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3 Or 4 Word Love Quotes for Him

Let me confirm it, your boyfriend definitely like these three and 4 word love quotes. This will be a great love gift for him because he can use these 3 words phrases for his tattoo or anywhere else. When someone hurts you repeatedly don’t stays bitter be determined to be the best you can. Turn around and say to that person "Thank You, for showing me what I really am made of. I hope whatever it was that you were trying to accomplish is now accomplished" & walk away like a Boss, Just remember they served their purpose in your life and there is no need to look back.

three word love quotes

Inspirational 4 word love quotes for him!

  1. The following 4 and three words love quotes are not so famous, but these are the best quotes about family, death, love, fun and love, feel free to text these lines to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You will definitely like to post these Irish quotations on your Instagram, Tumblr, Whatsapp and Facebook status. You are also welcome to use these sweet Irish quotes for your next tattoo.

  2. Love comes by losing control at first, be attached step by step. Then feel happy with that someone and see in him all that you want and finally fall in love.
  3. You know you are ready to fall in love when you don't need a love to be aware of your happiness and importance, when you want a partner to share your love rather than to get love.
  4. A true love is always based on regular communication and an aspiration to constantly create your relationship.
  5. I believe that my fortune is not in my control and I will never die until I love you with all my heart and soul.
  6. A true love requires a passion, care, confidence, trust and understanding that can test your loyalty like no other type of relationship can.
  7. One way to put yourself in a loving and happy space is to give gratitude to those who have positively influenced your life.
  8. It makes so much more sense when you know the truth and reasons behind every decision.
  9. I believe life is such a blessing! We all have our ups and downs, but with wonderful Family and Friends life is so much worth living, it’s not all the fancy stuff you have or more money than others. It’s about caring, laughter, and love you spread to others, that’s the way I believe.
  10. Deep in the sea, high in the sky, my love for you will never die.
  11. No matter how far you stray from your destiny, you can always find your way back. Your destiny is not a location, but an identity inside of you waiting to be expressed.
  12. The worst feeling is to knowing that your own lover is going through a pain just because of you.
  13. All of you who may be feeling lost, bored, depressed, and feeling like you have no purpose... There is hope and peace and faith right around the corner. Your blessing could be a heartbeat away. Be a blessing to someone today. Life is short-live, love, laugh!
  14. Don't search for love, love has to find you for the way you are.
  15. Don't be blinded by love. Love shouldn't be blind. Young people who fall in love don't see things as they are. When they see a deadly python snake they call it thread.
  16. Love is never just a mania that created by our minds. It’s an astonishing feeling that originates directly from the heart.
  17. You have to turn down every instance of conceived circumstance that is presented to you. It is the only way True love makes a person feel alive and warm. True love will always find a way, thru space, time and hopelessness.
  18. There is no concept of give up in true love; its passion may decrease a little. Sometimes a short break is enough because love never finds faults, but it always finds a way to appreciate the pain.

4 word love quotes

Short I love you quotes for him!

  • I am old enough to understand that with life there is death and it will touch you many times during your lifetime. But the kid in me doesn't want to accept it.
  • Love is the best surgeon of heartache.
  • You fall in love when you want a friend to expand your development rather than to fill your blank life.
  • If you lose a lover don't think it's the end of your life. It means that the person isn't' the right one for you. Your trust had a relationship with the wrong person. Try to forget; try to live a new life.
  •  I believe I can fall in love again but it will never be the same. I will always compare and always be reminded and haunted.
  •  Love makes our lives brighter and more colorful; it makes us see things differently. But the best part of being in love is to understanding the wonderful and mysterious feeling that love does to a person.
  • Love is the only way I can find peace, or immortality. Because I know, within my soul, that I will only find one or the other. It was written for me long ago, I have only to discover which it was.
  • Having a good thing is so hard because meeting a strong person is so rare. So you got to learn to respect when people run from you. & realize that your kind love isn't for everybody.

You can put these 3 or 4 words quotes about love, family, fun and life on your Instagram bios, Whatsapp and Facebook statuses to impress your boyfriend.


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