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Cute New Baby Wishes to Parents

Do you know what to say when a baby is born to his parents or grandparents? There are so many ways to write new baby wishes in cute and funny ways. You can also design a fantastic greeting card and copy these newborn quotes without my permission. In our society, the birth of a new baby was an occasion for family involvement. Since many relatives lived nearby, grandparents and cousins gathered to lend a hand in the process when needed. On that day, things have changed, and new protocols are in place and traditions have been rebuilt. However, the joy that fills parent hearts at the addition of new family members has not changed, and welcoming and honoring the arrival of treasured, little-loved ones are as important to us or perhaps more so because our times together are so limited and precious.
New parents extended relatives like great-grandparents are expected to visit and gift the new family member within a few days. As usual on such an occasion, parent’s heart was filled to overflowin…

Quotes about Fake Friends for Facebook Status

We collect some warning and funny quotes about fake friends for your Facebook and Whatsapp status. After reading these quotes you can easily distinguish between your real and fake two-faced friends. Sometimes people often forget that being friends with someone, you have to accept the good with the bad with that person. If this person is your ride or die, then talk to them works the kinks out. If it's getting too much for you and hard for you to deal with such as if it’s affecting your life because you care about them so much, then you can always tell them you don't want to be their friend anymore. Simple as that!! It’s a hard choice but don't hide your feelings! Let them be known! That's how you know real friends from fake. That's what real friends do.
Watch the signs of a fake friend! You may think because you treat them so well you will be returned with the same favor but sadly, most of the time that're not the case! I've begun to stop questioning fake f…

Cute Quotes about Being Happy With My Boyfriend

Are you happy with your boyfriend? These are the cute love quotes that truly reflect your feelings about finally being happy with someone you love. He could be your boyfriend, your fiancé or your loving husband. Few of these quotes are really longer and hardly cover a paragraph, but the longer text messages could express your emotions in more depth. There are many things our heart needs in order to be happy and joyful. And the best way to get those things is to go out there and give it to someone else. You may ask how? The universal law that says, give and it shall be given unto you, is powerful. Our bosom shrinks in selfishness but it blossoms in generosity like a sun flower. Don't wait for someone to love you, love someone; don't wait for someone to care, show people you care. Be the first to forgive and trust, it makes heart better and sweeter.
Always stay positive always be true and always treat people with love. Life is always amazing if you just be yourself. Have faith.…

Best Wedding Congratulations Quotes

This is an incredible collection of little funny and cute wedding congratulations quotes and sayings for your friends to write in cards. When you're single you can do what you want. Once you have married you must give up your single life and responsible for the promise of marriage. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, is to take care of each other, understanding, trust and dependence. If you can't live with someone for a lifetimethen why to hold the hand and why still want to marry.
Marriage is a lifetime commitment and it needs hard work and effort to make it work. It is not just a onetime big celebration but a series of ups and downs, twists, and turns that need to be overcome by couples who decided to take the course and face the future together. It is not an easy process but their love will be bigger than the challenges they have to take. Along the process, they may encounter the challenge of poverty, sickness, failure, boredom and unexpected changes, but it is their love and…

Cute Good Morning Texts for Your Boyfriend

Have you communicated with your boyfriend today? Take a few moments to call or send a cute good morning text to wake him up and let him know you're thinking of him. Definitely, he will enjoy these little funny messages from you.
In my eyes my boyfriend is the best; I don't want to know what you see. For the longest everybody always got something to say about who I date. But who's there when I need a shoulder 2am in the morning? Or who is dealing with my attitude not because they have to but because they care? Who makes the effort to call and text me every morning 6 o'clock before I even wake up? Who asks me how my day going every day? Or snap me just to make me laugh or see if I'm okay? Care about my education and future? None of you all doing it but the person nobody wants to see me with does it all. Whoever doesn’t like it both ways? He chose me so don't be mad, and I chose him. You don't determine my happiness. I'm not going anywhere and he not eith…

Inspirational Graduation Congratulations Quotes

This is the best collection of inspirational happy graduation quotes, congratulation messages, funny graduation statuses and wishes for your friends, daughters, sons, boyfriend and girlfriends. I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate all students who have made it in their studies by fully completing their studies be it a degree, honors or masters in their respective courses. I understand that it was not an easy journey to travel, but history has always proved itself that hard work pays, hard working students are always clear in fighting for quality and well-resourced education. When a child is progressing more particularly in education it brings a joyful moment to the family. These graduation wishes are written for everyone, you may edit these quotes by changing the college names and places.
In less than a month, so many young adults will be graduating and the countdown is on, one step closer to that surreal moment that’s played in my head for years and years: dreams o…