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Best Love Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

These is my latest collection of best love statuses for Whatsapp and Facebook, it will inspire you and motivate you to live your life with passion, love and happiness. Most of these love quotes are inspired by real stories of famous people. You can enhance your Instagram bio, Facebook or Whatsapp status with these short love sayings. You are  also welcome to translate these English statuses in Hindi, Punjabi or in your local language.

Love status for Whatsapp

Best Love Status for Facebook and Whatsapp!

  1. Life is a matter of a journey; you'll have to take so many rides until you arrive to your destinations.
  2. In love, you forget your own path. If you seek True Love then you’re going in the right path in life, if you seek just one night stand the journey is already over and you become a fool.
  3. Nothing is more valuable than an insight into the journey of life. If you live your life to chance, you don't have a chance.
  4. Life's journey is one worth taking.
  5. Life is a journey let me start mine with a Range rover sport.
  6. Once your path leads to your true love your destiny will be truly complete, your fate in the sacred bond can write if you either be a fool, a jerk or a complete sweetheart.
  7. There are continuous cycles in life changing like the seasons, and as one ends there is a new beginning, but nothing is truly lost, we are eternally connected through universal love, and nothing truly ends.
  8. Forgive yourself for your mistakes make memories and have a blast.
  9. Better leave questions unanswered for knowing the truth might hurt you.
  10. Love is more than just sex; it’s a sacred vow and sacred bond between a man and a woman.
  11. To some that I haven't been in touch with as much lately or haven't spoken to in a while, you are still always in my thought, today sending special acknowledgement & love to a few who have helped, supported me & been part of my journey.
  12. Forgive and forget the yesterday, enjoy today and prepare for tomorrow, for what's important is today and forevermore.
  13. What you seek in life is already before you. Love can be a journey the destiny of a special someone can write or it can be denied.
  14. My shadow is my partner, you will be my life light & hope we have wonderful journey!
  15. I would also like to acknowledge our kids for their great work ethics and what they have accomplished in their lives. We as parents are extremely proud of them and their life journey. Stay Proud.
  16. Keep your head held high and embrace what life can give you.
  17. Love is the journey and the connection of lovers is the destination.
  18. It's important to honor your past as each experience shapes who you become.
  19. Every moment in your life is important, use it preciously for the dignity of life and excel its evolution along the continuous journey of your soul.
  20. My first love you were the first person I ever gave my heart to and you were also the first person to break it and make me cry. I thank you because without the experience of that kind of pain I would not have become the woman I am today.
  21. As you journey down this road of life, remember where you came from because you can always find yourself right back where you started from.
  22. Each year one day, we come to this moment when everything seems so familiar. Maybe it is meant to be. One day, when I was back here when everything seemed so sad and bad.
  23. I let go of what I wanted to allow into my life what I truly needed.
  24. Your fate would already be known to the one, who loves you, be it true love, true friendship or the relationship that man and woman share.
  25. Energy renewal is necessary in today's busy life schedule. For internal renewal we have to rejuvenate through new thoughts at a place where we are at peace.
  26. You will feel better to look forward and stay on track. Start new adventures and live like every day is your last.
My love was awesome, life is good. Healing is a blessing and God gives you awareness, courage and wisdom beats any amount of money, material things, I'm grateful to once again have this journey in sobriety. You may also pay a special thank to your boyfriend or girlfriend by posting these cute love quotes on your Whatsapp or Facebook status.
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