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Best Love Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

These is my latest collection of best love statuses for Whatsapp and Facebook, it will inspire you and motivate you to live your life with passion, love and happiness. Most of these love quotes are inspired by real stories of famous people. You can enhance your Instagram bio, Facebook or Whatsapp status with these short love sayings. You are  also welcome to translate these English statuses in Hindi, Punjabi or in your local language.

Best Love Status for Facebook and Whatsapp!
Life is a matter of a journey; you'll have to take so many rides until you arrive to your destinations.In love, you forget your own path. If you seek True Love then you’re going in the right path in life, if you seek just one night stand the journey is already over and you become a fool.Nothing is more valuable than an insight into the journey of life. If you live your life to chance, you don't have a chance.Life's journey is one worth taking.Life is a journey let me start mine with a Range rover spo…

Health and Fitness Quotes for Women

Enjoy the best collection of top fitness and health quotes for women; these captions are the best tool for a girl to inspire and motivate her passion for daily workout and exercise at gym.
Fitness Quotes for Women!Have you ever noticed that the individuals who exercise daily are looking 10-15 years younger than their real age? This is an obvious proof that movement and regular sports activities maintain a healthy lifestyle and body fitness can delay aging.
In fact, any physical activity can improve physical fitness, but it depends on what the activity is and they must be strengthened by the various fitness tools.There is no doubt that one generally physically fit is more resistant to mental stress all harmful diseases.Fitness depends on the intensity of activity, duration and frequency of repetition.It would be easy to blame for any injury or health problem, but a nonstop move with staying power is the real task.The movement brings joy and confid…