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Happy Thursday Quotes with Photos

Like other weekdays, Thursday is a great day because it reminds us the start-up of weekend, for me this day brings a happy feeling always.  I know it's only Thursday, but this week has been so much better. I've been in such a good mood and I thank God for my friends, who were there for me when I needed them, and I hope I can always be there for them toad moving on feels so good.
Happy Thursday quotes with graphics!
You will never truly be great at your dream until you enjoy it more than anything. Happy Thursday fellas!
Listening to an argument between two stubborn adults is the exact same thing as listening to an argument between two stubborn children.
sometimes we try to hold on to what we think is there only to realize that there never was anything there and the only holding that has taken place is you holding yourself back from greater possibilities. They say you should fight for love, but there's no "i" in team, unless you type in 50 caps and use bold.
All g…

Funny Instagram Photo Captions for Selfies

Instagram is kind of fun for a while, people just sharing pictures of themselves or things they found interesting. Now it's kind of starting to look like Facebook and Twitter with people posting pictures with weird captions they didn't take. I've noticed for the past couple of days, people talking smack about Facebook and it’s all about Instagram. Funny thing is they're venting their opinion by posting selfies with captions on Facebook. Well it amused me so thanks? Maybe I should have thanked them on Instagram. They might be serious this time and not return.
The thought often crosses my mind that we're the first generation to have our lives so widely documented in photographs. It makes me wonder how someone would feel stumbling upon these selfies of us hundred years down the line when we're no longer here; these pictures will stand testimony to the times we lived. Funny or not, photographs record history. True, there are seemingly pointless pictures like our f…