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Whatsapp Funny Status for Boyfriend

Post these weird and funny Whatsapp statuses about your boyfriend an gift a funny laugh to your best friends. Hope you cannot stop your laugh after reading these short but funny quotes about guys and girlfriend relationships.

Funny boyfriend Whatsapp status

Funny Whatsapp statuses about boyfriends!

  1. We women are the most innocent creature in this world; even some of us truly love their husbands.
  2. The men are renowned by what they do, women by directing men to do.
  3. The men are wrong, great men always admit that they were wrong.
  4. And one day all men in this world will discover that these flying plates were only studying the lives of bugs.
  5. Those men who do not pay attention to beautiful always deserve a treatment in a mental hospital.
  6. Love is the medical disorder in which men are more likely to see the fake things.
  7. Controlling others men is intelligence, controlling your own husband is true magic.
  8. Men who seek happiness in their married life are like the drunk who can not find their own home, even though knowing they have it.
  9. Women recently discovered that woman is clever. This is something that men have known for centuries.
  10. Men can buy everything in the stores, but as there are no shops of girlfriends, men have no girlfriends.
  11. Men are easy to remove. Just don't get closer.
  12. Most men are like magnets. They have a side that attracts women and drive back other men.
  13. Men are like wine: age converts the good into better and better into excellent.
  14. All men are afraid of their wives. Who is not afraid, is not normal, this has nothing to do with guts.
  15. When you have a boyfriend or a 100$ note, both give uncertain feelings within your heart.
  16. If all men exactly get what they deserve, there would leave only money in the world.
  17. Girls do not desire good looking men, but the men who had good-looking girlfriends.
  18. There are stupid men and crazy women who make the marriage an opportunity of adultery.
  19. You know, maybe it is difficult to believe in love, or perhaps it will make you feel bad, but it's worth believing. His money is changing me, before him my heart was frozen, wounded and disillusioned but now I can fully enjoy my shopping on his cash.
  20. A peaceful wife is a paradise for men.
  21. There are few men able to praise the beauty of their friend's girlfriend without jealousy.
  22. The less a husband thinks, the more he obeys his wife.
  23. Men and women are two opposite genders; away from good and evil is nothing like they live together.
  24. A woman has always known what she required. A man in reality does not know. He thinks he knows but do not know. The woman thinks that she does not know, but she knows.
  25. The men are divided into two types: the one who are afraid of their wives and those who act as if they do not.
  26. Pathetic men trust in love. Tough men believe in source and result.
  27. In money and in love men are always more lucky than women.
  28. Before you deceive a male think twice, he could hurt you by taking his money back.
  29. Men are like an old radio, every time they need a tuning for a clear voice.
  30. There is only one thing that fixes a man brain: brain.
  31. Men are easily affronted by terror or abhorrence.
  32. Love with a smart man is sensitive, but love with a rich man is safer.
Question: Men and women are being different and being equal in many relationships and both can work together in a same workplace, so where is the difference?

Answer: In their physical body.
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