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Funny Instagram Bios with Creative Ideas

My friends forced me to post a list of funny Instagram bios to give you laughs and chuckles. Because they knew how determinedly creative and gutsy I am. I admit, I'm fearless in what I say. Maybe I should keep my stupid ideas elsewhere and not on my Facebook or Instagram accounts, but I'll remain here because I've grew an association with y'all of my blog fans, like a sticky rope. But yeah, I don't mean to insult or degrade any of ya'll, it’s just for fun and you can edit these captions and IG bios according to your satisfaction. Remember, everything I am going to post or I say here is a joke. I just like to make people laugh, that's all. I Love you, clever Instagram lovers.
Funny Instagram bios ideas! I can never forget April fool’s Day when I was in 8th grade. My teacher had a heart attack during class and we all thought she was joking and it was for real.So, you get on Facebook and rant about something, or someone, and then you wonder why people judge you…