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Sad but Funny Quotes about Life

Do you ever feel sad and funny at the same time? These clever quotes about sadness may refresh those moment. At the darkest places you can shine the brightest. Forget about your sadness and let’s try to make today a better day than yesterday, because we are only guaranteed this exact moment. I'm exhausted but it will pay off. Thanks to my parents and friends who made me a hard working independent person. Thank you for being part of my ride evens the ones who just stick around for critics.

Sad but funny quotes

Sad and funny quotes about life!

  1. I have officially used up every last shred of patience and grace I possess. Well, I can still muster some up for my sadness. But the rest of the world can jump off a cliff for all I care.
  2. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we aren't the inventors of wisdom or good theology.
  3. The reason there are 7 billion people on the planet is because that's how many tries it took to get to you.
  4. Lately a lot of great things have been happening to me, but for some reason I can't help but to feel sad. I'm really depressed and I have no idea why, maybe I should speak to some crazy strangers on Whatsapp about this because I honestly have no reason to be feeling the way I feel.
  5. Did you ever have one of those days where you just wanted to stay in bed and crying? Just woke up and I still hate the world, going back to sleep. Peace out.
  6. I am 100% certain that the words "sadness" have been used about me in real life, which rather amuses me.
  7. There are sad feelings that not time, knowledge or experience could change the situation, but priorities do. It’s okay to be selfish at the end of the day if you don't do you, no one else will.
  8. It’s sad when few people fail to understand, as they receive attention, they're genuinely being laughed at behind.
  9. You can't cuff someone who doesn't want to be cuffed no more than you can make a fish breathe air. Let them be free because if your game is as tight as you think, they'll always run back because you never really know what you had until you lose it.
  10. I should start taking a picture of every person's reaction when I tell them I will become a millionaire. Just to see if their reaction matches when they see it happen.
  11. I feel sad for people that I try helping and they don't believe in me. Till later they come crying and there's nothing I can do then.
  12. Never Volunteer Information to anybody, trust and respect are things to be earned not given.
  13. Can I wake up one day, feeling loved and knowing that when I get home the love of my life will be waiting for me and I wish my life would've been different? But no, I don't get any of that. I've been hurt and used. When will I feel what love really is.
  14. Suddenly, there was a great disturbance in a sad mood, as if your stupid friends cried out and you are silenced.
  15. Do whatever your wife, fiancée, or girlfriend asks you to do without hesitation. Life will be much easier and she will be happy.
  16. We are so quick to blame it on the devil but never want to admit that it was our fault for the reason certain things transpired in our lives. Wisdom will always make you look at yourself before you look at anyone else.
  17. To the next women I might be average, but to her I am extraordinary. That's all that matters
  18. I am so grateful for the wisdom that came through experience which has taught me how to slow down and enjoy the present moment.
  19. I almost lost this day to sadness and depression, turns out all I needed was some rest, new knowledge and a fight with my ex. If you feel like I felt try that out.
  20. The best treatment for sadness is learning something new, so educate yourselves people. Thank you to all haters who let me learns so many things. I'm forever in your debt.
  21. It’s sad and funny at the same time when you scroll down your news feed and you see a random person's stat full on swearing and talking rubbish about someone else and then you look down and see that she is the only one that liked her own status.
  22. Wisdom is so simple but it takes experience and life lessons to really understand and appreciate it.
  23. Anyone who suffers with depression understands and knows how it can take a toll on someone’s life, family and there body. Depression kills but this girl right here is not going to let it take the best of her.
  24. I am writing this in depression. I write it from the depth of my sad soul. My new Iphone is no more, it’s stolen and it’s said no more. Why does it hurt so much?
  25. Once you finally admit to yourself that you are stupid and why, every day that follows is part of a healing process in which things will get easier and easier.
  26. If you wake up several mornings and question yourself about going to your job and tried all possibility to be happy and still feel the sad than resign and find something more tasteful.
  27. That is sad and funny situation when you're trying to avoid someone’s call but then they call you from a different number and you pick up.
  28. I am convinced that life's problems don't exist in the world but people do! Why I say this? Because standing where I did in the last two days, I forgot all the bad, the hurt, the scars, and the pain. All that stood there was me against the World.
  29. Forgiveness is what I keep telling myself, but I don't feel it in my heart, now I reached my breaking point and I am ready to do something stupid.
  30. In this very real world, good doesn't drive out evil. Evil doesn't drive out good. Neither love nor evil conquers all, but evil cheats more.
  31. When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you have healed. Forgiveness does not excuse their behavior, but it makes life easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got.
  32. I have learnt that being honest is not always a good thing; it hurt and even tears people apart because the truth hurts. So just to warn you, if you don't want to know the truth then don't ask me anything because I am very straight forward and open minded.
  33. Sadness could destroy your bright chances of a future girlfriend. Don't worry over what could have been ‎with your ex but focus on the other girls ahead.
  34. Dear Facebook, Depression isn't sadness. It's something totally different. You can't just snap out of it. Thinking of better days or all of the good things that just makes you feel guilty for not being able to just snap out of it.
  35. Stop having an affair with Facebook. Facebook shouldn't be the first thing you wake up to, and the last thing you speak to at night, or that thing you roll over to check up on at 3am especially if you are married. I have been guilty of it. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be in a love triangle with social media.
  36. A Facebook status is supposed to be what's on your mind NOT what's in your heart.
  37. Sometimes things have been replaying in our brain over and over again, how disrespectful and hurtful people can be, never knowing your struggles for get likes on your Facebook status.
  38. Compiling a list of what NOT to say to a depressed person wouldn't help anyway. Let's start a list of things you really needed to hear when you were depressed.
  39. You are heartless and cold and no one matters but you. So smile, I'm sure your empty mind is satisfied.
  40. I need to learn to love the people I have in my life right now, who care and love me. Leave the past in the past and I will like to smile even on silly jokes till the day I die.
  41. I am sad but he won't let me cry, and that is a great thing because that was something I was tired of.
I know what it's like to have nothing and how important the people who gave whatever they had were to me. They may have given time, attention, concern, and money, whatever. It made all the difference. I want to be like those people. I want to give what I have so that hopefully, when people think of me, they feel good. No one should know what it's like to be so needy in a world that's turned on you. And yes, it does make me feel good. Simply being reminded that I have something to give when so often I don't makes me happy in and of it.


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