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Funny Ways to Say Happy Birthday on Facebook

What exactly is the purpose of posting happy birthday meme graphic pictures on Facebook? I feel the same way about those comedy commercials. There are enough cute things going on in the world that I can just turn on the news and see. Obviously those of you who discover creative ways to wish happy birthday on the Facebook have your reasons, fun value. At least the birthday alerts gives me a warning before I show anything funny to the birthday guy or girl. Scrolling through my page doesn't allow me the same luxury. Anyways, that was just my thought, you could apply these hilarious birthday wishing ways on Whatsapp, Instagram and yes on FB too.

10 Creative ways to say happy birthday on Facebook! Make a prank call to your friend from anonymous number and tell him happy birthday in a rude way, record his response and post this phone recording with his photo on your Timeline and tag him.Find out some old photo of your friend (try to search her some weird looking childhood picture) and po…

How to Overcome Anxiety during Job Interview

Are you a bipolar and also suffering from anxiety and you are going for a major job interview, here are some useful tips how you overcome your anxiety attacks and show good behavior. Effective Therapeutic Mentorship, leading to quick and effective resolution of distressful habitual ways of thinking, processing and believing, (all free choices of each individual) which support continuing to experience and to hold onto the trauma, rather than say, being thankful for surviving the ordeal, and being able to still live, exist, and to have another shot at life and love. It's most assuredly all about choice of belief, and self-talk, how any individual continues to effectively swim in the river of life, (present tense,) and do so happy to have the opportunity in spite of trauma, OR to habitually demonstrate the choice of, for one’s own reason, to distress about, having been exposed to such trauma. Emotional well-being is an issue of emotional maturity, that one is rightfully free to avoi…