Happy Thursday Quotes with Photos

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Like other weekdays, Thursday is a great day because it reminds us the start-up of weekend, for me this day brings a happy feeling always.  I know it's only Thursday, but this week has been so much better. I've been in such a good mood and I thank God for my friends, who were there for me when I needed them, and I hope I can always be there for them toad moving on feels so good.
Funny Thursday quotes

Happy Thursday quotes with graphics!

You will never truly be great at your dream until you enjoy it more than anything. Happy Thursday fellas!

Listening to an argument between two stubborn adults is the exact same thing as listening to an argument between two stubborn children.

sometimes we try to hold on to what we think is there only to realize that there never was anything there and the only holding that has taken place is you holding yourself back from greater possibilities.
They say you should fight for love, but there's no "i" in team, unless you type in 50 caps and use bold.

All good people deserve appreciation; a few of my best friends are amazing people all round and deserve all the appreciation in the world. Hope you will get extra charm  on this Thursday morning.
We're all on borrowed times that's why you live with purpose and make the most of every opportunity.

Life is tough. You just have to learn to take it day by day and have faith that in the end, everything is going to be okay.

I want that part of my brain associated with love be removed because I know that my heart is what it's supposed to do now.

Sometimes we mess things up by putting too much out there or expecting too much. Happy Thursday morning!

The past is nothing but a learning curve for tomorrow; we must recognize and learn not to live in the past but to use it for future reference to not make past mistakes. To live in the past, is to miss out on the present in the future.

Being shy and timid will get you nowhere in life, even if you know the right person they'll overlook you because they won't see leadership. May this Thursday bring real happiness in your life!

Having a fixed mindset is based on fear, which installs the belief that you cannot grow or change. Happy Thursday!

If you value someone's opinion that does not have what you want, think and have a similar mindset like you have goals and dreams of success shame on you.

Sometimes when you love someone and you know that they are miserable and unhappy you will do anything to make them happy even if that means that the two of you have to go your separate ways no matter how much hurt it may cause.

It’s amazing how so many of us fail to realize how much we really truly have in this world and it’s even more amazing how there is those with even less then what we got and those whom have even less seem to be so much more fulfilled and satisfied with life.

Sometimes I just don't know what to do because of you, I really thought you were the one and I was just starting to like you. Get ready for a thirst Thursday.

Everyone breaking up when it seems like nothing could have separated them and that they were soul mates. Well its true there's nothing like happy ever after. What if it’s not Thursday?

We all need that one guy friend who will never mock you but he'll introduce you to his hot friends, occasionally flirt with you and compliment you when you look like rotten egg. It’s a complicated friendship but only the two of us know what's up.
Cute Thursday

I've mastered the art of silencing my thoughts and conscience but the place I cannot run away from is my dreams.

Penguins have 1 mate for their entire lives and I can't even have 1 mate for an entire month. I love your Thursday.

Letting go of someone, to me, is like farting. It’s hard to let go at some point of time, but when you do let it go. It’s the best feeling ever. Happy Thursday!
Keep calm it's Thursday

It's crazy to fall in love with someone who can't understand you. It's like a suicide, you run until the edge, and when you think you are safe, you jump just to feel the empty embrace but it is just the smiling hug of the death. Good morning Thursday peeps.

Don’t waste time, you can never get back everything else in life you can get back but time is not one.

Funny Instagram Photo Captions for Selfies

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Instagram is kind of fun for a while, people just sharing pictures of themselves or things they found interesting. Now it's kind of starting to look like Facebook and Twitter with people posting pictures with weird captions they didn't take. I've noticed for the past couple of days, people talking smack about Facebook and it’s all about Instagram. Funny thing is they're venting their opinion by posting selfies with captions on Facebook. Well it amused me so thanks? Maybe I should have thanked them on Instagram. They might be serious this time and not return.

The thought often crosses my mind that we're the first generation to have our lives so widely documented in photographs. It makes me wonder how someone would feel stumbling upon these selfies of us hundred years down the line when we're no longer here; these pictures will stand testimony to the times we lived. Funny or not, photographs record history. True, there are seemingly pointless pictures like our fancy food and front-camera shots with our friends when we're feeling particularly happy and everyday moments in Instagram, but what we wouldn't give today, to get to see all these pictures from our great-grandparents' time.

Funny Instagram Captions for Photo!

1D blogger caption

5 types of fears

Silly dog feeling something

Bad hair sheep

Motor bike funny ride

Lipstick and puppy

This is cat logic

Cat love selfies

Cat and shower

Don't tease me

Let's finish the movie

Dentist day

To do list of the day

Door locker

I am waiting for you

Ebola run fast

When songs let me cry

That moment when

Junior gunman

Oh I am taking selfie

My biography

Cat still love selfie

Yes do it

When cop and you

Day without guys

Dog waiting

Yes this is true love

Who want  a date

Yes because of you

Whatsapp and me

Yes I hate this job

Dog melting point

Mom attitude

Mona phase one

Leave me alone

Where is monster

Morning freshness

What is your name

I am so hurry

One Direction move

One more direction

School no way

cooking and job

Why me

Puzzle game

Spanish with cats

I need a caption 

Yes Swag time

Cat in trouble pool

Funny Instagram captions

What's mine is mine, stop sharing, don't look, don't touch, don't speak, don't even send a friend request on Facebook, don't follow on Instagram, don't like her pictures, don't compliment her, none of that! What's mine is mine point blank. Now I am going a viral Instagram stuff of funny dog, cat, friend’s photos and selfies with hilarious captions. Now you could choose a cool caption idea for your next selfie on the Instagram

Its crazy how people look good on selfies on Instagram but when you run into them in public they look all super up dumb, you surprisingly looking at them like what the hell happened? First came MySpace which we the adults out grew quickly then came Facebook, which was a neat way of straight to the point, no stupid but let you decorate your profile with junk then came Instagram which is all about funny usernames, weird selfies and food pictures. It’s about posting pictures of the day but why is it looking like MySpace with all the stupid quotes things? One here and there is fine, funny cations are great but drama stuff? Really is it necessary?
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