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The energy hidden in motivational quotes gives us strong encouragement to start our day with more courage at the workplace, boost up your business with a new thought, remove barriers from broken relationships and step forward in every field of life. These brainstorming quotes are full of life lessons for you and for your kids. Those who have straight hair, curl their hair and those who have curly hair, straighten it. Some wish to move out of their home and those who left their home can't wait to go back. Single people want to be in a relationship and those in a relationship want to be single again. Some take pills to make sure they don't get pregnant and others take pills to get pregnant. Skinny people want to gain weight and overweight people wish they were skinny. Those who have jobs hate their jobs and unemployed wish for those very same jobs. Poor people wish they were rich and rich people wish they could enjoy simple things just like the poor. Famous people try to hide from being seen and typical people wish they could be seen. People with dark skins wish they had light skins, and those with light skins tan to look dark. However, nobody knows! Nobody knows that the only key to happiness is knowing what we have, and just enjoying it.

I just want to see other people succeed in life. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad cause all that is irrelevant to me and a waste of my thinking. I don’t care if I gain nothing. I don’t give up on people either until they give up on themselves. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing a friend go through a struggle and then build themselves up and find joy in life again. It's beautiful. Life is about the people, not the possessions. If anyone ever needs a chat, you know who to reach.
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Motivational Quote of the Day!

A lot of us already know what it takes to be successful but we are just lazy. If the work is hard, just work harder. Every day you waste is another day some will be ahead of you.

Nothing is permanent in this material mortal world. Not happiness or sorrows. We all shall return to our Lord.

People who have everything doesn't know the value but who don’t have they know how it feels and they don’t hesitate to help when they found similar to them.

Life is not a competition but we all need to push and realized success has to be earned.
Do not become that person who gives, only to make themselves feel better.

Life is too short for experimentation. We must get a lesson from others experiments.

You get to a point in life where you like what u like and don't what you don't. And that's the way it is.

Sometimes the very thing we need has already been given to us, we just overlook it because we're still waiting to get what we want.

Never ask a woman her secrets. You'll either find out something you don't want to know or learn that she won't share them. Not even with you.

If y'all don't plan on being together forever, you're just leasing that person. After your term is up, somebody else gets to drive them.

Albert Einstein would wear the same type of clothing each day to minimize the amount of thought required to pick out clothes.

There is a consequence for everything that we do; even the good things. Be mindful of this.

I live my life with no regrets. But if I had a second chance, there are a few things I might have done differently.

When you get frustrated because they're not paying enough attention to you: Keep in mind; we now live in a society who has managed to shorten? If it’s not you, it’s us.

A relation never last long because of love and care but it last for longer because of the stubbornness of two people to be together, to fight for each other and to let go things happen between them, so never let that stubbornness die in your relationship.

Some people thrive on chaos and confusion. If things are too calm, they find a way to create waves. Don't be like them. Life is already tough enough as it is.

If I had a dollar for every time I didn't feel like waking up but still did. We don't know how blessed we truly are.

Don't be afraid to remove yourself from things in life that no longer serve you. This doesn't mean they didn’t serve some purpose, but remember everything in life has its due season. Seasons change. We don't wear winter coats in the summertime; we put them away until it is their season again, or we get new coats.

You can't be yourself until you know yourself, and you won't know yourself until you find yourself.

Half the people who always complain about being single and not having a date are actually co-dependent on being lonely and thrive on the fact that there is no one out there for them. If they actually did meet the right person they wouldn't know what to do with themselves for they would then lose their edge. Don't believe me? Ask them on a date. They don't want anybody. They just like the attention they get when they complain about it.

Every relationship we begin, whether personal or otherwise will either last forever or end in due time.
We never know the true value of certain things in our life until they are no longer there.

Pain is our body's natural method of letting us know when something is wrong. So don't fear pain; welcome it so that you may learn from it, and hopefully never return to it.

You can tell a lot about a person based on how they tilt their head the same in every picture.

You are the captain of your dream vessel. You are the conductor of your own orchestra. You are the hedge trimmer of your own mental topiary. You are the bowling pin setter of your own vague, overly complex, poorly constructed metaphor.

A thought of the day!

Some want to become rich, others want to become successful at school or at their job and work hard day and night that forget to live. I think the best place to understand life fully and live it in the right way is not the school nor the work field, but the cemetery. Students learn their lesson from their teachers at school (older and experienced) a new employee gets experience and learns from the manager or the boss (older and experienced) but all those are still living and not old enough as dead people. Here are buried the bodies of the hardest workers and the laziest people of all time. Here are buried both the rich and the poor, those who spend all their time trying to achieve and those who enjoyed their time to the maximum. Here you can learn that your time is limited. Here you can learn that nothing matters except being and making those around you happy by having a clean conscience, good health, hope, peace, and honesty. Looking at those who already passed away will teach you how you should live the rest of your life and the keyword knowing that you're still alive and you still have the chance to live it right is saying Thank God.

I don't have many things to complain about. Life is far from perfect, but that's the beauty of it. Hope is what drives me, Faith is what sustains me, and Truth is what keeps me human. It's going to be a prosperous week people. Belief that.

Things don't always go as we intend, but as long as you keep a positive attitude and don't allow yourself to be distracted by the waves of life, the universe tends to unfold as it should.

The thing about people is; they don't change much. What does change is the way we perceive them.

Breaking our word to others can eventually merit us a negative report on the bank of credibility, just like failure to pay a bill can eventually lower your credit score. If you tell someone you're going to do something: do it! Life is hard with bad credit.

Some women love as if they will never leave you. But then they leave as if they have never loved you.

I never regret anything because at the end of the day you always learn something new whether it be you can trust no one you can give so much and receive nothing in return or not everyone loves you the same way you love them and there's also the positive which is not everyone is the same.

Shout out to all the parents that stick together. It's important for kids to have both parents growing up. We seem to have forgotten that.

Stop leading people on and allowing them to be confused about your intentions! If you don't want a certain something to certain people, just say that. Your inability to do so only reveals how immature you really are. You like the attention.

Y'all can keep those misguided girls. To me, there's nothing attractive than a virtuous woman. A woman who challenges me to be better as a man!

Remember that change will not happen overnight and it cannot happen with one person.

Part of becoming an adult is learning to tell the truth. Lies keep us in the dark. The truth will shed light. Lies keep us in captivity. The truth sets us free. Kids lie. They lie because they are afraid to get in trouble. We are adults. Why do we have to lie? We're grown. Stop lying and grow up.

A lot of times I catch people looking at me strangely. It doesn't bother me, though. I imagine they are a bit taken back when they actually get to witness a person who doesn't really care what people think about them. It’s like seeing a beast that isn't in captivity. That can be a life-changing experience for anyone.

Sometimes we feel lonely even though we're surrounded by a lot of people like the moon feels so lonely even though it's surrounded by millions of stars. It's an opaque body while the stars are sparkling flames of fire. All we need is a person like a sun; a person who no matter how different, can understand us and automatically they'll do their best to light us up, so our smile will be a reflection of their light.

A person who wants you in their life will put you there. You will not need to force, or coerce nor convince them to include you. You will just exist there naturally, without effort.

Don't be upset if they're taking too long to catch the hint, or if they can't figure out what you're trying to convey by the way you've been acting lately. Maybe they're slow.

We have to be mindful of how we deal with people. We never know what a person is dealing with or struggling to overcome at any given time. Maybe we don't care because it doesn't directly affect us. A person who doesn't wish to make another person’s life harder than it already is is one who has encountered a considerable amount of difficulty in their own lives. Those who don't consider such things have likely had it easy and have yet to face any real adversity yet.

When you've been done wrong in a relationship you must refrain from becoming a victim of the usual isolation, self-loathing and depression that follow when you end up getting played. The best medicine is self-reparation. Buy nice things for yourself. Treat yourself well. Do well at work. Save money. Hang out with people you love. Stay single for a while. Next time they see you, they're going to be sick to their stomach. And you're not going to give a shit. Just like they didn't give a shit when they played you! The best way for you to hurt them is for you to help you.

I'm just a girl who feels too much sometimes is enthusiastic about everything in life and puts in 100% into everything I do. Into friendships, into work, into my home, my relationship, everything and when I don't see those results right away I sometimes gets down on myself. I wonder am I being the best friend I can be. Should I be eating better? Working harder? Succeeding more? Being a better girlfriend? A better cook, A cleaner person, Stronger, A better coach, A better photographer, Man oh man. It can get very overwhelming than I think, STOP you are doing the best you can. You are human. Committing a mistake is part and parcel of going through life. We all learn as we go through with the process and it's somehow a product of our innocence. On the other hand, to commit the same mistake sounds like intentional but then again, it's pretty forgivable. But to commit the same mistake thrice, four times and so on. So yes, it came with a warning and with the virtue of the courage we took as we gambled into committing the same old mistake; it is right and proper for us to face its consequences. We opted not to digest its lessons so there - we'll learn it the hard way. We as humans are not perfect; we were never made to be perfect. We make mistakes; we cannot compare ourselves to anyone but ourselves. So it's okay to say the wrong thing, forget to make that phone call, forget to throw a load of laundry in the dryer, miss out on the gym, mess up a meal, it’s OK.

Motivational Quotes to Help Quit Smoking

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Do you need some inspiration and motivation help to quit smoking and start working out? Check out our great collection of motivational quotes to quit smoking cigarettes while pregnant! I also added some great inspirational images about quit smoking that you may post on your Facebook or Instagram, these photo quotes will remind your mission whenever you crave for a cigarette. I loved smoking it was like a good friend, always there. I tried everything to quit, cut back and made it difficult to get to the cigarettes, I never said I was going to quit too final. I just said to myself I am not buying cigarettes today and I took it day by day. I bought life savers in place of them, before you know it two weeks went by and I couldn't believe I didn't have a cigarette that was my story. If it worked for me it could work for you.
Quit smoking Today

Motivational Quit Smoking Quotes from ex-smokers!

1- Before I really struggled with anxiety, now I am much more level with my moods. I used to have to budget for smokes, now I can buy what I want. I get to actually enjoy events now instead of always hiding outside somewhere for a smoke. My confidence has skyrocketed.

2- I am more in tune with saving money. It's funny when I think about it. I was never worried too much about not having enough money for a jug of milk, but when I found myself short a dime, for a pack of smokes, I would go crazy and look all over for that stupid ten cents. I think we can all relate.

3- I am so happy my car and I do not stink! I never smoked in my home. I'm happy I will be saving the money to treat myself to special things. I don't have to walk away or sit away from my non-smoker friends and family at events. I'm not wheezing at night as much. I'm not contributing to the ailments that come from smoking. I could go on and on.

4- You can do it, just think of how sick smoking makes you feel. I feel like looking at gross cigarette cancer pictures, remembering the bad smell on clothes and the long white ash kind of helps me cope with the idea of not smoking.

5- I have been smoking-free for 3 months. Everything feels great and breath is appreciated by me. For the 1st time in 12 years of a pack a day smoking I realized the true meaning of living now. I’m very thankful for my best decision for myself. The last 3 months wasn't very easy without a smoke and I know it will not be. But the pleasure that I'm getting from my smoke-free living is priceless but now I m ready to give up any addiction for such great feeling and dignity.

6- My family needs me: I am the sole breadwinner, and my family depends on me emotionally and financially. I can't think for only myself, my family must come first.

7- My hair still has the pleasant smell of my favorite conditioner for 2 days and I'm not worried my clients might think I stink. Mostly I just love that I no longer walk around with a stinky cancerous cigarette in my hand. It really is very unattractive looking, especially as one age! Also, I'm glad I don't have to be anti-social with my non-smoker friends when we are at a restaurant together, you know those shameful moments when you need to excuse yourself to leave the table and go outside in the cold to feed your horrible little monster addiction. If you think about it, it's anti-social, pathetic and very unattractive.

8- I quit smoking and starting using the gym membership I have been paying for but not using. So I start saving money and getting healthy would be my reasons especially as I am very close to 60 years old these days and would like to see the 80's.

9- Changes in my health gave me the power to quit. So if you need to make a choice of getting better or getting worse which one would you choose. You have good days and bad days, but the good day outweighs the bad. The bottom line is that you have to want to do it.

10- I'm breathing a lot better. I can go three flights of stairs at school and not be gasping for breath. I can actually run a longer distance without having to stop and try to breathe. I think I'm more of a calm person, I don't get agitated as easy and my anxiety isn't like it use to be and then there's obvious I don't stink or have nasty breath.

11- I can say no smoking is definitely life changing! I’m wonderful ways. I am less stressed and I seem to have more time on my hands which I’m a busy mother so I didn’t think that was possible. I had no idea how hard this really is but I love a challenge and I’m stubborn and don’t like to be told what to buy cigarettes or anything else. I can take a wonderful deep breath and I feel like I quit before it did major damage to my body. I feel like I can have a healthy beautiful life now.

12- Fewer mood swings, my breathing is much better, circulation has improved, more money, clean clothes and the list goes on.

13- Something you can try. Just put your smokes somewhere where you actually have to get up and walk to get them. That's what I did at first. After a while, put them further and further away from you. Another tip is to remember that you actually quit every day when you go to bed. Mark Twain once said giving up smoking was easy, he himself had done it a thousand times, and he was quite right. If you work it out, you'll have quit a thousand times in a bit less than three years. All you have to do is stay quiet!

Encouraging Words for Someone Trying To Quit Smoking

  • As long as you have the desire to quit, you will do it. It may take some time for your mind to overpower your addiction the want to quit will help. Be kind to yourself you are human and keep the good fight going.
  • Keep your life as simple as possible right now. Pray or does something that makes you feel relaxed. I'm going to reward myself for every two days I don't smoke and I'm not making my life complicated right now.
  • Remember that with each puff you lose precious time of your life. You deserve better, you deserve to live smoke-free. Stay strong, you’re tough.
  • Sometimes when we try too hard, when we put too much pressure on ourselves, we set ourselves up to fail. Don't put the whole weight of the world o your ability to quit. Take it one thing at a time, focus on quitting and then focus on changing your diet when you're secure in your quit. Those are two huge undertakings and they both take a lot of work.
  • You won't have to go back to day one. Your body will not revert all the way back from one day. Good, you tore them up. Just carry on like it didn't happen.
  • You have a strong desire to quit and stay quit. That’s most important. Setbacks don't have to kill yourself, stay close to your decision no matter what and give it all to God and you will win the fight.
  • Look at your cravings like a rattlesnake if you hear the rattle of the snake you will not pick the snake up and kiss it the urges and cravings are the rattles do not touch the snake rattle.
  • Your desire to succeed is what generates in you the force to succeed. Don't conclude yet that you are a failure so far as you never quit. Look beyond your present obstacles on your way and see victory.
  • You shouldn't feel any worse without it. You were in withdrawal the entire time, as it doesn't stop cravings, it just blocks the nicotine from satisfying you so that eventually you don't want the smokes cause they do nothing for you anyway. You will do great without it because as far as cravings go, you've already been doing that on your own.
  • You can hate this uncomfortable moment or you can hate that you smoked, right after you put it out. You know that's how you're going to feel.
  • The nicotine is out of your system and your system is yelling. Don't have to do it again. Sleep through it if you have to, or roll around in bed if you have insomnia.

Motivational quotes about quit smoking for pregnant ladies!

  1. You're doing a great job! The fact that you quit during your pregnancies says a lot. It says you're a strong woman who loved your kids before you even met! Hang in there, tough momma! You've got this!
  2. It's your nicotine monster dying; he lets off these signals because he's getting weaker and needs nicotine. Let him die, let go, he's of no use to you.
  3. Have faith in the fact that your body does not need tobacco to live well. Have hope in achieving your goal. Do it for the love of you.
  4. Find something to focus your mind to. It's in your mind. It's war between the good in you and smoking spirit. Rebuke the thoughts.
  5. Nicotine permeates every ounce of your body. And even smoking while pregnant it gets into the fetus. There is no good way to smoke. There is no harmless way to smoke. And we are a product of our environment. The good news is you quit.

One of the things that kept me smoking for so long was that I love smokers. Smokers make great conversationalists mostly because they don't move. You can find them in the same place no matter how bad the weather is or the time of day. You know who I love more than smokers? People trying to quit smoking! They take all of the great conversation and add empathy and hope. Quitting smoking is, for me, ultimately about hope. It is the hope to have a better day than yesterday. It is the hope that I have value and that the rest of my life is worth fighting for. My best advice for anyone would be to try really hard to ignore the withdrawal symptoms and focus instead on things you can do now that you don't smoke. Brush your teeth, read a book, kiss a little longer, just whatever. Things you like. Then it won't seem so bad.

There is no need to beat yourself up, or make yourself feel bad. This is a terrible addiction and anything you can do to cut back will help. Stopping all together is preferred, but the nicotine is not the worst part, it is all the other poisons you are getting and passing along. Try some type of replacement if your Dr agrees to it. Patches only give you Nicotine, and that is much preferred to all the rest. Good job on cutting back. Figure out what you want to do.

Funny Snapchat Captions Ideas for Selfies

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Just stop here and enjoy the most hilarious snapchat captions ideas for your cute selfies. Do you hate it when people on snap chat put a whole paragraph as their caption and they just put like 3 seconds for that story or when people put a video on snapchat with the caption ''wait for it'' and so you wait for it but you shouldn't have because it’s still not funny? Since I hate Snapchat it has kind of became a game at work to Snapchat candid pictures of me to other employees. Usually, this makes me rather upset but I have to admit this one taken by one of the baggers today was actually hilarious, even if the caption is inaccurate. I hate when people take a selfie of themselves in snapchat with a caption saying what they are doing for the day! I don't give a notice! That is what Facebook is for, quit blowing up my Snapchats with dumb snapchats, if you're going to send a snapchat makes sure it's funny and or original I don't want to see what you had for dinner last night and or breakfast this morning!
funny selfie captions for Snapchat

Funny Snapchat Captions for Selfies!

  1. After sending out probably the greatest snapchat of all time yesterday, I sent out a crappy one this morning. I hate when I forget to put a caption.
  2. I really hate when people post selfies on an app like Facebook that was originally taken on snapchat and the black caption bar is still on it.
  3. I want to be a counselor but when someone tells me their problems I seriously can't stop thinking about what they told me and how they must be feeling, it really does affect me more than people think.
  4. I dropped my phone then smacked my head on the draw when I went to pick it up.
  5. If you snapchat me with just your face and no caption every single minute of every single day I probably hate your guts.
  6. I hate when people be like "I’m still trying to figure out how snapchat works" what’s there to figure out? Just take a picture or video, write a caption, and post it on your story or send it to someone.
  7. When girls taking pictures of people on snapchat and laugh about it after putting a caption it make me hate you all.
  8. I know what people are thinking I'm not saying I'm psychic but I'm psychic.
  9. Hi my only boyfriend, I know this is kind of weird for you but I need to tell you something. It’s very important I have an addiction and it is watching your snapchat videos every single day okay now let's get the real dirt.
  10. I hate getting snapshot’s from people when they're driving in the snow with the caption "I'm going to die!!" Well, I'd have to say you're right.
  11. Don't ignore me for days then start talking to me again like nothing happened it doesn't work that way.
  12. If you want your relationship to last longer don't cry out the problems you face in the relationship to everyone because people have different opinions and it's going to bother you so much than the actual problem itself.
  13. Your Snapchat paragraphs make me do happy; you mean the world to me. I will always be there for you and never leave you. I love you so freaking much; you've never left me or replaced me. You always know what to say its and it’s so sweet.
  14. I'm the type of person who will watch where I'm going and still walk into a wall or something.
  15. My family ate dinner which they didn't leave for me and now they're complaining because I ordered pizza!
  16. I hate it when someone sends the same snapchat every day but with a different caption.
  17. I'm not scared of the people I talk to, I'm scared of the people who talk to the people I talk to.
  18. There will always be someone who's being a star in your life and if you're a blind that's a terrible thing.
  19. I hate when girls say all the boys are the same like if you tried all of them?
  20. First of all its love but in the last few weeks, it’s a crazy unhealthy addiction. They don’t love you if they put you down to others and call you psycho and they certainly don't love you if they have another woman waiting in the wings. As long as they are happy that’s all that matters to them. Do I sound bitter? No, not at all, I just realized my head was not fully screwed on at the time and while I knew this person it never would be.
  21. You can only hack me if I trust you and post something cute, so who wants to hack me?
  22. I feel sorry for my future girlfriend because she's going to wake up to too many weird texts.
  23. Snapchat isn't built for people with short term memory problems.
  24. I hate snapchat. I'll send a picture with a caption. Get a reply and have no idea what I sent last and consequently, no idea what they're on about.
  25. You can stay out of this or I'm going to get your mom's number and she'll be getting balls if you know what I mean.
  26. I swear I'm about to throw my phone at my brother's head.
  27. I hate Facebook friend limit. I hate Instagram picture size limit. I hate Twitter word limit. I hate Snapchat caption limit.
  28. So you complain about what someone posts on their Facebook but you refuse to delete them?
  29. To save you the trouble of going on Snapchat there's just everyone taking selfies with the caption either saying "Oh I had the best first days as a freshman" or "I hate high school kills me now" You are Welcome.
  30. When you're talking to someone and everything's going fine until they ask for a picture like we just met on social media flick through my uploads and hit like button.
  31. I hate when you send a snapchat and forget to write the caption so no one knows what I just sent.
  32. I Hate when girls put photos on their stories on snapchat when they are cooking food and the caption is "how am I single" the food has nothing to do with it. It’s just because you're a total mad really.
  33. I hate when people send you snapchats with captions applying to other people. So you just end up staring at the picture wondering what the hell it means.
  34. I hate when people snapchat me and include a caption, yet they only allow 2 or 3 seconds to see it. I can't read that freaking fast. Stop rubbing it in.
  35. Let me take you out not to dinner but on a lovely trip, 6 feet under.
  36. If you weren't there for me when I needed you, don't you dare cry when I die, don't you dare come to my funeral and don't you dare say a word.
  37. I suggest not starting mess with me, with my friends and with my family because I'm already messed off enough and I swear in the end you'll be sorry for what you said or what you did.

I hate when people get on someone's snapchat and take a picture with the caption "hacked". That's the most annoying thing ever. You're obviously not hacking. It’s an unintelligent swine.

I hate Snap chatting sometimes man, look if you going to Snapchat with me, take some ill photos of something, make a funny face and add a red caption, don’t take a picture of the wall, or your carpet, or your elbow and try to start a conversation. Snapchat isn’t for everybody, stop treating the next social network like the last, that’s social networks dies out fast by stupid people. Does anyone else get pointless selfies on snapchat that doesn't even have captions on it? I hate when people snapchat themselves at a certain unnamed food establishment with the caption "I really need to stop having this". Ok. Why are you telling me this? What do you expect me to do, jump through the phone, shove my hand down your throat and pull the Big Mac out of your stomach?

This is probably going to sound extremely contradicting as I'm writing this online but if I don't write it here no one will see it. I hate the Internet, I hate that it's such a priority in our lives and that some people can't live without their daily dose of Facebook or other social media sites, some people are so wrapped up in being online that they miss the beauty of spending time with people and being out. Personally, I could live without social media, easy - at the end of the day why would you rather be sat sharing posts about goals, why don't you close your laptop, turn off your phone, work hard and actually enjoy the precious moments life has to offer, life is short and what's the point of living it if you're spending half of your time looking at a screen. I can't deny that yes it feels like an addiction as if you cannot live without it but it you tried to you can and I promise you it feels so much better. What's the point of going out and being around people if you're all just going to sit there and not talk, it winds me up when I'm in the company of someone and they've literally come round to spend time with me but they just sit there and snapchat other message other people? Why are you here if you aren’t going to talk to me? This is a pointless statement but I just need to rant and I hope that if any of you read this; please make the most of the time you have with people if you put the Internet before the company you're in then don't be surprised when they finally get sick of it and leave. Making memories is an important thing, do it while you can.

Cute Summer Quotes Captions for Instagram Photos

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Could you spend your summer without selfies? No way, everyone likes to add summer fun photos on the Instagram with cute captions. On this page you will discover a lot of funny summer quotes, you are welcome to use these quotations on your summer pictures as a caption.

Dear winter, I am saddened to have to tell you this but we are breaking up. I'd already felt myself drifting away last year when you came to visit, as you no longer make me happy. In my unhappiness, I've found a new season which I am more attracted to, it's summer. Summer is warm and inviting, kind and gentle. I fell in love with the way he warmly caresses my skin. Summer is much hotter than you and more fun, your coldness towards me has become a problem as you've become too frigid, insensitive and just boring. Summer has brought me shining warmth; he takes me for beautiful walks on the beach to watch the sunset and much more. Summer is hot and on fire, not cold and frigid like you. We once shared a beautiful love and I will always love you, only in a different way now. I thank you for the wonderful memories that we've shared together, but I won't promise that I'll think of you sweetly if I think of you at all. As for now we must part ways.

I think it's time to call it quits, I admit, in the beginning, I was pretty into you. After a humid summer and uneventful fall, you felt like a breath of fresh air. It was nice to spend so many evenings curled up on the couch with my favorite movies. Because of you, I rekindled my love for hot chocolate. I even marveled at your falling snow. The Holidays were amazing the parties, Instagram pictures at the beach selfies with friends, the food, and the gifts. I know it would not have been the same without you, but it's time to move on and I think you know why. For one thing, I'm tired of you dictating what I should wear. I'm over trudging around in boots. Wool makes me itch and I grow weary of sweaters. I have my own sense of style. I want to wear dresses. I want to wear anything that makes me look like a woman instead of an androgynous lump. What's more, my friends hate you. I'm constantly hearing about your coldness, your bitterness and how your presence depresses everyone. I'm tired of canceled plans because you're around. My family even suggests moving back to North Carolina just to be free of you. I don't want to hurt your feelings, after all, we've been through. I'm just ready for a change. So please, please stop tapping on my windows. Stop meeting me at the door when I leave for work in the morning. I know something better is right around the corner if I could just break free from you.
Funny summer captions for photos

Cute Summer Love Quotes and Captions for the Instagram!

Summer is the time of year when so many lovebirds are starting to plan out their gardens.

I seriously hate winter! There is nobody in the world that gets up and walks outside and says yes I'm freezing off and I love it! So if we could just cancel all the winter weather and skip to summer with shorts and flip flops that would be fantastic!

I like to start my summer from a beach and other like to buy summer suits for me.

Fun in summer is one hobby that I love to start very early in the year, as it really stirs up my interest for the season.

Dear winter, I think we need to be separated the rest of our lives. I hate your cold & rain. I love summer and I will hate you forever winter.

I love beaches and I cannot wait to get up there this summer and play volleyball and the rest of our familiar games. It would appear we are going to have to include some new games to play at the beach with friends as well.

Dear summer, I love you and want you to come back right now, as I hate winter; it makes me want to cry.

If there's one thing I could point out to do in summer, it's to take selfies for Facebook and Instagram in large masses.

If you drove by a coastline and saw 100,000 girls, it would be quite enticing to stop in and stay for a while.

Dear summer, can you please hurry up with yourself. I hate the snow, I hate winter, and I would love to go to the beach, tan again and post my memories on the Instagram with captions.

Dear winter, I hate everything about you other than Christmas, hot chocolate, and thanksgiving. Go away forever and bring me back summer.

I have a thousand reasons to love the summer. Parties, water sports, friends gathering, tan, holidays but nothing matches up to the drunken girls leaving very little to the mind's eye.

Dear summer, you have just begun and I already hate you. Please go away and send your cousin, winter back. I like him better.
Dearsummer I love you

Dear Mother Nature, Have you not heard how much I hate winter and cold weather? If possible, can we get back to the heat of the summer which I love? I cannot take this anymore! Thank you.

Dear summer, Please don't go. I love you and hate winter. I'll never ever complain about it being too hot again if you don't go.

I am counting the days to warm weather and wearing my flip flops with socks just in case the temps get up to 60. I do not enjoy the cold weather at all.

Dear winter please let summer come! I hate the cold weather you bring! Summer is awesome. I want to go swimming so bad and tanning and going on the roof with my best friend, fun times. Summer I love you. Please come quick!

Dear winter, go away I hate you. You’re cold and dark and gross. Bring your friend summer in for a visit.

From my heart: Dear Winter, I hate you, always have. Go away, I will not miss you, I think at this point, the people who used to love you now hate you. Dear summer, everyone misses you! Please come back! Winter has been horrible this year!

Dear fall, I don't hate you like I hate winter but I don't love you like I do Summer. Keep the temperature mild as long as possible so I can golf as much as possible.
I miss you summer

Dear winter, I hate you! I hate everything about you! You're cold and you mess up everyone’s plans! Summer please hurry!

Dear winter, I'm pretty sure no one likes so I think you should just leave so summer can come back. I would like to be tan, not ghostly white, and I would like to make myself work out since summer is a fun time.

Mr. Weatherman, I love the beautiful flowers you bring me in spring, the sunshine in summer, and the colors of the leaves and crisp air of autumn, however, I hate snow. So I was thinking we just get rid of winter all together.

Dear summer, I don't think you understand how much I love you. I never want you to go. Will you please stay this time so I can post more summer captions on my Instagram; I hate winter with every single piece of my soul.

Dear summer, I'm sad to see you go. I hate that your annoying sibling, fall, is taking your place. Please to be visiting earlier next year and staying for a while. Oh, and kindly tell your cousin winter to right off.

The competition is heating up when friendships become rivalries and rivalries become lifelong friendships. You push me to be better and I'll push you.

Dear summer, you have been so awesome to me. You are the best part of the year! You always have been. I love you summer! I'll always love you.

Dear summer, I hate you for being so hot! Everything I felt before you and after you is great! You always come and go but I love it when you go.

Please bring back the sunshine and the warm days and the pool and the palm trees and the joy of summer! I am trying really hard to be thankful.

Dear summer, I hate you, you are worthless, I love how you can put a girl in shorts and a tank top but you make me sweat like no other. Go away and never come back.
I hate winter but love summer

Dear summer, I hate everything about you, the heat, bugs, humidity, allergies, everything. Dear winter, I love you and you can't get here soon enough. I'm counting down the days for cool and cold weather.

Dear Winter I need to see other seasons. I have to break your heart but I never love you. Dear fall I hate to inform you I am cheating on you with spring because her flowers smell better. Dear spring I just want to be with you till summer came again.

Dear winter, I used to love you when I was younger, but now I realize you’re just a birch with cold weather and I hate you.

I know that technically it's not a time for you to go. I know it's getting closer, though. I really hate to see you go. I will miss you. I just want you to know that I will never love fall and winter as much as I love you. They just can't measure up to you. Sweet summer I will wait on you till next year.

Dear summer today is the last day to you. Please do not take long to come back. I so hate your friends fall and winter. Spring is good but I do love you so please tell winter not to be so hard on us.

Dear summer, I am sorry I didn't appreciate you as much as I should have when you were here. 

Please come back. I hate winter so much, there's nothing good in winter. I miss you so much. Please save me from winter. I love you the way more than all those other seasons.

I miss you so much I want you back in my life. You always kept me warm and never let me down, till around 8:15 pm but you can right back up the next morning. Summer you were all so bright and you made everything bloom. Wow, you had so much energy I love and miss you summer. Please tell your ugly sister winter to stay out of my life I hate her.

Dear summer, I’m freezing off under all these blankets and they are not helping! I hate this winter crap and I wish you would come as soon as possible; I love you and can’t wait to see you again.

My lovely summer, I love you so much. Maybe someday we can spend the rest of our lives together.

Dear winter, please don't hate me. But I don't love you anymore. I can't stop thinking about summer, 

so I guess things just can't work out between you and me. I’m sorry, but please go away.

In the summer, I like to leave my windows open to listen to the bird calls around my house.

Dear winter, you're freezing me this year. You’ve made me hate my window which I used to love, it burns in summer. Dear window, it's not you. It’s me. I’ll be back. I love you.

Summer beach parties may be over, but this is still one of my favorite times of the year.

Dear school, we have a love-hate relationship thing going on. I love you when you decide to cancel over the winter and hate you when we have to stay during the summer to make up the days.

Dear summer, why did you leave me? I loved you so much and just one day, you got up and left me. Why? I hate the winter! I told you this a long time ago.

Dear winter, Let me start by saying, I used to absolutely hate you. I despise you for most of my life. But in the past couple of years, you have grown on me, and you treat me so well! You keep my hot flashes at bay, and you don't let me sweat my makeup off my face above my lip. You and I have become quite a pair. I love wearing my long sleeved slouchy shirts and oversized hoodies. My fleece pants and fleece floor length robe because I just sleep in that and don't need all the heavy blankets! Oh, winter usually you give me until mid-end March before you start to bail on me but this year, this year is garbage! Don’t get me wrong, I know you're still hanging around at night time but that doesn't even count! You're letting spring come up and bully you away! I'm not ready for that yet; I haven't had enough sweatshirt weather! Ugg boot and leg warmer weather!

Happy New Home Wishes Quotes and Congratulation Messages

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Do you ever write a housewarming card? Here you will find a dozen of new home wishes samples to congratulate for new homeowners. Moving into a new house is a special moment for those who ever dreamed of their own dream home, so this most special event of a person who got a new home. Posting a housewarming card or post congratulation message and warm greetings to your loved ones moving into a new home on the Facebook is the best way to express your inspirational wishes in a stylish way.

The face you make when you get the nod of approval from your dad to move forward in the process of selling our current home and moving to a new one that better fits our family. He went with us to check on a home we really like. He has a belief and a way of looking to see how the home is positioned and its location to ensure good spirits and good luck bless the area and the home. Something he was taught by his dad and we respect his wisdom to always ask for his blessing. On this day 2 years ago I made the decision to move from my comfort zone and head to Atlanta. It's been a wild ride of growth, struggle, accomplishment, and fun! I have grown so much in these last 2 years and the future will only be better. The new home is already off to an amazing start and I can't wait to see what else is in store.
Happy New Home Quotes

Happy New Home Quotes and Housewarming Wishes!

Congratulations on the sale of your beautiful new home following the closing of your old one! It was a pleasure working with you! May you have many years of happiness and good health in your new home!

Congratulations to both of you on your new home. You have covered this house with a prayer from Day 1 and now you get to make this house your dream home. You are a blessing to so many in our community and give selflessly. May God richly bless you both!

Congratulations to my sister on their new home! I am very excited for you both and looking forward to sampling some more home brew! Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you again, I truly appreciate it.

A congratulation to my best friend, who is in the process of moving into her family's first home. Many people are not fortunate enough to be able to escape bad circumstances, such as living with impossible and dysfunctional family members and crappy conditions. So she's lucky she can get away with them and have their own space.

Congratulations to my baby sister who just picked up the keys to her new place! Great things come to those who wait patiently! Now let's have a housewarming party and launch the new crib.

Congratulations my friend. I am happy you moved from the USA to your new home country of Canada, new neighborhoods, new friends, new school, and new teachers. You just got your first set of exam results back and nailed it, well done young man, well done.

I just want to give a quick shout out to my one and only sister! Today is a big day for you and I'm so happy and proud of you. You've been waiting for this day a long time and I know you're completely overjoyed as you should be. I want to see that beautiful lease when you get home! I'm going to help you every step of the way, especially in home decoration.

Congratulations to my sister on their brand new home that they're going to raise my beautiful baby niece in and have so many wonderful memories of the new home. I can’t wait to see it, you deserve it, guys. I hope everything works out for you there. See you at the housewarming party.

Congratulations to my lovely colleague on the purchase of their new home! They are celebrating two things: their home purchase and job's promotion. The Premier I wish you many wonderful years in your new home now starts making beautiful memories.

I am so happy for your biggest wish of life come true, you deserve this brand new home and so much more.

Congratulations to my sister and her husband for their officially owning the first home! Hope your housewarming party is amazing and I miss you already! I wish I could be there with yall for this celebration. I love you both to the moon and back!

Congratulations to my beautiful and wonderful daughter, today she ordered her new home for her children and herself; a double wide; with no setbacks it should be here; just in time for the holidays! Dear honey; your dad and mom, your children, and your brother and sister are so proud of you! I can’t wait to start planning the housewarming party!

Congratulations on your new home and your job! The road may have been rough before, but it had to have been sharp turns, cliffs and a little bumpy before it got smoother to travel. God is using you in many ways you can't even imagine! I love you to pieces! Congrats! This planner is planning the best housewarming ever!

Congratulations Mom and Dad on your new home! I loved sharing in the excitement to find this house for you and for you to finally reach the closing table today! Officially I can say "Welcome to Texas!" However, we need to discuss how we don't want you to move out of our house and that's the only part that just remains! I love you both.

Congratulations to dad and mom on their new house, this is a new beginning for both of you, time to explore, relax and enjoy each other. I will miss you dearly but I know you will be happy there, so I am happy too. I love you both with all my heart.

Congrats on your new house. You have by far exceeded any parent’s dreams of being a great mother and daughter. And thanks u guys for the coolest grandson in the world.

Congratulations my sister my friend, may God bless your new home. You are the sweetest couple in our town, I am so happy for your darling.

Congrats to our daughter on your new house we are so proud of you. You are a woman of worth and strength, you have faced so many challenges but you endure it and your faith in God pulled you through. Happy and peaceful moments in your new home! Make God the center pin of your home and no storm will destroy it.

Congratulations to my son and future daughter-in-law! They became homeowners today! May your new house be filled with health, happiness, laughter, prosperity, good times and many children! Love, you both so much! Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to my little sister for buying her first house and successfully and hosting her housewarming BBQ without poisoning us! I and your other siblings are very proud of you.

Congratulations to my little brother on receiving the keys to his first house! I can see little mister independent doing just fine. Now you need a housewarming present from me, it’s a bad news for me, on a plus side when's the housewarming party?

Congratulations to my mom and dad for buying a new house, big lifestyle change for them to go from living in the suburbs to learning how to play the banjo and wash they clothes with a stick by the creek!
Congratulations to my big bro and my future sister-in-law on finally making their first house purchase! Already looking forward to the housewarming!

Congratulations to my parents who got the keys to their new house today.  I couldn't be happier for you both and wish you many years of making special memories once you have settled in. Love you heaps.

Congratulations to our son and his fiancée on their new house! It is absolutely beautiful. Dad and I wish you many years of love and happiness in your new home.

My mom and dad sold the house, moved out today, and are spending the first night tonight, in their new home! Congratulations mom and dad! I'm excited to get home and see and stay in the new house! I love you! I’ll be home in May!

I just wanted to say congratulations to my daddy and mom on buying their new house today. They are so excited to move in and I can’t wait to go visit you guys and see the new place and don't worry dad mom will over there helping with everything you need. Congratulations again guys, I love you.

Congratulation on your new family foundation, you guys just purchased a new and very beautiful home. I am so happy for you. I can’t wait for the housewarming party! Margaritas, fajitas and good fun!

I just want to say congrats to my son and my Daughter in Law on the purchase of their new home, I am so proud of you guys. I just can’t wait to see it. May many blessings find you in your new home!
I am so excited for this happy moment of your life. Congratulations on your new home and wishing you many happy moments made there.

Congrats to my colleague on her new house it's hers as of today. She’s a first-time homeowner! I am so proud of her for all her hard work and for making her dreams come true.

Congrats to my son and her wife for signing the final papers on their new house. Hope you have many good memories in your new home. It is beautiful and I just want the back so I can just sit and stare out at the wildlife.

Today my son and daughter are moving into their new house. Congrats, babies I love you, miss you and wish I was there with my arms wide open for you both! Have fun!

Having a great start into your new home! This is going to be an incredible moment of planning new things for a new house! I am determined to reach my career goals for this year and guess what? You can help me. My business is determined by referrals near and far. If you have personally done a Real Estate transaction with me or just know me as a friend I hope you would know whoever you send me is in great hands! Let’s help each other reach goals, thrive and succeed. If you need referrals of any kind please comment or message me, I take pride in referring people I know.