. Did you work out this morning? If yes, drop a picture of your workout in my text box.

16- If they SMS text you a cancellation run. Respond thank you. They are showing you how they handle things. Life happens to us all. Pick up the phone and call. Texting is the easy route and minimal route that lacks accountability and screams; well at least I said something. Grow up. Require more.

17- I said a prayer for you. Yes you, that you will have peace that surpasses all of your understanding and intelligence, that your woes will become wows. Your fears become faith. Your hurts become your health. Your tears become triumphs. Your mishaps become your message. Your rejections become your projections. Your breakdowns become your breakthroughs. Your pains become your gains.

18- Good morning. Did you work out today? Drop a picture of your workout today. What are your fitness goals? You can be ten pounds lighter by Thanksgiving by switching to a plant-based lifestyle and exercising twice per day. There is nothing drastic, just small changes. Can you commit to you? Will you commit to you? I'll help you. I look forward to your transformation.

19- It’s really not complicated to keep a relationship. You just have to know a balance and know the foundation. Plus keep in mind what that person loves, hates. What’s their weakness and what are their strengths? You just need to know that person period. Have a super morning my prince charming.

20- Good morning, sometimes, there will be moments in life that will surprise you. Sometimes, you never know how much a person really cares about you until you ask. It might mean the world to you.

21- Communication is 95% important in any relationship. If you do not do this, then expect change for the worst period!! Let your spouse know how you feel. Have a nice day!

22- If something is wrong with your relationship, question yourself first then your spouse. Only then will you find a meaning to it all.

23- Good morning. It's time to move your body. You've been talking about getting fit all year. This is the day. Each day is the day to live your best and healthiest life. Let's go. Each morning I'll wake you up to get moving'. Can you do this?

24- Good morning, I want to show my boyfriend the images of things I want to be constantly surrounded by. You have to see it first. What do you see?

25- Sometimes the unhealthy part about relationships is that we expect people to be able to relate to us when we have not even taken the time to know ourselves. We're unable to clearly articulate what self-love looks like in the applied form, but expect others to know how to love us. Good morning!

Sweet Good Morning Paragraphs for Him!

My girlfriend wrote me the cutest long paragraphs ever. Every time I’m in a bad mood, or simply just missing her I read it and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

1) I wake up every morning to a text calling me beautiful and telling me how much I'm loved. Not a lot of you think that's a big deal, but it’s the small things like that matter most. And that's why my boyfriend's winning! He knows how to treat me like a princess. And for that, he's going to get the best out of me and this relationship! Because it's not money or gifts or dates that make me happy, it's the time and effort he puts into this. Always making sure I know he cares. He takes time out of his busy day just to text me something sweet, and it makes my day! And my day is usually made every day. That's something to appreciate because not a lot of guys out there know how to love their woman right. But he has definitely got it down pat. I love you, babe. You're seriously the best thing that's ever happened to me and I absolutely adore you! I love letting people know how crazy in love I am with you because the truth is, I'm never going to love another the way I love you. So I might as well let the world know.

2) The art of ballroom dancing is very beneficial to a relationship. It teaches you to be in tuned and connected to your partner at all times. The man always leads the dance. I don't care how many degrees you have on your wall ladies. It matters not the organizations you run, the boards you sit on, the square footage of your home, the color on the bottom of your shoes and how big your car is. It matters not how strong and independent you are. There are no brownie points for any of that. And he leads the dance in order to position and create the best experience for you. Learning the dance together supports communication, listening, compatibility, vulnerability, trust, and transparency.

3) Likes, comments, shares, and inboxes don't mean you're in an exclusive relationship. It means that you're on social media! Asking to know your thoughts on marriage is not a marriage proposal. A sign that a man wants to get married is when he asks you to marry him. Just because their friends like you does not mean you're good for them. They have to like and want you for themselves.

4) You'll meet someone and they'll put a lot of things into perspective. Why some things didn't work out, why others took longer to develop. They'll put questions to rest, things you didn't understand before their being will bring clarity to your life without even trying. And their words and actions always line up. Appreciate those that change your perspective and life for the better. Tell them and show them how much they are cherished.

5) Some people in your life were destined to only take you as far as the junction you parted ways! No matter how that friendship or relationship ended, it doesn't mean that person was bad; they simply ran their course to the end. The day I figured this out was the day I became free from holding grudges and bitterness toward people who ran their course in my life. We really need to understand that everyone that enters our life may not be permanent fixtures. If we try to hold on to someone who ran their course, you are only slowing down your progress and secretly making that person unhappy. When it's done it's done! Strengthen up and prepare your heart to move on when necessary instead of becoming a wreck for something that's meant to be a blessing. It's never easy to lose a friend but trust me, you are not smarter than God, nor can you see as far into the future as He can so relax and trust him to work it out for both your good. Don't wish that person bad, they simply played their role and should also have happiness. It takes maturity to wish someone who walked out on you well but it speeds up your healing process and reveals the next level even faster.

6) So many people are in this predicament already and just don’t know how to get out of feeling sacrificial. You should know if a person respects you by how they go about treating you. Everyone's love is worth something. I don’t care who you are. For the people that are having second thoughts and are feeling this way, listen. There is still the opportunity for you to speak up. Let you other have to know how you feel. Come to a mutual agreement without yelling at each other. Try to be civil and honest about yourself and your feelings. It’s the only way to get through tough situations and life. Your dignity, self-worth, and integrity should never be put in a situation where you have to question this. If you are then you might be in the wrong relationship or wrong love for you.

7) This amazing man is my boyfriend and he is why I get to be called wife. We sort of grew up together, I was so young and ill-equipped to be a wife but I fell madly, deeply and passionately in love with him from the start! He has always been, and will always be, my sunshine male friend. He gives the very best hugs on the planet, has an amazing worldview and a giver's heart. His music is a blessing that I am so amazed by and I am extremely proud to have him as my husband! I love you forever and beyond.

Good Morning Poems for Him!

Here are some really cute love poems for your boyfriend to wake him up in a quite romantic way. Simply text these poems into his inbox or post one on his Facebook timeline. When your boyfriend is laying in bed on his day off watching and you come home from work with a poem you just randomly wrote for him. A very thoughtful, put a lot of heart into it, poetry.

The time I have the most to just sit and think
About every little thing in my life is late at night
When I’m up lying in bed alone or with you
To appreciate everything that God sends my way,
I may not be rich or have everything that I dream for
But I do have everything I need and get a lot that we just want
I couldn't have been more blessed to have been
Given the chance to be a mother,
I may have been young but I’d NEVER go back
In time and change a thing about young and fall in love
I look at my husband and I feel so complete inside,
Something I’ve never felt before,
A really tight bond between us too
It’s the best thing in the world
I’m lucky to be his wife,
He is absolutely gorgeous and has such a big personality,
Never afraid to just be His
And he’s a big impact in my life

I really like the way we communicate with my soul mate
We communicate with husband and wife
He can't make a decision on his own
He always needs my opinions before he makes any decision
I never found someone so sweet like him
I really love this guy unconditionally
We just love taking pictures together
Busy taking selfies for Facebook and Instagram
I just can't wait to start a family with him

A cap and a smile, sweet perfume, great hair
Matching shoes, matching tie, flawless hairstyle with care
Contagious laughter, jokes on deck, as masculine as lace
If you went an hour without elegance, you’d be the poster child for grace
Two bodies, one love story, several romantic scenes
Peacemaker, icebreaker, mentor, encourager of disheartened souls
A guy, an advisor, a supporter, a companion, and boyfriend
What I wouldn’t give to hear you giggle, or to be wrapped in your gentle hug
To smell your soft, lovely fragrance, feel your gentle touch
So you see, it’s just not possible to imagine a life without you here
I’ve watched you just get romantic with age, more handsome and wiser with every year
But I know that where you are right now, it’s my heart the same old place
Your love cannot over; your heart has been made whole
Your soul is puffed up and perfect, no flaw or friction to take its toll
And though I will miss you every second of every day, I will not grow bitter inside my heart
I will strive to be the girl you taught me to be, and I will not depart
I will hear you in my children’s laughter; I will see you in my heart eyes
I Love you, I mean it, and you are my best and closest friend
Watch over me, like always, sweetheart until we meet again

It is the truth
It is real
Even though I know you feel
Like you're walking in your sleep
It is plain
It is simple
At the same time unbelievable
Like the sun shining in the rain
Time will run ahead of you
Hold out its hand and tempt you
With a golden chalice of spring
And the wind may push you forward
As you smell the land it's
But even it must pause to breathe
Stranded in the doldrums
You'd be the horse that paddled
The ocean
Whom everyone would save
But the ship would sail past you
Like time should have before you
And nobody would hear your scream
It is life
It is love
It is as great as the universe
Let time find you another day.

A Message to Every Boyfriend:

1. When last did you buy your girl a chocolate, flowers and a card, that doesn’t cost more than 5$.
2. When last did you take a night walk with her, just for chat?
3. Have you ever took her to a bar for a few shots and teach her how to play pool.
4. When last did you send her a long text expressing your feelings?
5. Surprise her on a Sunday morning and grab a Pizza.

Those are things that melt a girl’s heart. Girls don’t want your expensive gifts but the small one with lots of love. Facebook is now a life coach. They will hide your ex once you change your relationship status to ease the pain of the breakup. This is a band-aid. Why not delete them altogether? What's this hiding and peek-a-boo stuff? This won't stop the drive-bys, calls, and texts that folks engage in. Come on people. When someone chooses to walk away from you, let them walk. Hold them to their decision. You're not tied to their choices. Yes, it hurts, but you can control the intensity of that pain by making a choice to do so. You can get through it. It's 7 billion people in the world, one or two can't power over your emotional sphere. They need to feel appreciated and remember those I love you and goodnight text are so annoying now. Your actions are what we want, stop smiling when your girl post you while you doing nothing to prove your love. Those texts you get at 5 30 in the morning from your girlfriend/boyfriend that just say "hey babe I love you so much and I hope you are sleeping well". I love getting those and luckily for me I get them every morning from my baby girl.

Inspirational Graduation Congratulations Quotes

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This is the best collection of inspirational happy graduation quotes, congratulation messages, funny graduation statuses and wishes for your friends, daughters, sons, boyfriend and girlfriends. I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate all students who have made it in their studies by fully completing their studies be it a degree, honors or masters in their respective courses. I understand that it was not an easy journey to travel, but history has always proved itself that hard work pays, hard working students are always clear in fighting for quality and well-resourced education. When a child is progressing more particularly in education it brings a joyful moment to the family. These graduation wishes are written for everyone, you may edit these quotes by changing the college names and places.

In less than a month, so many young adults will be graduating and the countdown is on, one step closer to that surreal moment that’s played in my head for years and years: dreams of watching her walk down that aisle as a member of Class, wow that makes me feel so old. But as the day’s inch closer and closer, a fact that I’ve known for 17 years has become increasingly more real: she won’t be there. It’s something I’ve struggled with all year. For me, graduation is symbolic of all the things we have missed and will miss, missed all graduations, from elementary, middle, and high school, proms, first boyfriend, drivers testing, marriage, her first child, for me grandchildren. Despite all of the changes that have occurred since she died more than seventeen years ago, these changes feel harder. The majority of my current friends never knew her, she’s just a myriad of bits and pieces of memories; stories that are tied to a sad part of my life. She’s more of a myth than a real person. I just want to remind everyone that is stressing over graduation, take a deep breath, relax, enjoy the moment, soak it all in. I would also like to say special congratulations to a few special seniors and let them know how very proud I am of you guys.
graduation congratulations message

Graduation Congratulations Quotes and Wishes!

1- I am proud of you. You were calmly focused and worked hard. You had to make it. Remember, this is just the start, but never forget family is everything. May God help you build one for yourself too!

2- Congratulation my dear and that smile really tell it all. Thanks to the highest and to the patent for all they have done to put you that high. God bless you.

3- Congratulations on all your success and triumphs! Facing adversities in the midst of trying to live everyday life, especially without your dad, couldn't have been an easy feat. I commend you! Best of luck to you on all your future endeavors! I pray you take comfort in knowing your dad will be right there with you on the graduation day.

4- Congratulations to my cousin for graduation from the top-rated university in our country. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and hard work. I had the pleasure of seeing you grow from a little boy to a handsome young man. The journey was not easy but we persevere and didn't give up. I'm proud of you and I love you.

5- Your Graduation journey was made possible through the support of so many people. I would like to thank all your supporters particularly your teachers who stood by your side and made this possible. I would like to thank your friends your roommates. Thank you so much for your love and encouragement throughout the journey of my beloved son. He would not be here without your help. I dedicate your achievement to all your supporters. I know, you will continue to make your parents proud.

6- Congratulations to my boyfriend on his graduation from the Master's Seminary. We are so happy for you and are rejoicing with you from back home.

7- Congratulations to my great niece upon her graduation and fast pitch softball scholarship! I'm so proud of you and for you. Be yourself and continue your chosen journey.

8- Congratulations to my brother in law on his graduation day. I'm extremely proud of the man that you are becoming. I can go on all day about how much I have always admired you; well I'll do it later.

9- Your big smile, its show me you're so happy, maybe the happiest girl in the earth, but believe me, I'm more than happy to see you smiling. Happy birthday and congratulations on your graduation, you're such an angel to my life.

10- Congratulations to my two nephews on their college graduations this weekend. Jeremy. Well done and I am very proud of you both. You are now both on to the next adventures in your lives. I now that you will continue to make us proud.

11- Please everyone join me in wishing congratulations to my girlfriend on her success in graduation with a bachelor's degree in information Systems Management. Congratulations on your graduation and thanks for inviting me, I had a good time with your family. I hope to see you soon.

12- I am so proud of my son in law, newly announced at Howard University graduation as full Professor. Have a great graduation day! Enjoy every minute! We love you!

13- This is a special day for a special person. My sweet daughter has worked very hard over the last several years and she graduates tonight with her Business degree. She has worked Full-time at a local store and was promoted to a manager, built a little business and gone to school part-time. Now she graduates and she is the owner of her own store. This is one proud mom! Happy graduation day, I love you.

14- My lovely uncle I miss one of the special days of your life, I am really sorry guys for not attending. So many dreamers; but only a few achievers; and you are one of those who achieved the goal. Congratulations on your graduation! We are all proud of you i. pray God to bless you with the best of opportunities in your career and your life as you step into the next phase of your career.

15- Congratulations to our dearest cousin on her graduation today. You did well and we are so proud of you. We will always be here to support you in whatever you do in future.

16- I just want to say congratulations once again to my amazing roommate! Thank you for finding me sane enough to room with and for become an amazing friend. Have fun in Law school and I foresee some road trips to Texas in my future because I'm going to miss you so much. Happy Graduation day and go pokes.

17- Happy graduation day! I remember being 10 years old watching you graduate from high school and even then feeling so proud of you. You are one amazing human and have persevered through an awful lot to get here today. And I am incredibly honored and proud to be your little sister. Congratulations and I love you so much.

18- Today is the day my boyfriend graduating from the university. But he couldn't make his graduation because his serving the army and protecting the United States. So I say congratulations baby! You made it!

19- Congratulations to my niece who graduated from college on yesterday and we had her graduation dinner and party earlier this afternoon. I am so very proud of you niece and may God bless you in everything you do.

20- I want to congratulate my best friend, boyfriend, my love and soul mate on his graduation. He has push drag and struggled so hard to get this degree. I am so proud of him. I know college is not easy, but you have made an impact not only on your life but on my life as well. Without you setting an example of showing me it’s never too late to be successful. Without you, I wouldn’t be in college today.

21- I want to say to this girl next to my congratulations I'm proud of you! I knew you would make it this far, your boyfriend and family are very proud of you. You never gave up even though you wanted to but I pushed you so hard and you made it. I'm so happy for your future and your next goal is waiting for you.

22- Well today has been an eventful day. Our daughter has graduated with her master's from Southern. We are so proud of her; I can't wait to see what the Lord has for her in the future. Graduation party was awesome with many old and new friends and family. With a twist, her boyfriend asked her to marry him. She said yes. Glad to have him in the family. I love you both and congratulations.

23- Congratulations to my wonderful boyfriend on his Graduation with Honors from West Chester University. I love you and I am so proud of you. You became a man so quickly before my eyes; you made me so happy and proud to be your girlfriend. I love you. Thanks for your hard work, your passion for learning and growing and how you made the most of this opportunity. Excited to see what God has next for you.

24- And now I'm going to graduation tonight to celebrate this accomplishment with a few friends! Congratulations to the entire graduate this year! Get ready for the next chapter.

25- From her first graduation to her last graduation! Congratulations my daughter on all your achievements. It's not every day that an indigenous mountain girl graduates from college with two bachelor’s degrees, a 3.7 GPA while working 2 jobs! Well done young lady. A special thank you to your first teachers and helped give her a love for learning. Thank you to all the teachers that have taught her along the way.

26- I still remember this boy staring cautiously at me from his crib. Now, he's poised to launch his career. Congratulations to my nephew on his graduation from The California State University. He turned his four years as a Buckeye into one excellent adventure.

27- Congratulations to my beautiful wife on her graduation day today. I hope you have loads of fun and I am so proud of you. You have made it and, without a doubt, I believe you will go out and serve the multicultural world for a betterment of the human kind.

28- Congratulations are in order for the class of the year, who will walk in graduation a little later today. You did it! A huge congratulation to each and every one of you for proving you have what it takes. Now go conquer the profession.

29- I am so excited for both of my twin brothers. Congratulations on your graduation from high school. It was always a pleasure to see how you motivate each other to excel, even as young boys. You both haven't a bright future, again congrats.

30- Congratulation to my baby daughter, on her graduation with the highest GPA at State University! Your hard work and dedication have paid off. Your family and friends are so proud of you. Next, stop Dental School.

31- Congratulations to my incredibly gifted sister for graduating from Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions and earning her doctorate in physical therapy! Though I, unfortunately, could not attend her graduation ceremony today, I want her to know that I am extremely proud of her and that I'm honored to call myself her brother.

32- It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is graduating college this weekend. She has worked so hard, stayed focused, kept great grades for her scholarship, and worked through her school breaks to graduate one year early. Congratulations, sweet heart! We are so proud and honored to be your parents.

33- Many graduations, many reasons to celebrate! All your friends are pretty pumped about it all. To all those amazing graduates out there, congratulations! You did it!

34- As High School graduation approaches I would like to send a big congratulations out to my niece, I am looking forward to seeing you walk across stage again in a few years when you become Dr. I would also like to send a big congratulations out to my nephew, not sure what your plans are but if you can dream it you can achieve it.

35- All my best wishes and prayers are with you, you really are a great example of achieving the impossible. Plus I owe you big time so please come back to New York so I can make it up to you for not being able to be there. Happy graduation day my love!

36- A Huge Congratulations goes out to my boyfriend and sister in law, for making it through a very rough year and officially becoming college graduates! Its graduation day, you guys! I'm so incredibly proud of the both of you and I am in awe of how you have managed to conquer everything and make it to where you are. This most definitely calls for a celebration! I love you to the moon and back and now let's have the best summer ever recorded.

37- Congratulations my brother, who completed his last final of his college freshman year yesterday! Wish he was home but he has to wait until Sunday since he will play with the regimental band for graduation Saturday and then the Ceremony Sunday. I am counting down the days.

38- You are one of those guys that would talk to anybody and always knew how to put a smile on your face. Congratulations on graduating you are the sweetest kindest big hearted person.

39- I am so proud of you! It was a long journey and at times it would've been easy to quit but you persevered. I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle to graduate.

40- A huge shout out to my friend on his graduation day! We are so happy to share in the excitement on your graduation day, we are so proud of you, too! With love and pride today and always! Congratulations on your graduation! Love and miss you! Take care!


41- You are one amazing lady! Definitely a star here on earth and a blessing to us all! Congratulations and best wishes as you continue to make a positive difference in all you do.

42- I am so happy you made it. Get ready for your review class to fully harvest the fruit of you and your parents’ sacrifices. Congratulations dear.

43- Congratulations to my niece on her graduation. Aunt is very proud of you and all of your achievements. Love you lots and still can’t believe how quickly you are growing. Hope to see you soon.

44- Congratulations to a special daughter on a very special graduation day for her. Today at her graduation ceremony she will start seeing the benefits of years of hard work and study.

45- Congratulations on your pinning as you earned your degree. Dad and I are so proud of you. You are an amazing example of putting your all into something and achieving it. The nursing profession is lucky to have you. Enjoy your graduation today.

46- A little late but, happy graduation to these two! I have watched you both grow and become two awesome adults! You are both destined for great things! Congratulations and good luck at your big kid jobs.

47- Congratulations to my Granddaughter on her first-grade Graduation ceremony today. We are so proud of the beautiful young women you have become. You have the whole world ahead to conquer, start your journey and don’t look behind.

48- My beautiful daughter, how time does fly! On this day, Your Graduation Day, you will receive your Masters of Education Degree and I could not be prouder. It seems almost like yesterday when I dropped you off at Kindergarten. I was feeling both happy and sad, misty eyed as I drove home. I have so many memories from your birth until now, sweet memories that hold that very special place in my heart. Your first bike ride without training wheels, school events, giving your young life to The Lord, Pioneer Girls, your gift of song, the struggles, dances, boyfriends, first time driving a car, High School, your Prom, College, Matrimony, I count it all blessings, blessings that I will carry with me forever. The journey that you are on is an awesome one, with your steps being ordered by The Lord. Continue to be obedient to Him first and foremost as His truly wonderful plans for your life unfold, continue to take on challenges, continue to risk the bumps and bruises along the way and continue to never ever let fear hold you back. I applaud you my daughter and I am your biggest Cheerleader. I'm so very proud of you and I love you to the absolute utmost.

49- To our dear daughter Congratulations on your Graduation! We were so happy, full of tearful celebrating with you as you move on to your next big adventure. You made a remarkable accomplishment. You worked so hard for it. You deserve all the happiness in the world because you are a good person. Words cannot express how much proud I am to have a daughter like you. We are always with you, even most of the time not physically, but we are connected in spirit. Good luck on your journey forward. God bless you. I love you so much.

50- this past couple of days has been tough for me. Seeing all my friends posting their graduation photos has been a big reminder of what could have been. But nonetheless, I am happy for all of my friends at graduating. You guys deserve it because you have worked so hard to get to this point. I may not be graduating this year but know that my time is coming. So you all enjoy this time, rejoice in the memories. I realize that there is no reason to be sad because I am still making progress towards my goals. I can't let my past hinder my future, so I smile at the thought of what my future holds. Soon enough I will be posting my grad photos too.

Well, I’m almost there, so close to the finish line. Every year for me has an amazing story that I can’t never forget. I went through ups and downs. I made mistakes from the past. I made myself proud but not only that but also my loving parents and supportive friends. I cried and got hurt. I saw the characteristics of the people I met. They come but suddenly others fade away. I met and knew a lot of our teachers. I made a lot of unforgettable and joyful memories together with my true friends. I joined a clique that helped me and supported me even if I'm happy or sad. Sometimes I want to get over of my life because of the problems that i overcome every time. Sometimes I want to end all of these because I feel alone and sad at the same time. Sometimes I cry every day and night because of the promises that I tell them and people didnt keeps it safe. Sometimes I didn’t feel special to people. Sometimes I didn’t felt any love from someone. But hey! All of these stories that I taught you is true. All of these stories that i taught you is my life, my story, and my journey. I’m happy and proud because even if I overcome a lot of problems in my life, i survived and made people proud. If you’re reading this, thank you for everything. Even if we just met this year or we didn’t become friends, you will be always being a part of my life. This achievement that I received is for our Lord God. Thank you for everything. When I am in challenges, you are the only one that helped me. I can’t wish for anything but a good life and lastly, thank you for giving me all the blessings and strength that I need to make it there. I love you so much, Almighty God. Thank you to everyone who wished me on the Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, well on my next journey, who came to my graduation, and who has supported me along the way. I couldn't thank my biggest supporters enough for everything they have done for me.