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Funny Ways to Say Happy Birthday on Facebook

What exactly is the purpose of posting happy birthday meme graphic pictures on Facebook? I feel the same way about those comedy commercials. There are enough cute things going on in the world that I can just turn on the news and see. Obviously those of you who discover creative ways to wish happy birthday on the Facebook have your reasons, fun value. At least the birthday alerts gives me a warning before I show anything funny to the birthday guy or girl. Scrolling through my page doesn't allow me the same luxury. Anyways, that was just my thought, you could apply these hilarious birthday wishing ways on Whatsapp, Instagram and yes on FB too.

Creative ways to wish happy birthday on Facebook

10 Creative ways to say happy birthday on Facebook!

  1. Make a prank call to your friend from anonymous number and tell him happy birthday in a rude way, record his response and post this phone recording with his photo on your Timeline and tag him.
  2. Find out some old photo of your friend (try to search her some weird looking childhood picture) and post it on the FB with a naughty birthday message.
  3. Go to friends of your friend and invite them to make some funny comments about the birthday girl, record these funny comments in a video and post it on some video sharing website like YouTube to share links or directly upload this video on the Facebook.
  4. Find out a cartoon character that you think is somewhat look like your friend. Point out the common habits of both and post a merge photo of that cartoon character and your friend with their common qualities.
  5. Search a group photo of some creepy aliens from the internet and post it with a happy birthday caption on your friend’s timeline.
  6. Make a Tom Cat video saying Happy birthday to your friend (Happy birthday my sweet sister Karen) or let Tom say something more hilarious and post it on your friend’s Facebook birthday page.
  7. Post links of her favorite items like perfume, cloth, shoes, etc. with prices, but don’t buy any for her.
  8. Wish your friend on her birthday in some foreign language that she cannot understand.
  9. Write a cute happy birthday quote for your friend and demand an extreme expensive gift like an airplane, car, or diamond jewelry.
  10. If you are a creative minded person than what stops you to post a funny birthday  poem for someone special on the Facebook?

Funniest birthday poem ever!

Today is your birthday
So here a don’t list for you
Don’t eat the birthday candles
Don’t clap on your birthday song
Don’t make a selfie with your cake
Don’t open my gift first
Don’t cry after reading this poem
Don’t eat the whole cake
Don’t make any fart
Don’t take it serious
Happy birthday
Clever Facebook birthday wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes for Facebook status!

Happy Birthday to Facebook most popular personality (mention her name here), and wishing you many, many more and the best is still yet to come. Have a blessed day.

I am trying to figure out how young you are, let me guess you are 82 but my husband says you are still 88, anyways stay young and happy birthday.

Your birthday falls on Easter this year, so they've been calling you Bunny. I laugh because they don't know, but it's what they called your grandmother first. Two bunnies in the family! Happy birthday honey!

Happy birthday to you, May your days be filled with the joys of this very special day and the happiness of being able to open childish gifts on your 4th birthday, or whatever you decide to do.
Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true except one? That way you will still have something to hope for.

Happy Birthday Alex, I am sending my deepest sympathy to you and your family on the passing of your dear Grandma, thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Everyone is weird in some way but most of them just not always visible and normal do not exist. Be the best you, that you can be and that is all you need to be. Happy birthday my half weird friend!
You know a birthday is just after your public info and friends list when a hideous troll like you gets 100% weird as a result.

I need for everyone to stop all activity including stool, fart, yawing and wish my favorite girl Happy Birthday! She is my rock, my confidant; she is everything a sister should be and more. Each day I tell her how much I love and adore her because without her, I wonder where I would be. I only hope that my heart will someday be as big as hers and God will order my steps to live my life as fully as she has lived hers. She is an amazing woman, if you know her; you have felt the presence of her love. Happy birthday my sweet little sister, you are my everything.

That moment when you wear pants all week to work and go to wear shorts on the weekend and discover your cactus legs on your birthday party!

You know you had a good night when you can't remember what happened on your birthday so you ask your friends and before they tell you they're dying laughing.

Facebook! Get your act together and stop suggesting whose birthday is today, I may know people. I really don't know them. If I did the likelihood is that we might be friends on here but much more likely we will be friends in the real world! Please keep off my timeline from now on.
Funny ways birthday wishes

A funny thank you message for birthday wishes!

I want to say I was completely embarrassed by the awful things that have been said on my birthday on the Facebook, simply because someone can't control his ego and wishes to act like a child. Stop threatening to sue people you don't have a case. At this point I can't even believe you're the person I knew and called a friend. You're hurting people that don't deserve to be hurt. You have made some of the naughtiest remarks on my birthday! You made me under the weather. If you hadn't of resigned, I would have removed you myself after the things I saw you say about my birthday cake.


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