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Anxiety Recovery and Depression Quotes

The following quotes will help you dealing with depression and social anxiety without medication or any kind of drugs. Social anxiety is a vast spreading issue of today’s worlds and these inspirational depression quotes will help you to release your tension. It's easy to understand people who go depressed in this world, first of all, we live in a crazy world and it influences people what goes around. Secondly, some of us are a bit less in Tune to cope with all of this social anxiety that goes around. I'd say the main reason for all this depression is parenthood and circumstances. Another thing is consciousness. The prison is in mind, it's now the smartest or the strongest that survive but the ones able to cope the most. We have two choices, we live in the world that is dead and dying or it's open and alive, sometimes we need an escape route to find the second option out of those two.
 You are born with natural intelligence, where you find answers to your questions tha…