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Inspirational Meditation Quotes of the Day

Inspire your living by this wonderful collection of daily meditation quotes. These powerful saying about meditation will bring a revolution in your ordinary life and you start your day like an extraordinary human. Invest in personal growth and development. You have to be deliberate about it, leaving nothing to chance. Prayer and meditation are great ways to build yourself up spiritually. Invest in your mind by exposing yourself to new knowledge, read as much as you can. Travel to new places; invest in new experiences to build your soul. Keep your body in good shape through regular exercises; eat the right quantity and quality of food at the right time. Your life is in your hands; handle it with care.

The very simple, everyday act of thinking separates you from your true nature. This is why all problems exist in the mind and good/bad are merely perceptions. Does a flower think about how it must grow? Do fish and birds moving in unison in large groups think about their direction? Do you know how to beat your heart or how to breathe? Meditation is gaining so much popularity because it works. And it works because it allows you to STOP thinking and just be. This doesn't mean you have to meditate all the time. There are many things that are meditative such as cleaning, cooking, sewing, sports, longboarding, art, drawing, poetry, etc. and they allow you to simply 'be' - which is your natural state. 'Being' means fully living in the present moment (not worrying about the future or the past). 'Being' is what everything on earth is doing except the majority of humans. Thinking is what separates us from every other life form, which is why we're so disconnected as a species and are harming ourselves and our environment. If we return to our natural state of being and living in the present moment, we can then create a harmonious planet, but it all starts from within.
meditation quotations

Inspirational Meditation Quote of the Day!

Do not you coupes of yourself only when you see yourself on the verge of dying. Worse than the physical disease is the spirit that survives the death of the body.

Through meditation, exercises, rituals, massage, emotional release and dance, love and spirituality are integrated to deliver you to your true self with joyful abandon.

Follow your bliss and reach for the sky. Live life with inspiration and possibilities and you will open doors that you thought had never even existed.

If you are sick, do not despise meditation opportunity that the disease offers. Detaches the spirit of the body and reflects the transience of everything around you.

When you are feeling drained and overwhelmed it's time to retreat and find your inner strength and balance again. Nurturing yourself is never selfish. Enjoy alone time. Get outdoors if you can and replenish yourself in nature’s beauty.

The cells in our body respond to positive thoughts and emotions and create wellness. These cells are far more intelligent than we realize.

I am a big believer in loving, understanding and nurturing all aspects of your mind, your body, and your spirit. It is a healthy balance which sustains you, keeps you vitally alive, inspired and creative.

If you want to know who you then ask self, do for self and believe in self. See who succeeds you or the choices made for you by mortals.

Always trust the subtle energy or vibe behind words. The truth can be hidden by colored words of expression. Energy never lies, if you are present and in the moment you can feel this.

Do what works for you. However if you have been doing the same thing over and over thinking it's working for you but no personal growth, no new knowledge, new references, new self-revelations then it's not working for you! You have created an illusion out of the choices given to you.

Smile, sing, dance, create a masterpiece, make love, connect, go for an ocean walk at sunrise, climb a mountain, hug a tree, take a deep breath of light, connect to the stars, do anything to raise your vibration to feel good. Nothing is more important than nurturing your own soul.

Prepare for the inevitable confrontation with the truth. Detach yourself then you retain the spirit in the illusion of captivity. Deep dormancy awakens in which you lived today and appreciates the time you have left in the perishable body.

Know that you are truly amazing and constantly creating a masterpiece called life. Imagine and dream your ideal story Choose your palette of colorful, inspired thoughts, and create with joy. You can never go wrong, all is perfect. Your creations become brighter and more luminescent with experience.

Few moments of silence in your busy lives are enough to charge your batteries for few months

Meditation and visualization are two of the most important practices to use when developing as they help the conscious mind to bond with the higher self. It is only through practice and dedication, where you can learn to connect your psychical and spiritual self.

Your point of focus is everything as your thoughts and emotions create your reality. Focus on what you do want. Today is another day.

If just 2% of the world practiced meditation, we could change our world permanently to one of peace and understanding of Oneness.

There is something really powerful in every challenge that we face. It makes you stronger and always brings you closer to your core essence. When you realize that life is truly a gift even during the down times you thrive and empower yourself.

Your imagination is the key to your future, and your heart is the guide to your soul. Trust and faith propel you forward, believe in your greater SELF. You are way beyond magnificent just open your eyes and see. The veils of illusion are only temporary if you look beyond the perceptions of fear. Love is always the key.

Trying to please everyone is really a waste of time and energy. Listening to your own heart and expressing from your heart will eventually attract the right kind of people into your life in the form of clients, colleagues, friends and intimate loving relationships.

When you wake up and realize that you are no more than stocks, bonds, and commodities, easily expandable and that you are measured by the wealth and energy you generate for some other human entities, racism, and Supremacy seems like the least bit to stress about.

Personal and spiritual empowerment comes from recognizing and supporting each other’s beauty and greatness. We all need each other’s love and light, especially at times when our own flame has dwindled.

Silent power, is the art of knowing when not to speak on certain issues, or give certain responses, in the oneness I am able to distinguish who is ready to receive what, and more often than not I keep quiet cause there is no point in delivering words or Concepts a spirit is not yet ready to receive.

I love how truth makes others uncomfortable. They keep trying to hush us up but when we come together unapologetic those folks start feeling some type of way. Keep reminding them of their evil. Their guilt is disguised as denial & deflection.

Meditation is good but even better is what we consume that can heal from the inside out. Passion flower can be added to most teas and most calming teas have passion flower in them. Let's release some stress and get your chakras balanced.

By shining your own unique and beautiful light you not only transform your own life but the world around you for the better. Your life becomes authentic and brings you so much joy. Believe in yourself, have patience and persistence. The universe is truly there to help you.

Meditation and visualization open the doors to a new spiritual knowledge, helping you achieve spiritual growth.

Some days you just need to pull back from the hustle and bustle of society and overload of information to find your own space, to find your own thoughts and to find your own unique energetic blueprint once again
Quote on Meditation 

The closer you get to the spiral the more obvious the magnetism is on you. You can feel the drops of the waters. It's like the random feeling of a raindrop on the skin whenever it's a sunny day. This combined with all the illusory falling to the hips near the base of the spine as well as the euphoric magnetism behind the eye balls; this is the only substance that is worth experiencing, learning, and experimenting with. You near the spiral need nothing, the bodies are shedding skin, and in return for denying illusions; you gain everything.

So after years of deep inner searching, reading channeled books, meditation, reading spiritual quotes, Zen yoga practices, personal growth seminars and studying many, many courses to find and express my true Self, life experience has taught me that it's really not that hard to live and express your authentic true Self. It's really simple, stop the exterior searching and start following those joyful, inspired feelings in the here and now. Seriously don't let those lingering, lower, unconscious doubts stop you from being the best, brightest, joyful and most authentic version of you. Meditation is a big part of my daily routine too and keeps my spirit alive and spiritually focused. So the message here is that any form of exercise assists with keeping a healthy and balanced mind and body connection. Staying grounded in your physical body is particularly important when practicing meditation as we are here to bridge the spiritual with the physical. Cycling, running, swimming, hiking or walking in nature really is revitalizing and grounding and you are rewarded with an abundance of energy and clarity of mind. I find balance is always the key to living a fulfilling, healthy and happy life. Enjoy your journey.


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