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Lovely Happy Birthday Letter to Mom from Son

There are so many sweet things to do and to say to your mom on her birthday, but writing a sweet happy birthday letter could really bring love, tears in her eyes, this is the best way a son could adopt to show his love for his mother. As a son I have so much love for all the motherless sons and daughters in the outer world! Every son in this world comes with a different and unique story about his parents, especially about his mother. I have no regret to admit I am an ordinary son, but yes, I got an extraordinary woman as my mother. She is the first step of every motivation for my every success, for my every joy, for my every dream that comes true. It is my mom's birthday today as we celebrate the mothers in our life. I am forever ‪thankful for the mother that God gave me. Happy birthday mommy! I love you and Thank you is not enough to express what and who you are to me. I am also thankful to God that He allowed such an example of a mother as you in my life for so many years. This…