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Funny Instagram Bios with Creative Ideas

My friends forced me to post a list of funny Instagram bios to give you laughs and chuckles. Because they knew how determinedly creative and gutsy I am. I admit, I'm fearless in what I say. Maybe I should keep my stupid ideas elsewhere and not on my Facebook or Instagram accounts, but I'll remain here because I've grew an association with y'all of my blog fans, like a sticky rope. But yeah, I don't mean to insult or degrade any of ya'll, it’s just for fun and you can edit these captions and IG bios according to your satisfaction. Remember, everything I am going to post or I say here is a joke. I just like to make people laugh, that's all. I Love you, clever Instagram lovers.
Funny Instagram Bios

Funny Instagram bios ideas!

  1. I can never forget April fool’s Day when I was in 8th grade. My teacher had a heart attack during class and we all thought she was joking and it was for real.
  2. So, you get on Facebook and rant about something, or someone, and then you wonder why people judge you. You must be a special kind of stupid.
  3. You know that feeling when you're looking at the cute girl in the restaurant and she looks at you and smiles and you smile back and try to play it cool and keep eating and you miss your mouth and ram your fork into your cheek.
  4. I get ask a lot why I don't talk much, I answer that with a question- don't you think it's about time somebody kept their mouth shut?
  5. It’s crazy how some people just miss out on something great because they are afraid to let go and be real. And except real it's crazy.
  6. Come to think of it, if you wanted to go by definition, almost all women are queens and almost all men are kings. Aren’t they?
  7. Sometimes some people NEVER shut up, their mouth running 90 miles a minute, and yet they never actually SAY anything. It is all just gibberish after a while. I'd rather listen and learn.
  8. A coke in a glass bottle is even better with a bag of peanuts in it. Have you tried that?
  9. She can post her photos on Instagram in her shorts, but you can't post your pictures in your boxers because now you got to tell her what girl’s attention you are trying to get.
  10. Being in love with the one who truly appreciates you and the heart you have inspired you to work even harder to become a better person.
  11. Worst idea in the world is putting squeakers in toddler’s shoes and the Best idea in the world is making a way for those squeakers to be taken out.
  12. I can't wait till I'm middle age so all I can talk about is politics and the weather.
  13. She can be social with random men but you can't do that with women you trying to get at them.
  14. You're not a real man until you open the door for her. And you know you've got a keeper, if she leans over the console while you're walking around & opens your door for you!
  15. That moment your sitting on the bus listening to the radio and a song comes on and they say the name of who it was and you realize you were offered a job from that band but you turned it down because you thought they were nothing.
  16. She can go on dates with her guy friends but you can't go out with your female friends because it's rude and cheating.
  17. I am loyal, even when I had been messed up, I'm still loyal! Two wrongs don't make it right, and revenge isn't always sweet. Only a weak minded individual seeks revenge, I just sit back, live and let live! And at the same time I don’t become bitter, I become better.
  18. Every girl who’s done me wrong has got their karma somehow but don't expect for me to run back when you want me or be the same way I was in the past, an ex is a ex for a reason.
  19. The smart people are putting themselves in a position to a make a killing for super bowl.
  20. Common sense can keep you out of a lot of unnecessary drama.
  21. You've got to approach a woman who values her own sensibilities and knows her worth a bit differently than you would a woman who's still trying to find herself. The same game doesn't work on both. What excites one repulsed the other.
  22. My mind does not have common limits I dream bigger because I think bigger.
  23. You get further with a woman if you just be straight up with what you want from her.
  24. Never give your all to someone because when they leave, you are left empty and with nothing, and it'll take centuries just to find yourself again.
  25. My goals are limitless that’s why I am always up before my competition.
  26. Your girlfriend can ask you for your codes and passwords but you can't ask her because then you don't trust her.
  27. A group funny selfie isn't a picture for Instagram or a status for Facebook update. It’s a simple attitude of transferring, accepting, promoting and valuing yourself with lice’s.
  28. If one spends too much time or lose too much sleep consumed with the private affairs of others, let it go. Only Superman can see through walls. Move on.
  29. I swear in Logan a relationship comes with a package deal of drama... is it really worth getting into a relationship with the entire Logan population.

Sometimes you got to stop communication with people to see who actually gives a damn besides times when something is needed from you.  Fail safe way to eliminate baggage you don't need.

it’s so refreshing going from having 15,000+ plus on all these hideous social networking sites, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram. It gets so incredibly draining receiving hate, compliments from complete strangers. It goes without saying the effects it has on one’s self whilst in a cyber bubble. It had its ups of course, being recognized in public, expanding your brand on an international level. However deleting all of it is by far the best thing you've done. 
Clever Instagram bio ideas

You get to focus 100% on what’s important, your career. People get so stupid into being an 'internet star' its mind blowing, can you imagine a world without internet, Facebook, we seem to make stupid people famous if only but for a short time, it’s absolutely incredible. I wonder what the future holds, when we look back and think 'remember Facebook?’ Apps, websites, networks will come and go, its so important to make sure you lay the foundation of a life goal before getting sucked in. Now close your laptops, and do something that benefits your life today!


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