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Funny Holiday Card Captions, Greetings and Wishes

Most of us love Sunday and hate Monday, not because at the base of weekdays, but on the fact of Sunday is a Holiday and Monday is a working day. Yes, you may love Monday too, if you got a federal or national Holiday on this day. Besides loving summer, winter and new year holidays I also love to write Holiday cards to all my loved ones, but now a days I don’t send them printed cards but I design my on cards and send it to my family, friends with loving Holiday captions through Facebook and Instagram, this way I save a lot of money and getaway to explore my creative artistic skills. Believe me designing your own cards is really a fun, there are a lot of free tools are available on the internet and cool range of amazing filters are also available on the Instagram to design a variety of cards.
Funny Happy Holiday Card Captions! May you all have wonderful and blessed holidays with the people you love! Forget about what troubles you, even if only for today. Forget about what you wish you ha…