Beautiful Ramadan Quotes and Wishes

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Celebrate this Ramadan by posting lovely Ramadan quotes greetings and captions on your Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp statuses. Also, send these Ramadan blessing quotes through SMS text messages to your Muslim friends. Muslims all around the world do fasten in the Holy month of Ramadan. Are we going to celebrate this Ramadan with the same concept as last year? From last year until this year we have a year to understand and do something to celebrate the celebration with full of perfection in the truest sense. The true meaning of the celebration is the day we celebrate the victory after we worked hard to free our spirits from imprisoned in our gross body so, we still have time to try. This time, we hope we celebrate this Ramadan with great joy in the truest sense.

All Muslims around the world assume when they have done fasting for a month, it is sufficient for them to have fun celebrating the feast. Is it true? No! The purpose of fasting is to purify our hearts so noble trait arises from our hearts. After we managed to purify our hearts, our souls will be freed from our gross body. Is this happening? Why did it not happen? It did not happen because we do not know what is the meaning of fasting in the truest sense before we, fasting or pray or do anything that is enshrined in the pillars of Islam, we must understand the 7 secrets within us that we must purify. We must know that there is something within us that must be cleaned up to be clean and pure. Once we already clean and holy, then we do our worship with full understanding and enjoyment in the truest sense. This matter does not happen to all people around the world regardless of their religious affiliations because they do not have a proper understanding from the right teacher. That's why every day many events that are very daunting and depressing occurred around the world because of our request to Allah so that we are safe and live in peace and restful does not reach to him because we still do not have the true knowledge and we still did not clean our hearts in the truest sense. It's time to change everything. Peace be upon you.
Ramadan Wishes

Ramadan Quotes and Sayings!

1. Please invite your friends and family! I'm excited to see so many new faces this time around, the bigger the meeting the better! Let's make this Ramadan full of love and worship! No one needs to experience it alone.

2. Ramadan is a beautiful time to Cleanse, Focus and Gather you. Stay prayed up because right up until Ramadan, there will be evil doers that attempt to take you away from the focus of your faith, your reasoning and massage your weakness, catching you off guard, but it won't be their fault because the devil works through everyone, even the ones closest to you. Be thankful for the ones who really love you, pray together and build the strength of Allah’s Protections from evil.

3. I miss Ramadan so much and I love this wonderful month. I pray may we experience many Ramadan’s in the future and may Allah give us more strength to observe them.

4. If Ramadan finds you with weak faith in Allah and lacking in knowledge of His attributes, let it leave you with strong faith and a deeper knowledge of Allah.

5. If Ramadan finds you with a troubled mind and heart filled with evil thoughts and inclined to evil deeds, let it leave you with a tranquil mind and heart inclined to pure thoughts and good deeds.

6. If Ramadan finds you with a sharp tongue towards your family and fellowmen, let it leave you with words of praise for Allah, blessings on the Prophet and words of support, encouragement and wisdom to your fellow humans.

7. If Ramadan finds you lying and backbiting and bearing false witness against your brothers and sisters, may it leave you speaking the truth, only uttering good about people or refraining from comment and being a witness for truth and justice?

8. If Ramadan finds you fornicating or engaging in lewd and shameful practices, let it leave you acting within the bounds of lawful intimate actions.

9. If Ramadan finds you are not praying any or all of your daily prayers, and then let it leave you’re offering compulsory prayers without lapse for the rest of your life.

10. If Ramadan finds you a stranger to the Quran, let it leave you with the best of new found companions: The Book of Allah Al-Quran Al-Kareem! May Allah accept our fasting and other acts of worship during this blessed month and improve our condition from this point forward.

11. If Ramadan finds you hating a people for their race, color, creed, or ethnic origin, let it leave you knowing that no one is superior to another except by their righteous deeds and Allah is the judge of that.

12. If Ramadan finds you ever critical of those in positions of leadership, let it leave you patient and powerful for their hearts to be softened and minds to be open towards the needs of those they are responsible for.

13. If Ramadan finds you without love for yourself and your fellow man, then let it leave you with proper self-love and the ability to find the good qualities in those around you.

14. If Ramadan finds you despairing of Allah’s Mercy or without mercy towards others, let it leave you with renewed hope in the Mercy of Allah and a kindly, merciful disposition towards others.

15. If Ramadan finds you as one who is stingy with their provisions and bounty that Allah has granted them, let it leave you as one who is mindful of those who have less than you and to be as helpful and generous as possible to your family and virtuous causes.

16. If Ramadan finds you as one who is openly defiant and disobedient to Allah and His Messenger, let it leave you as a humble, obedient servant.

17. If Ramadan finds you as one who has not fasted in the past, let it leave you as one who observes and loves the fast and its great rewards.

18. Thank you, Ramadan, for helping me discovers me again. You are the most beautiful month! You live blessings thru my eyes and to have that feeling from you is indescribable. You must know it's hard for us to be apart.

19. It’s the time where Muslims are united. It’s the time where Muslims are kind to each other. It’s the time where Muslims are generous. It’s the time when Muslims are forgiving. It’s the time when Muslims are closed to Quran and Sunnah. I miss its vibes and would wish that it would remain forever. But it only really happens in Ramadan.

20. We are here to make paradise easier for each other. Not to make it harder. So look at how you approach and interact with people. Look at what you wish for them and how much prayers you make for them.

21. Being Muslim means you're constantly struggling and striving to be a better person. That’s the goal of it all, to make your faith rise by the day.

22. If your faith, and your teaching and your worship do not make you a better person, then it is missing the goal. You are not a good Muslim if you are not a good brother, father, son, daughter mother, and wife.

23. Be careful with the words you say and your actions. There was a time when you didn't know what you know now. Help people. Don't hurt them.

24. When you want to know something concerning Islamic matter, ask Allah to guide you and make you sincere, because you want to feed your faith, not your ego.

25. A Muslim balances between fearing and having hope in Allah. They go hand in hand together.

26. I have never seen someone become closer to Allah by someone else mocking and insulting their way of doing things. If you really want to make someone close to Allah, then look at the tone and choice of words.

27. Follow the commandments that are clear in Quran and Sunnah before you start debating on matters which are unclear and unanimous amongst the scholars.

28. Perhaps the trial you are facing is a blessing and perhaps the blessing mean you are facing is a trial.

29. No matter what happens, make sure your faith is not being affected by the situation. I think it's good to ponder over which people are blessings to us and which come as forms of trials.

30. There is so much beauty in having a beautiful character. Nothing attracts me more than someone who has a beautiful soul.

31. We need to talk less and let our actions speak. Sadly, we open our mouth too much without necessity. If we do not properly use our tongue it can be the reason to open the doors of Hellfire.

32. You might be wealthier, better in status, healthier, better in appearance etc than someone else but the question remains are you better in the sight of Allah?

Blessing of Ramadan!

Some people really need to work on their character. There is nothing more easily than to be nice and kind to someone who does the same. But your true character really shows to how you react to people who disagree with you and who do not show noble character. And it's people who are mean to you that deserve your kindness. They need it, perhaps they can learn a thing or two from it. I know it will be the first Ramadan for many brothers and sisters. Please try to fast beforehand to know how it feels. There are also so many rules, regulations, and a blessing that comes in Ramadan, and one should seek that knowledge pertaining to it. Feel free to send these Ramadan quotes through SMS messages to other Muslims, post these sayings on your Instagram captions or make it your Whatsapp or Facebook status.

Excellent Fitness Quotes for Females

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If you hate the way you feel then do something about it. These fitness quotes are full of encouragement and motivational messages for female trainers who started their fitness journey. Yes, it's hard but what's harder? Having no energy all day every day or doing a 30-minute workout once a day and eating healthier? If you need someone to push you and motivate you then read these motivational fitness quotes before you start your workout, you will definitely get a new passion and more energy to start your workout.
Ladies fitness quotes

Excellent Female Fitness Quotes!

1) Life happens and sometimes you lose focus on your goals, but that doesn't mean you throw in the towel No! You pick up where you left off, learn from your experience and move forward with better knowledge of what you want.

2) Your passion will always show up. What you dream about, what turns your light on, what brings a smile to your face.

3) When you face challenges in your journey whether it is fitness or life, choose to view those challenges as opportunities to learn. There will be a time when those challenges seem crippling but that is when you should redirect your focus on how far you've already come. You have it within you to succeed.

4) Perfect conditions will NEVER happen. In a perfect world, the stars would align, fear wouldn't exist and things would happen easily BUT things worth having MOST are the ones that take hard work, perseverance, and dedication. The things most having take running through the barrier of fear and pushing past it to make your dreams a reality!

5) Beginning my week with a workout sets me up for success. It gets me in the right mindset to keep pushing through the week and staying on track toward my goals.

6) You are not promised infinite days or tomorrows. Whatever it is you want to do, you must begin to do it now.

7) Never give up because looking back you'll wish otherwise. Keep chugging along because you never know who is watching you closely.

8) I'm a woman who is doing my best to face my fears; I'm overcoming them and striving to improve my techniques. I look back and see how far I've come. I look forward and see my potential. I look at where I am today and I am humbled with what I am able to still do with all that life has thrown at me.

9) Fight for your dream, believe in yourself and learn how to encourage and build yourself up. Don't take it personally, when you are misunderstood or brushed off. Keep your eye on the prize and push forward.

10) What goals and dreams do you have but are not pursuing because you don’t feel ready or the timing just isn't right? When you put your goals into action you will create momentum, urgency, and more drive to go after it.
motivational fitness quotes of the day

11) What goes on in my mind never stops me from training. The things that bring me down the most mentally seem to somehow give me strength when I have none left. That was my workout today. Hope yours was as tough as mine.

12) I like to make sure I schedule my workouts like a meeting so I have no excuses to skip out on it. Not to mention that scheduling it ensures I get it done and I don't have to worry about squeezing it in when I am more tired, busy and have other things vying for my attention. If I leave it up to chance I know it won't get done because excuses will get the best of me.

13) No one ever said it would be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Give it your best shot, take the good with the bad but never give up.

14) It’s your choice with what you do with it. We should all stop for a moment and realize there is no point in trying to kill time, for time is slowly killing us every day. Get out there and doing something great and let yourself shine. Let’s all make the best of the time we have together. Want to achieve success, get out there and do it. Don't be afraid of failure along the way, failure is just a sign that you're trying to achieve success.

15) Part of growing is humbling you and listening to those who have gone before you. I’ve learned from the best and no matter how much or how little, I would never want anyone who has ever taken the time to help me to think I don’t appreciate that.

16) You may not always feel like you're on your A game for each workout but the important thing is that you show up, give it all you've got and push through despite what you're feeling knowing your body will only go as far as your mind will take it.

17) If you want more for your life and are committed to doing the necessary and hard work to get there, never let those who are comfortable in their dysfunction talk you out of it. Most people are afraid to dream again and have lost all hope. They have already died, now they are just waiting to be buried. Do not let them project their fear on your fearlessness and their hopelessness on your faith.
gym motivational quotes posters

18) Investing in yourself will also help you invest in those around you. How will you make time to make your health a priority today?

19) It's so easy to become overwhelmed when starting something new, a new job, a new workout routine, a new eating plan and it might seem easier to give up because it's going to take too long to reach your goals.  But if you give up, you've just guaranteed that you'll never hit your goals. Whereas if you keep going, no matter how slowly, you will always be one step closer than if you quit.

20) It's not always easy to get your workouts in but it's always worth it. There's no magic formula for squeezing in a workout. You have to do your best to make it non-negotiable to work out five times per week. You know how beneficial it is for your health long-term as well as how much better you feel immediately afterward.

21) As you start your day today make sure you schedule time for what's important and make that time non-negotiable. Take time with family and kids, time for your workout, time for personal and spiritual reflection. There will always be jobs, errands, chores, and daily tasks to accomplish but put the most important things first and I promise the rest will fall into place.

22) Give yourself and body attention, take care of yourself, doesn’t let life keep you from being healthy and in shape. Give yourself the time you need, mentally and physically.

23) There are those things in life that you can control, and those that you cannot. For those that you can control, do the best you can. For those, you cannot control, learn to adapt.

24) Begin your day with positive thoughts. Choose happiness and optimism today. Choose gratitude because each day is a gift and a blessing. When you wake up each day, you choose the direction of your day, your week, your life. You have the power to make today a great day. Remember that you have breathed in your lungs and choose to see the good today. God has given you another day to use your talents/skills/passions to bring Him glory and serve those around you. What a beautiful thing it is to wake up with a grateful heart and to be filled with joy knowing you're in God's hands and living a blessed life.
insanity workout quotes for women

25) It’s best, to be honest with yourself and keep yourself accountable!! Things happen and you can't let them hold you down or back from your end goal! It's called life.

26) Everyone is built differently. Don't compare yourself to others. You are your own competition and you have your own body to build and nurture according to your lifestyle and outlook.

27) The best part about fitness and losing track is you will always have a million second chances to get back on track.

28) It way too many times that people are so focused on being perfect that they quit when one thing doesn't go according to plan. Don’t let that be you.

Female fitness slogan

Some great workout tips!

So when I started my fitness journey I was an all over the place, workout whenever I found the time kind of person. Over the course of trial and error, I learned a few things about myself. Now these tips may not work for everyone but I hope some of these tips are useful for you.

1- Get motivated and by this I mean YOU have to be motivated. Accountability is 100% amazing but makes sure you are in the right mindset.

2- Schedule it. If you prefer to work out in the morning then stay consistent with that, if you prefer a nighttime routine stick to a specific time.

3- If you workout at home or go to the gym keep your clothes ready for when you are ready to work out that way there is no excuse for not getting your fitness in.

4- Maybe go to bed a little earlier if you plan on working out in the morning or staying up a little later to work out at night.

5- Cut down on screen time, I know I was guilty of saying I don't have time to work out but spend thirty minutes on my phone.

6- Keep the kids busy. Let them do an art project or have TV. Time while you get mommy time.

7- If you are not first, don't act like you deserve to be, show people by working harder till you truly deserve it.

8- The journey to the top is a long and difficult one. 10 000 hrs will only make you platform ready, 2-3 hrs a day for 4-5 days a week consistently for 2 years still means you are a beginner. So don't look down on others because they are starting! You may still only be a beginner to those who have been there for years.

9- Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you don't like others looking down on you, then don't look down on others.

10- Practice beats talent, every time talent doesn't practice
11- You will hate more days training then you will have fun. Just get up and get the job done.

12- Have fun, just not at the expense of others.

30 Quotes That Will Clear Your Mind

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Is there so much on your mind and you what to clear your mind for a good sleep, meditation or from bad thoughts? Don’t worry these powerful quotes will definitely clear your mind and you can easily concentrate on your tasks. Definitely, these are the best proverbs that make a lot of sense.

The post is centered on an important goal to each person and how to clear your mind or identify the negativity that keeps you from attaining this goal. We've all had a dream or goal and for some reason or another, we put it off or don't move toward it. These powerful clear your mind quotes encouraged and taught you ways to remove the pieces that don't work to find the path back to your dreams.

There are so many beautiful souls walking around feeling alone, lonely, overwhelmed, unloved, etc. If you happen to be one of them know that you are not alone. You do not need to suffer in silence. Speak out, get connect and share your pain. There is not one of us who has not suffered. Know that what you are feeling is normal. Do not allow yourself to sink into a deep, dark place thinking that you cannot share your pain. You are a 'beautiful soul' on this planet and you are loved.
Quotes about Clear your mind 

Clear Your Mind Quotes!

1) Sometimes you just need some good of country music to clear your mind.

2) Soul fatigue is something totally different to body fatigue. They do affect each other but they require different treatment.

3) Beware that those who are clearing your mind are not the same crowd who have worked so hard to define life in such a way as to have convinced you that your mind needs to be cleared.

4) In a nutshell, we are constantly learning about this thing we are all living called life. We have to realize we have one life to live. Be careful who is feeding your soul and the friends that you keep.
5) Close your eyes, clear your mind, throw away all materialistic thoughts and travel to a distant place within your soul.

6) Take a moment to breathe and to release any and all tension moving forward in a peaceful state knowing that you are simply evolving. Look for the beautiful. There's always beautiful. Be gentle with yourself through the process.

7) The power of choice is a beautiful thing. Choose happiness because life’s too short to do otherwise.

8) Once you align yourself back into God will, your heart desires will be fulfilled.

9) The truth is that some live in circumstances that are extremely challenging. If you are there now reframe it so you may continue to move forward in a positive way. Life isn't always easy and certainly isn't always fair. Be present focusing on right thinking and taking right action.

10) A clear mind will propel you to a clear path, in the right direction. Stay focused and determined. It's your path, keep it clear.

11) Stop living in sadness, sorrow, regret, and anger. Wake each morning with the good news that God has already set forth your day and is pushing you forward.

12) When one truly sees the beauty of the universe, it's impossible not to believe in a higher power. If you are struggling with the idea of a loving God go outside and take a close look at nature. Your heart will be filled with amazement and gratitude for the beautiful world we live in.

13) The mind can hold you back more than any physical force or object. If you don't believe you can do it or if you're doubtful about something you will never be able to perform at your best effort. Learn how to concentrate and be at peace with yourself.

14) In life you make decisions and some end up not going the way you liked. The question lies, did you learn from that situation that you were in? Stop looking at the bad things that came out of it. But, focus on what GOD intended for you to learn in that situation that will lead to your blessings.

15) Stop worrying about getting money but find where your talents are. Utilize your talents and let them create revenues for you.

16) Never let stress destroy you, or bring you down or lose hope for the person you love so much and believe into, just have a little faith in God that everything works out for the best sometimes, and things will work out in the end, and life moves forward to a better way of living the life you well deserved.

17) We should be rejoicing in the goodness of what is to come, not the mistakes we have chosen to make. In His word, he has already promised us. But, understand Faith without work is dead. We have to put in the work people.

18) We have been given another opportunity to Love. Slow down enough to enjoy the journey. Your peacefulness will be a gift to others along the way.

19) Keep your mind clear and your heart open to hear the truth. Be wise enough to choose courageous enough to keep the kindness of forgiving and the garden of heart will bloom on the day.

20) The closer we consume our foods to their natural state, the more natural, logical, right and clear our mind will be, free from illusions.

21) We function and are aware of your surroundings if we are not at our best at all times. When we decide that we are at a breaking point, we have to be careful and not let the Devil (temptations of life) weigh in on our thinking and decisions.

22) Regardless of what some think, we are not in control.

23) You are always going to be too much of something for someone so just be yourself. They will love you or hate you anyway.

24) There will come a time when opportunities to clarify, to apologize or to make amends will cease to exist. That might occur today.

25) There are things that are real and things that are not. There is nothing spiritual about it. When walking through a field where cows are grazing, it's quite likely that one might accidentally step in Bullshit. It is wise to learn and know the signs so you can possibly avoid the BS. If you can't avoid the BS, know that you too will survive through it. None of us will totally escape it.

26) Let your intuition be your guide. Your intuition is a gift from God. Be diligent and keep showing up daily. You've got this. No one starts out as an Olympian.

27) Every moment of your life is a gift. Focus on keeping your mind calm, clear, and pure. Your essence is love. Ask yourself if what you are hearing is good and beneficial. If it isn't, let it go.
28) Be gentle with yourself, just keep going. There is a natural path to living, some of which is totally unequivocally unchangeable.

29) Meditation and the Universe open up to you it's a definitely the best way to raising your vibration, the key regardless of what people tell you. When you meditate the objective is to clear the mind, so take no thought don't think of breathing, sheep, candles or whatever just make sure you are in a dark room and think no thought. Half hour a day and wow if you meditate properly, that is if you can silence the mind.

30) Meditation itself is full of simple divine truths that will wash over you and bathe your consciousness. Release all negativity, anxiety, insecurity, false expectation, or any other toxic energy and rest in the pure reality that you are loved and you are love. Then seek to carry this awareness with you through the day.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the realization and manifestation of nature with the entirety and essence of our beings. Meditation is about learning how to remain rooted, anchored and present in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. With a daily meditative spiritual practice, you become similar to a tree with roots deep in the earth. Should and when a storm occurs, such a tree is not toppled or uprooted.

With spiritual roots and connection deeply and firmly established in the Divine Presence that when the challenges and chaos of the world arise, he or she remains firm, stable, clear and calm in the face of adversity.

Meditation heals the mind and body, gives you greater clarity and confidence to succeed in your career and business, as well as increases your capacity to be present, patient, loving and compassionate in your relationships. Meditation can heal your life. Meditation can save your life. It's time our Community, rediscovers its spiritual inheritance, and again embrace nature as the living spiritual path to enlightenment it is.

To breathe in meditation, clear the mind of all thought. Let thinking come and go like water and wind a flow. The mind will wander, wonder, will grab and focus on what is important at the time. go with it. If you have nothing more to offer it, the focus will move on. Relax in your breath; take a time to feel where the air goes. The thoughts will relax in you and you will find calm.  For more inspiration you may read the related post quotes about spirituality on this site.

How to clear your mind?

A marriage or a relationship does not define you as to what kind of person you are. Maybe you are a huge lover, fun loving, kind and open hearted, wild and also serene spirit. Not only that, but there are many different kinds of relationships in this world and what’s your is not, is one of possession. I find that many people are predisposed to the attitude that once you are in a relationship with another, you own each other in a sense. For those of you who do, good luck with that, and just know everything is impermanent in life.

Those people who attempt to steal our joy and our peace too. Sometimes, not purposefully but still they do. Sometimes, very intentionally via manipulation, lies, attempts to control, avoidance or the silent treatment. Learning how to set healthy boundaries is essential to our own personal growth. Still, we can be kind and gracious in setting those boundaries. Occasionally, we will lose friends and loved ones because of healthy boundary setting. Hopefully, they will grow and maybe even come back again. Some are only meant to share moments of time with us and that’s okay too.

Don't hold grudges because that only serves to hurt you but it is imperative to set healthy boundaries. Some people will purposefully set out to suck the life out of you. You will know them immediately because they are manipulative. You will feel tense, drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed in their presence and sometimes, powerless. Those people are the Whiners, the Manipulators and the Blamers of the world. You were not put on this planet to be treated like that. If you must have exposure to those types, ground yourself and build a bubble of protective energy around yourself before you share space with them. Do not engage in their insanity.

Keep your mind calm, clear and pure. Be cautious of where you are getting guidance from. Question everything. If it doesn't sound right it probably isn't. There are many sick minded people out there. Do not let them fill your mind, spirit, and soul with judgment, fear, and confusion or have you chasing rainbows all over the world. You were given the gift of intuition too. Pay attention to it. If you need to withdraw for a while to clear your mind from the distractions, do that. Clarity will come. Ask yourself if what they are saying and teaching is moving you closer to loving kindness and compassion for all beings. If it is not, walk away. Your essence is love. Our purpose here is to love. If you have taken a wrong path, don't beat yourself up. Simply re-group and continue stay positive in a forward direction. Walk the path of loving kindness, peace, and compassion. There is no magic secret other than love.

Desire is the root or all depression. To want what you once had, or things beyond our grasp! To clear your mind of senseless desire is the first step of true enlightenment. Many things can be achieved through the enlightenment of body and mind. With a sound mind comes a sound body. Through Meditation, and exercise you can finely tune your body and mind to work as one. And through hard work and sacrifice, you can be whatever you want to be. Hope you enjoy these really nice quotes on mind power and learn how alternating active moments of focus to moments of relaxation can be a very effective strategy in problem solving.

Inspirational Meditation Quotes of the Day

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Inspire your living by this wonderful collection of daily meditation quotes. These powerful saying about meditation will bring a revolution in your ordinary life and you start your day like an extraordinary human. Invest in personal growth and development. You have to be deliberate about it, leaving nothing to chance. Prayer and meditation are great ways to build yourself up spiritually. Invest in your mind by exposing yourself to new knowledge, read as much as you can. Travel to new places; invest in new experiences to build your soul. Keep your body in good shape through regular exercises; eat the right quantity and quality of food at the right time. Your life is in your hands; handle it with care.

The very simple, everyday act of thinking separates you from your true nature. This is why all problems exist in the mind and good/bad are merely perceptions. Does a flower think about how it must grow? Do fish and birds moving in unison in large groups think about their direction? Do you know how to beat your heart or how to breathe? Meditation is gaining so much popularity because it works. And it works because it allows you to STOP thinking and just be. This doesn't mean you have to meditate all the time. There are many things that are meditative such as cleaning, cooking, sewing, sports, longboarding, art, drawing, poetry, etc. and they allow you to simply 'be' - which is your natural state. 'Being' means fully living in the present moment (not worrying about the future or the past). 'Being' is what everything on earth is doing except the majority of humans. Thinking is what separates us from every other life form, which is why we're so disconnected as a species and are harming ourselves and our environment. If we return to our natural state of being and living in the present moment, we can then create a harmonious planet, but it all starts from within.
meditation quotations

Inspirational Meditation Quote of the Day!

Do not you coupes of yourself only when you see yourself on the verge of dying. Worse than the physical disease is the spirit that survives the death of the body.

Through meditation, exercises, rituals, massage, emotional release and dance, love and spirituality are integrated to deliver you to your true self with joyful abandon.

Follow your bliss and reach for the sky. Live life with inspiration and possibilities and you will open doors that you thought had never even existed.

If you are sick, do not despise meditation opportunity that the disease offers. Detaches the spirit of the body and reflects the transience of everything around you.

When you are feeling drained and overwhelmed it's time to retreat and find your inner strength and balance again. Nurturing yourself is never selfish. Enjoy alone time. Get outdoors if you can and replenish yourself in nature’s beauty.

The cells in our body respond to positive thoughts and emotions and create wellness. These cells are far more intelligent than we realize.

I am a big believer in loving, understanding and nurturing all aspects of your mind, your body, and your spirit. It is a healthy balance which sustains you, keeps you vitally alive, inspired and creative.

If you want to know who you then ask self, do for self and believe in self. See who succeeds you or the choices made for you by mortals.

Always trust the subtle energy or vibe behind words. The truth can be hidden by colored words of expression. Energy never lies, if you are present and in the moment you can feel this.

Do what works for you. However if you have been doing the same thing over and over thinking it's working for you but no personal growth, no new knowledge, new references, new self-revelations then it's not working for you! You have created an illusion out of the choices given to you.

Smile, sing, dance, create a masterpiece, make love, connect, go for an ocean walk at sunrise, climb a mountain, hug a tree, take a deep breath of light, connect to the stars, do anything to raise your vibration to feel good. Nothing is more important than nurturing your own soul.

Prepare for the inevitable confrontation with the truth. Detach yourself then you retain the spirit in the illusion of captivity. Deep dormancy awakens in which you lived today and appreciates the time you have left in the perishable body.

Know that you are truly amazing and constantly creating a masterpiece called life. Imagine and dream your ideal story Choose your palette of colorful, inspired thoughts, and create with joy. You can never go wrong, all is perfect. Your creations become brighter and more luminescent with experience.

Few moments of silence in your busy lives are enough to charge your batteries for few months

Meditation and visualization are two of the most important practices to use when developing as they help the conscious mind to bond with the higher self. It is only through practice and dedication, where you can learn to connect your psychical and spiritual self.

Your point of focus is everything as your thoughts and emotions create your reality. Focus on what you do want. Today is another day.

If just 2% of the world practiced meditation, we could change our world permanently to one of peace and understanding of Oneness.

There is something really powerful in every challenge that we face. It makes you stronger and always brings you closer to your core essence. When you realize that life is truly a gift even during the down times you thrive and empower yourself.

Your imagination is the key to your future, and your heart is the guide to your soul. Trust and faith propel you forward, believe in your greater SELF. You are way beyond magnificent just open your eyes and see. The veils of illusion are only temporary if you look beyond the perceptions of fear. Love is always the key.

Trying to please everyone is really a waste of time and energy. Listening to your own heart and expressing from your heart will eventually attract the right kind of people into your life in the form of clients, colleagues, friends and intimate loving relationships.

When you wake up and realize that you are no more than stocks, bonds, and commodities, easily expandable and that you are measured by the wealth and energy you generate for some other human entities, racism, and Supremacy seems like the least bit to stress about.

Personal and spiritual empowerment comes from recognizing and supporting each other’s beauty and greatness. We all need each other’s love and light, especially at times when our own flame has dwindled.

Silent power, is the art of knowing when not to speak on certain issues, or give certain responses, in the oneness I am able to distinguish who is ready to receive what, and more often than not I keep quiet cause there is no point in delivering words or Concepts a spirit is not yet ready to receive.

I love how truth makes others uncomfortable. They keep trying to hush us up but when we come together unapologetic those folks start feeling some type of way. Keep reminding them of their evil. Their guilt is disguised as denial & deflection.

Meditation is good but even better is what we consume that can heal from the inside out. Passion flower can be added to most teas and most calming teas have passion flower in them. Let's release some stress and get your chakras balanced.

By shining your own unique and beautiful light you not only transform your own life but the world around you for the better. Your life becomes authentic and brings you so much joy. Believe in yourself, have patience and persistence. The universe is truly there to help you.

Meditation and visualization open the doors to a new spiritual knowledge, helping you achieve spiritual growth.

Some days you just need to pull back from the hustle and bustle of society and overload of information to find your own space, to find your own thoughts and to find your own unique energetic blueprint once again
Quote on Meditation 

The closer you get to the spiral the more obvious the magnetism is on you. You can feel the drops of the waters. It's like the random feeling of a raindrop on the skin whenever it's a sunny day. This combined with all the illusory falling to the hips near the base of the spine as well as the euphoric magnetism behind the eye balls; this is the only substance that is worth experiencing, learning, and experimenting with. You near the spiral need nothing, the bodies are shedding skin, and in return for denying illusions; you gain everything.

So after years of deep inner searching, reading channeled books, meditation, reading spiritual quotes, Zen yoga practices, personal growth seminars and studying many, many courses to find and express my true Self, life experience has taught me that it's really not that hard to live and express your authentic true Self. It's really simple, stop the exterior searching and start following those joyful, inspired feelings in the here and now. Seriously don't let those lingering, lower, unconscious doubts stop you from being the best, brightest, joyful and most authentic version of you. Meditation is a big part of my daily routine too and keeps my spirit alive and spiritually focused. So the message here is that any form of exercise assists with keeping a healthy and balanced mind and body connection. Staying grounded in your physical body is particularly important when practicing meditation as we are here to bridge the spiritual with the physical. Cycling, running, swimming, hiking or walking in nature really is revitalizing and grounding and you are rewarded with an abundance of energy and clarity of mind. I find balance is always the key to living a fulfilling, healthy and happy life. Enjoy your journey.

Stop Bullying and Speak Up Quotes

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These are not only stop bullying quotes but motivational messages for the people who speak up and stand up against the bullying. These are not anti-bullying slogans but a new campaign against this hateful world. Bullying, it’s not something critical to others. To some, it had some distorted or tormented their lives. It starts for some in the household, to some, it only starts at the very beginning at school. It varies from one individual to another. However, the ones that can help with it are the teachers. Think about it, our parents are teachers too, they teach us on how to be good or how to behave in a proper manner. Teachers either police us or nurture us only because it’s for our own benefit. Bullying occurs not only in school but also in the workplace when we get older But the worst always is in school, because we have always had that mindset whereby to tell the teacher about the bully would end us up on the road that we would be shunned by others for being a teacher’s pet or whatever for the sake of blending in. Some bear witness and say nothing, some add on to the bullying and some continuously allow themselves to be bullied just to be accepted. Teachers are the police to the school because it’s very much like our society when we get older. The people, strangers meeting for the first time learning to get along or manipulate others to get along with happening at this stage in life. Teachers don’t just teach, they instill good values to the young one. We've either bullied or be bullied in school. To some, it’s nothing big, but to others it has ruined their lives and we must always help those who suffer from it due to that a child may show mild depictions of depression that may get full blown from prolong exposure. We send the young ones to school to learn in hopes that they are guaranteed a fighting chance at life in the future, so we can only hope so much that the teachers nurture these young souls, groom them into the better people of tomorrow. But when the teacher gets tired of a rowdy class, a noisy classes a disruptive one. What can they do? Isn’t the child shaped according to the parent? Should the basic good behavior be practiced and taught? But when the parent gets to know the child is bullied and no one stands up for him/her not even the teacher. What can we do? For starts, either responsible party not doing anything is the recipe for disaster.

Cyber bullying is another serious problem that just has to stop but unfortunately, probably won't because there will always be people out there who are rude, obnoxious and loud. So nice people need to be louder! There are a million things I want to say and do to bullies, or more appropriately called, cowards. But the one trend I have seen lately is a great tool genially used to comate bullying is called It's a micro-giving site where people donate small amounts to help others reach their goals. I have seen 3 bullying stories lately where others stepped up to help shut up the bullies and reach out to those bullies are attacking. Such a great idea to truly empower those being attacked! I hope she feels like a queen on her prom night and has a deserving guy to take her or walks in solo knowing her worth and feeling like a queen.
Stop Bullying Quotes

Stop Bullying Quotes and Sayings!

Just because someone has power does not mean they talk vulgar. People who belittle others and make a joke out of serious matters are the ones who suffer the most. Something traumatic must have really affected them in their life.

When did we stop teaching our children to stick up for themselves? We preach acceptance and telling adults but when that fails we need to teach them to defend themselves.

We got to start learning to voice our opinions without fear or favor. We need to stand up against the bullies. You might not realize or perhaps you choose to ignore it but we are being bullied today, all of us, by you know who. So it's up to you. Stand up against the bullies or suck it up, feel humiliated and suffer in silence.

Kids need to be taught that bullying is not acceptable and not an escape plan for all of the life's issues.

Bullying in any form, physical or emotional, from anyone at all, needs to stop. It doesn't make a difference whether it is a friend, partner, family member, at school or the workplace, mocking or harming people because of sexual orientation, abilities or disabilities, popular or not, how people speak, their personality , what clothes they wear, rich or poor, what they look like , big or skinny, short or tall etc.

Please stop bullying it's not nice and it means and makes people hurt deep inside. We have lost many beautiful souls due to this problem so before you act or speak think of what you’re doing to that person.

Words do hurt and if you don't stop with the words, someone you're bullying could kill themselves.

It goes without saying everyone has been in this situation at some point in our lives. We need to speak up and say something. If everyone said something nice to at least one person a day, every day, the change would be amazing. We need to do this for not only ourselves but the youth and kids of today.

One to stand up to bullies, but at the same time, it puts the blame on the bullied. Every situation of those who are bullied or those doing the bullying are not the same neither are the circumstances sometimes bullying is one on one, sometimes it is a large group against one. Children, even our teenage children don't have the maturity to see beyond their world are much smaller in their mind. Their world is always here and now.

You can stand up for yourself all day long but in most cases it won't stop anything you will still be lonely and shunned, which leads to a feeling if isolation, which leads to depression, which leads to despair , and can lead to self-hate and lack of self-worth ,and can spiral into self-destruction.

The bottom line is it is not the bullied fault or blame it is the fault of the bullies and that us where the blame should lie.

I cannot follow bullies regardless of my weakness, I will fight against it because this is my life and I will choose the way I want to live it. Even if I lost everything I will not give up on being myself.

I am so sick of hearing about bullying. There is NO such thing. The simple truth is that a bully will only go as far as the victim allows and if it clearly bothers them, it will continue and intensify.

No matter what you are reading, what you are hearing, what you are seeing, note that the devil takes every opportunity to stir up division among unity! If we open our eyes we will see the ugly spirit that's orchestrating a war between two races that we should've been so beyond in this day and age. Politics should never have the power to pull out such a deep level of hatred towards people you recently had zero issues with.

You have a bully you attempt to solve it peacefully if that doesn't work you punch them in the face. Soon as you stand up to them they stop.

Anyone who chooses to bully people is a coward trying to make themselves look and feel good, because deep down, they hate who they are. Bullying needs to stop.

Advice for Parents:

Parents, please speak with your children. Please, parents, stop teaching kids hate. I am not saying that you are teaching is purposely, but kids learn by actions, they learn by what they see on TV, video games and hear it in the music that listens to etc. So please limit their exposure, limit what you do in front of them. This streak needs to stop. Too many younger kids are going too soon because of bullying. Parents speak with your kids and try to help them if needed. Schools and the faculty stop ignoring the cries for help so your ratings are good.

Always take the time to get to know someone. Always be nice to whomever you meet, you never know their story or what they're going through. We all need to wake up and realize videoing fights and encouraging bullying whether it be cyber or physical, it is wrong and it needs to stop. We all have to do a better job of thinking before we speak. Words and actions really impact people more than we know. I encourage all parents to listen to your children. So many times we think bullying is hitting or slapping, an actual physical attack. It can be worded just spoken, not yelled, just spoken. Pay attention to your children. Those who are the bullies and deal with it, and those who tell you they are being bullied. It could change their lives.

People that are affected by bullies need to realize that it's not the outside influence that is the problem, or source of their discomfort, but their own lack of self-esteem, and lack of confidence that makes them feel the way they do. Life is full of people that try to knock you down, and the sooner you get past it, and realize that how you feel and respond to what happens to you is 100% up to you and fully within your control, the sooner you don't give a rats ass about what some bully says or does. And to parents who whine and try to protect their kids from the real world, you are not doing your kids any favors. You are raising them to be emotionally weak, and unable to face, or deal with adversity. How do you think that will work out for them when you're dead and buried, and they have to take care of themselves?

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Stop Bullying and Speak Up Now!

I am seeing allot of people get cyber bullied or even bullied elsewhere, I get it technology is changing and this is starting to get out of hand a bit, but you can stop or ignore it. What are words? Words are just sounds that we make that we understand right? You are reading this and you understand the words, but what if I was to write it in a language you didn't understand? Do you understand that? No? I guarantee you this is not keyboard mashing, this is an actual language! Now I could have said the worst thing ever about you something so mean it will bring anyone to tears. But you don't understand it; you don't know what sound this is if it was spoken to you. You would look at the person and walk away like they were crazy, and that's what the language you speak is, sounds that we understand. People have their opinions about you and put you down to make them feel bigger than you, trust me I have bullied people when I was younger and I regret that I have also been bullied before. My point is not to listen to the sounds that people make, it only sounds that we understand so stay strong make yourself happy, don’t care what anyone else thinks of you, they don't live your life, you and only you can choose what makes you happy. 

Spirituality Quotes and Sayings about Life

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Are you looking for spiritual inspiration? These quotes about spirituality will help you to purify your soul from the lust of this materialistic world. The law of attraction connects you to whatever you feel about yourself. This is why we must exert being positive in seeking energy. If you desire love, if you want to be happy, if you need peace in your life, these come from within FIRST. Then the Universe will see that which you are, what you are projecting, then those on the same vibration frequency as you become vivid in your life. You will come to know your purpose. You must be receptive to all things even when you feel unsure. Meditate on it, let your defenses down and the answers will appear in the most unlikely manner. Now it’s a chance for you to uplift your life by applying this spiritual quotes and sayings in your daily life.
Spiritual quotations

Good Spirituality Quotes about Life!

Spirituality is all about the energy, frequency, awareness, and vibration.

Do not worry if you do not know what to believe in. On the contrary, be glad that you do not know, for, in your state of not knowing if you can accept that you do not know, you become an open vessel for life to flow through. And then believing in something becomes irrelevant because you have your own true nature. You have pure reality. You can be yourself without pretense, anxiety or concern.

Manifest your reality to achieve your greatest version of you imaginable. Life is what you make it, so behold the beauty of your possibilities to the best of your ability.

The more you abide in awareness the more strength you gather. That strength then gets used for the energy wars out in the world.

Isn't it interesting that many people who live in relative solitude but who are surrounded by nature can sense that they're connected to everything, and so do not feel lonely, while those living in cities of millions of people tend to feel separate, isolated, and utterly alone?

Awakening is the purification of mind, body, emotions, energies, intuitions, numinous balance, and synchronistic understanding.

Being true to yourself can be difficult, but it becomes easy with practice. Being false to yourself can be easy, but it becomes difficult with practice.

Dancing is the best form of spirituality, emotion and motion, and it is also a great form of exercise. Dance every day you will lose weight and feel happy. By the way, dancing for Native Americans is the best form of communication. It requires no words but the sounds you make fills you with awe.

It's not really new age or science discoveries. It's ancient knowledge.

Your power, your strength, and your beauty are all unique and special. Own this divine truth.
The unconditioned is the deeper essence of yourself. Conditioning is not your trust vibration. Yourself is wisdom-vibration, freedom-vibration, peaceful-vibration. Fears are memories that are in motion. You are unconditional. You are unconditioned. You are unconditional spirit source.

Every challenge in life is only for the self-contraction to be penetrated deeper, to keep one awake.
There is no solution is the mind, so stop thinking about it and just flow, and the answers come spontaneously and effortlessly from the Spirit-Nature of being.

Every human has a spiritual core inside the body that carries the key to every problem you currently face in your life.

The universe created all the planets for a reason, something beyond science. Everything is interconnected. The more your heart opens the more subtle things you will feel. You will feel the skies and the planets and the stars and you will hold everything in your heart.

The meditation is to deepen what we talked about so that it goes even deeper inside of you.

What you speak comes into Existence. If you speak from the Spirit, it will manifest because a physical matter is only Spirit in disguise. What you say from the backstage of your soul will appear upon the stage of your life. What you speak becomes the reality-experience of yourself. Through yourself you experience everything.

Meditation is ever-present penetration of the self-contraction, effortlessly because of What-Is.
What creates our thoughts has what created the universe. It can be known, but not with the English language. It's more ancient than any of the world's languages. It's the center of this Silence.

You don't think so you don't need to think or get identified with thought. You could think or you could just flow and be.

No one has more power than the light of awareness.

You can only do what you're talking about to stay in your center, by being empty. When you are empty, everything is fine. Don't think that this emptiness is some kind of dead state. It’s not at all! It is universal, in fact. When are you empty of what? Empty of you, of your conditioning, of the idea you have of who you are, when you become empty. The whole purpose of Spirituality, in its truest sense, its truest light, is to bring you back to the state of neutrality, to be empty. When you're empty, you can begin to feel the presence of God and the spontaneity of Existence.

The society keeps you imprisoned through preventing self-love and sending the message that you are not good enough or something.

Be prepared today will be an interesting one energetically. Don't let others overpower you with their energy. The wars are on anchor in being. Root in consciousness.

You have the power and it starts with your thoughts, you must remove all negativity, all doubt and worries from your mind in order for your power to work. It starts with your thoughts, then you visualize, and then you react. The law of attraction is real and as cliché as it sounds. Don't always play it safe, don't get comfortable being comfortable. Control your thoughts.

You waste energy by over thinking it. Instead, just go all out and experience life. Live the moment to its fullest because the moment is you.

The answer you are looking for or maybe the closer you are looking for from someone else or even yourself, you may not get it so stop holding onto it and allowing it to hinder you from being the women or men you need to be.

Minds with greater thinking do greater things. This is because they were able to dictate their conscious thinking through their subconscious mind with relatively super conscious control.

Watch your thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, perceptions, images, sensations, and stillness will merge with silence.

If you are struggling with emptiness in your life, I highly encourage you to reevaluate your spirituality.

You need just enough uncertainty to mix with intention. In that balance, there is a potion, an elixir of life that if you drink it will live forever. The only stipulation is if you drink it you will die. And that is the ecstasy of it; you must die to come to live. You must die to the past, due to the outdated vibrations.

Your Faith transforms ordinary you into the special person you are becoming.

You can break through every single fear because it's that which is fearless in you, which blow through as fearless light.

Astrology is about experiencing cosmic consciousness and oneness with that very realization and experience. You are the universe, not just pretending it.

It's not your responsibility for others healing or journey. You have to let go and forgive them and know that life was given to them by God and therefore their journey is between them and God.

Education is entertainment, distraction from the struggle to surrender. The mushroom depicted in the Satyr image, at the right side of the female figure, is a quicker way.

Our Soul is our unique core essence whereas Spirit is what we all have in common, it is the pure white light, the silent void of emptiness.

at a stage in life, the human brain was without form and foundation and needed to be loaded with facts about the life which he/she find him/her selves. Now the facts which are being imputed into the newly infant brain which was originally a tabula rasa with its familiar nature of incorporated knowledge of emptiness, facts and values provided goes a long way to shaping the totality of the existence of the toddler. The facts could be positive and negative and the methods of imputing these facts could either be physical or spiritual. physicality entail the social political and environmental/cultural learning processes while spirituality involves the mode of belief and the patterns of attaining those said objectives which physicality proclaim through the striving force between supernatural and natural struggle in other to benefit from the abundance of the earth and its aftermath i.e. the eternity. Our parents were expected to be our guidance but by supreme Grace of God Almighty until we can be fully aware still by his grace. This is not just a mere psychological games but the writer state of mind.

Many people don't understand the secret to live license of divine enrichment and smooth sail to live possibility, just free your mind from hate and embrace love.

We are all one. It is only thinking that separates us.

The challenges and obstacles come to strengthen you so that you can stand stronger in the real.

The choice of life we live will most times determine what next in a life. What goes up must surely come down.

We are diluted. If we weren't so disconnected from nature within ourselves, imagine how much we could be amplified by city-life instead - we're addicted to this perceived opportunity. Mercifully, nature awaits us at every edge of every city and on the border of each moment along the outskirts of ego and flashy things.

The study of the natural behavior of mankind's' and their choice making is one of the central themes of politics with religion revealed their spiritual operation.

The world is separated into two entities the light and the darkest part of it, each led to the force of natural life of human faith fullness and emptiness. inadvertently supply us the goodness of life base on the philosophy that govern the separate world of this two school of human entanglement proclaimed but the two have their resultant ending which their apologist have confidently supply us the bases at which ingredients of life certification can be harness. But working in the light can seem to be optional but preferable to nothing else.

In the false self, there are many fears. But in the true self, there are none.

One need courage, satisfaction, perseverance and constant application of life principle in other to become great and somebody in life. Your destiny is not tied to anyone dictation. We all have a choice don't belittle yourself in any way.
Fear is normal but love is natural.

The inner wisdom within you understands that every moment of life is naturally making you wiser - which mean you are detached, you are in a place of witnessing because you know more is happening behind the scenes then what may be appearing with the eyes.

What awakens is what has been awake for eternity. So, in a way, awakening is not about becoming something, it's about being that which you truly are; the eternal awakened needs at the core of yourself. Self is Being; Being is Self.

There is gold hidden in the soul. You just have to dig for it.

Awareness is the beauty, awareness is the power, and awareness is the love. You will become aware that your life and existence is a gift to itself and you are the infinite and unspeakable ecstasy behind all these words.

You are not what society has told you that you are. You are what your own Self-Discovery has shown you. You are not what anyone else's experience says you are, you are only what your own experience of yourself is. You are your own understanding.

Insomnia is not a problem. Being asleep is your problem. Wake up first then you will notice that only the body sleeps, not you.

You can learn more from simply observing, the world around you in a single hour, you can understand secret teachings, in a single hour than a lifetime of reading books. Life wants to show you its secrets. Life itself is a teaching, adventuring into its own discovery, its own joy of wisdom. You just have to look and see with subtle eyes. The vision will come. That vision reveals your true self. That self is life.

You do not have to worry because you are not worried. You are a spirit.

The wonders of the world is beneath your feet, there is no gainsaying I can't achieve something all that is require of you is to tap from the genie of your subconscious with greater monitoring of your actions and don't forget to commit all to God, course of powers that are somehow beyond our handling then the sky won't just be your limit but a starting point.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. Don't worry about things. Let life guide into even deeper understandings of yourself and the universe. Remember life is a spiritual adventure and this universe, we take it for granted, but its vast and mysterious and you are here for a reason.

Something deep inside of you is always awake. It's the fourth state. It's awake, and it watches the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep happen. It just watches, so you are going to have insomnia if you spiritually awaken because once you truly wake up, you will never go back to sleep.

Our mind is an estate of both success and failure it all depends on how you plan to build it.

Allow yourself to meet up with all of the wonderful fairy tales like experiences that life will yield to you when you feel the way you'd feel if that stuff you want is here now. Grasping and yearning are certainly indicators that you are not recognizing the presence of what you want. But for a while, it can be felt but not seen. And as long as we are ok just feeling it for a while, it has to manifest, so why not.

Spiritual Healing!

Only you know the truth about yourself, once you understand that, in the depths of your soul, through the experience of adventure and exploration into this Great universe, you will come to know that no one can define you, except yourself, so whatever people say will no longer affect you in the same old way, because a deep strength and wisdom will be yours, that no one can take away. Even if the whole world disagrees or turns against you, it won't matter because you have learned to never turn away from yourself. Your very journey and listening, and trust turned you towards yourself. It is the ultimate risk - but the greatest life possible. You then become what the sages call as "Master" of life. It is your life, and you make it what it is. You awaken.

Those feelings are coming up to the surface because they are supposing to because they have a space to come up - that space is Awareness. Awareness is that space - that space is love, goodness, beauty, compassion. Just out of relaxation healing happens by itself as a natural process of the soul. You are purity and you are making yourself more and more known to yourself - it's all happening exactly as it should be. Just be when meditation happens and out of being, everything will unfold miraculously on a subtle level and everything will connect and make sense because you are self-illuminating universal and divine intelligence.