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Happy One Month Anniversary Poems for Her

With a lovely feeling send these one-month anniversary poems to your girlfriend today. I could write a thousand words poems for her on our one-month anniversary celebration. Have you ever met someone and you were really attracted to them at first sight and you keep talking to them not knowing that they would become the best thing to ever happen to you? I have it and it’s not about the money or what I can get out of a person. It’s about the way they make me feel. The butterflies I get when she looks at me, the uncontrollable smile that comes across my face or the chills down my spine when she touches me and how my knees weaken when she kisses me. I never want this to go away! To some people wanting to be by her side, every day may seem a bit clingy, obsessive, or even suffocating. I care about this woman so freaking much. I have never been this happy in my life. It may not be official. It may never be official but as long as she is in my life I don't care the title. All I want for…