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Beautiful Ramadan Quotes and Wishes

Celebrate this Ramadan by posting lovely Ramadan quotes greetings and captions on your Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp statuses. Also, send these Ramadan blessing quotes through SMS text messages to your Muslim friends. Muslims all around the world do fasten in the Holy month of Ramadan. Are we going to celebrate this Ramadan with the same concept as last year? From last year until this year we have a year to understand and do something to celebrate the celebration with full of perfection in the truest sense. The true meaning of the celebration is the day we celebrate the victory after we worked hard to free our spirits from imprisoned in our gross body so, we still have time to try. This time, we hope we celebrate this Ramadan with great joy in the truest sense.
All Muslims around the world assume when they have done fasting for a month, it is sufficient for them to have fun celebrating the feast. Is it true? No! The purpose of fasting is to purify our hearts so noble trait arises f…

Excellent Fitness Quotes for Females

If you hate the way you feel then do something about it. These fitness quotes are full of encouragement and motivational messages for female trainers who started their fitness journey. Yes, it's hard but what's harder? Having no energy all day every day or doing a 30-minute workout once a day and eating healthier? If you need someone to push you and motivate you then read these motivational fitness quotes before you start your workout, you will definitely get a new passion and more energy to start your workout.
Excellent Female Fitness Quotes!
1) Life happens and sometimes you lose focus on your goals, but that doesn't mean you throw in the towel No! You pick up where you left off, learn from your experience and move forward with better knowledge of what you want.
2) Your passion will always show up. What you dream about, what turns your light on, what brings a smile to your face.
3) When you face challenges in your journey whether it is fitness or life, choose to view th…

30 Quotes That Will Clear Your Mind

Is there so much on your mind and you what to clear your mind for a good sleep, meditation or from bad thoughts? Don’t worry these powerful quotes will definitely clear your mind and you can easily concentrate on your tasks. Definitely, these are the best proverbs that make a lot of sense.
The post is centered on an important goal to each person and how to clear your mind or identify the negativity that keeps you from attaining this goal. We've all had a dream or goal and for some reason or another, we put it off or don't move toward it. These powerful clear your mind quotes encouraged and taught you ways to remove the pieces that don't work to find the path back to your dreams.
There are so many beautiful souls walking around feeling alone, lonely, overwhelmed, unloved, etc. If you happen to be one of them know that you are not alone. You do not need to suffer in silence. Speak out, get connect and share your pain. There is not one of us who has not suffered. Know that w…

Inspirational Meditation Quotes of the Day

Inspire your living by this wonderful collection of daily meditation quotes. These powerful saying about meditation will bring a revolution in your ordinary life and you start your day like an extraordinary human. Invest in personal growth and development. You have to be deliberate about it, leaving nothing to chance. Prayer and meditation are great ways to build yourself up spiritually. Invest in your mind by exposing yourself to new knowledge, read as much as you can. Travel to new places; invest in new experiences to build your soul. Keep your body in good shape through regular exercises; eat the right quantity and quality of food at the right time. Your life is in your hands; handle it with ‪care.
The very simple, everyday act of thinking separates you from your true nature. This is why all problems exist in the mind and good/bad are merely perceptions. Does a flower think about how it must grow? Do fish and birds moving in unison in large groups think about their direction? Do you…

Stop Bullying and Speak Up Quotes

These are not only stop bullying quotes but motivational messages for the people who speak up and stand up against the bullying. These are not anti-bullying slogans but a new campaign against this hateful world. Bullying, it’s not something critical to others. To some, it had some distorted or tormented their lives. It starts for some in the household, to some, it only starts at the very beginning at school. It varies from one individual to another. However, the ones that can help with it are the teachers. Think about it, our parents are teachers too, they teach us on how to be good or how to behave in a proper manner. Teachers either police us or nurture us only because it’s for our own benefit. Bullying occurs not only in school but also in the workplace when we get older But the worst always is in school, because we have always had that mindset whereby to tell the teacher about the bully would end us up on the road that we would be shunned by others for being a teacher’s pet or wh…

Spirituality Quotes and Sayings about Life

Are you looking for spiritual inspiration? These quotes about spirituality will help you to purify your soul from the lust of this materialistic world. The law of attraction connects you to whatever you feel about yourself. This is why we must exert being positive in seeking energy. If you desire love, if you want to be happy, if you need peace in your life, these come from within FIRST. Then the Universe will see that which you are, what you are projecting, then those on the same vibration frequency as you become vivid in your life. You will come to know your purpose. You must be receptive to all things even when you feel unsure. Meditate on it, let your defenses down and the answers will appear in the most unlikely manner. Now it’s a chance for you to uplift your life by applying this spiritual quotes and sayings in your daily life.
Good Spirituality Quotes about Life!
Spirituality is all about the energy, frequency, awareness, and vibration.
Do not worry if you do not know what to…