Whatsapp Funny Status for Boyfriend

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Post these weird and funny Whatsapp statuses about your boyfriend an gift a funny laugh to your best friends. Hope you cannot stop your laugh after reading these short but funny quotes about guys and girlfriend relationships.

Funny boyfriend Whatsapp status

Funny Whatsapp statuses about boyfriends!

  1. We women are the most innocent creature in this world; even some of us truly love their husbands.
  2. The men are renowned by what they do, women by directing men to do.
  3. The men are wrong, great men always admit that they were wrong.
  4. And one day all men in this world will discover that these flying plates were only studying the lives of bugs.
  5. Those men who do not pay attention to beautiful always deserve a treatment in a mental hospital.
  6. Love is the medical disorder in which men are more likely to see the fake things.
  7. Controlling others men is intelligence, controlling your own husband is true magic.
  8. Men who seek happiness in their married life are like the drunk who can not find their own home, even though knowing they have it.
  9. Women recently discovered that woman is clever. This is something that men have known for centuries.
  10. Men can buy everything in the stores, but as there are no shops of girlfriends, men have no girlfriends.
  11. Men are easy to remove. Just don't get closer.
  12. Most men are like magnets. They have a side that attracts women and drive back other men.
  13. Men are like wine: age converts the good into better and better into excellent.
  14. All men are afraid of their wives. Who is not afraid, is not normal, this has nothing to do with guts.
  15. When you have a boyfriend or a 100$ note, both give uncertain feelings within your heart.
  16. If all men exactly get what they deserve, there would leave only money in the world.
  17. Girls do not desire good looking men, but the men who had good-looking girlfriends.
  18. There are stupid men and crazy women who make the marriage an opportunity of adultery.
  19. You know, maybe it is difficult to believe in love, or perhaps it will make you feel bad, but it's worth believing. His money is changing me, before him my heart was frozen, wounded and disillusioned but now I can fully enjoy my shopping on his cash.
  20. A peaceful wife is a paradise for men.
  21. There are few men able to praise the beauty of their friend's girlfriend without jealousy.
  22. The less a husband thinks, the more he obeys his wife.
  23. Men and women are two opposite genders; away from good and evil is nothing like they live together.
  24. A woman has always known what she required. A man in reality does not know. He thinks he knows but do not know. The woman thinks that she does not know, but she knows.
  25. The men are divided into two types: the one who are afraid of their wives and those who act as if they do not.
  26. Pathetic men trust in love. Tough men believe in source and result.
  27. In money and in love men are always more lucky than women.
  28. Before you deceive a male think twice, he could hurt you by taking his money back.
  29. Men are like an old radio, every time they need a tuning for a clear voice.
  30. There is only one thing that fixes a man brain: brain.
  31. Men are easily affronted by terror or abhorrence.
  32. Love with a smart man is sensitive, but love with a rich man is safer.
Question: Men and women are being different and being equal in many relationships and both can work together in a same workplace, so where is the difference?

Answer: In their physical body.
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Inspirational Quotes That Give You Hope

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Are you looking for cute love quotes that give you hope? These inspirational words about faith, hope and love will bring you out from the darkness of disappointment and you may turn into a true believer of one God.

hope for love quotes

In life, sometimes people encounter undesirable circumstances, which are repeated or new, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. Whenever we face these situations, people usually try to hard to recover so they can be happy. I think that, as time goes by, people can become mature and wiser from various experiences. Therefore, I hope that we will have the skills to regain our happiness quickly and be flexible in responding when unpleasant situations occur.

never lose hope quotes

Love quotes that give you hope!

  1. It is so sad that we look for the negative. None of us are perfect and none of us do everything right. Let us look for the good.
  2. They say love is patient; love is kind, love never ends, but it does play with your mind. Some have faith, some hope for a love that is true, but the greatest of these has always loved you.
  3. Life has challenges but don't make a mistake to lose a hope. If you face challenges, don’t put your hope into people just prayed to God.
  4. Never lose hope, Never give up on your faith, and Never stop believing in your dreams because miracles do happen; you just need to believe in yourself and trust in God.
  5. Dear God, if one day I lose hope and goal, give me the confidence that your destiny better than everything I want and everything I dreamed of.
  6. Someone will lose spirit when he did not believe that there is hope.
  7. A true friend gives hope when life is low. A friend is a place where you can go and get peace in bad moments. so never lose hope!
  8. Everyone always dreams about living a meaningful and productive life rather than a meaningless life. Hope for the best is only motivation through which people can build their beautiful lives.
  9. It’s a long hard road but I am ready to ride on it. My shoulders are strong, my hands are strong and full of talents and my head is high, God gives me life and there is a hope.
  10. Life is a test; some get it easy and learn nothing. Some people get big failures, but learn everything.
  11. The greatest blessings always come from the hardest time in our life. Find that ray of hope and make sure that you will overcome.
  12. A river cuts the rocks not because of its power, but because it keeps going on remembrance, never loses the hope. Defend and face the challenges to increase the courage, keep moving towards your target, to say the word that this is your year to shine.
  13. There is only one thing that keeps us float & that is hope. No matter how tough life becomes & how many difficulties we face, we should not give up. Hope is the only thing we have, when everything seems to be against us. Yes, we may lose everything we had but let’s not lose the hope.
  14. When going through hard times, do not lose hope; you will achieve your goal because certain bad luck is actually a blessing in disguise.
  15. Yes, life can sometimes throw up stones from all angles, it can make you forget to breathe, but never lose hope, pray continually, keep your head high, refuse to worry or panic attacks, we will make it thru, so be a strong woman.
  16. Cheers to the singles, pray that we may never lose hope that someday we will find our heart's one true love! And to all those, whose hearts are already taken, enjoy while it lasts.
  17. The strongest steel must pass through the hottest fire, so don't be surprised at the fiery trials that will come your way as something strange, we need some fire up in our lives, it tries our faith to see what we made.
  18. Don't lose faith or hope for they are your strongest allies and remember out there in the world someone does love you and need you. So find the will, strength, faith, hope and love deep inside yourself to carry on and don't give into despair.
  19. A mother feeds her baby, provides shelter and protects. A mother does not put obstacles of any harm in the baby's way so the baby will look up and notice who you are, she loves her baby without any expectation for that baby to show faith, hope and trust. A mother just gives the love that is needed.
  20. Roses are red, violets are blue. Love is kind so are you. You are special and on this day I wish you health, wealth, happiness, peace, hope, faith above all love always.
  21. Love is the single most important thing you can have. So share and let your heart shine today.
  22. When I grow old, I hope I would have some wrinkled hands holding mine in faith and trust and walking by my side, towards the end of the journey of my life, rather than having to deal with memories of some lost love in my heart.
  23. God has an everlasting insurance plan for those who qualify. Wreck your spirit He'll replace it with hope. Crush your soul and He'll restore it with a lifetime warranty. Total your faiths He'll buy it back at any price, so stay encourage.

With our faith and hope set on God, we can live more courageously day by day. We are not excused from life's difficulties and sorrows, but we trust God will get us through them.

Instagram Funny Captions for Selfie

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It really fun when you find a funny captions for Instagram selfies, so you scroll down to the comments to see how the debate's going, and you can't even make sense of what is being said! All because people refuse to use proper grammatical structure and words that can actually be found in a dictionary. Not to mention, everyone's best defense seems to be talking about how weird someone is, or calling them a number of different insulting names. Listen up, idiots of Instagram: if you can't even speak properly, coherently, read and write using proper English, or even focus on the topic at hand logically and intelligently, nobody cares about your weird comments. Go back to school to relearn English. Of course, then you can speak your mind without being harassed for being a blubbering idiot. Thank you, good day and use these hilarious captions on Instagram wisely!

 Instagram funny captions

Funny selfie quotes!

The one most important thing to do in today’s life is none other than take a selfie.
  • A daily selfie will take all pain away
  • A daily selfie will change the lives of everyone around you.
  • A daily selfie reminds you what you look like.
  • A daily selfie can show off your new hair do.
  • A daily selfie can show everyone how absolutely vain you are and how you truly have jack shit to do with your time.

So for the love of a selfies, here is mine for today. I hope this changes your life as my life has been changed by others.

Funny caption ideas

Funny Captions for Instagram!

  1. Blah blah, random somewhat motivational post designed to give you a warm fuzzy and positive outlook for the day but could also be someone looking to get several likes at any rate, blah blah, and blah some more, then ending it with "Have a good Sunday

  1. I'm not glad it's "Friday" I'm glad it's "Today". Love your life 7 days a week.

  1. It's weird how following someone on Instagram allows you to see a person everyday yet they might not even know you exist.

  1. My favorite past time is going through super star girls photos until I find the super sense girl that they've tried to bury under thousands of Instagram selfies.

  1. I tell everyone goodnight then stay awake and look at Instagram and Facebook and like things but never talk to anyone.

  1. I'm starting to like Instagram, which is weird because I hate pictures.

  1. I looked at my Instagram photos and realized I look beautiful.

  1. I’ve just un-followed 2000 people on instagram because they're ugly and post the same selfies everyday.

  1. It doesn't matter what you studied and what you work.  The only thing which matters at end of the day is the money in your bank account.

  1. Anyone knows my instagram username not making a new account again.

  1. I have to agree. I know he says some pretty inspirational things, but we're fully capable of motivating ourselves.

  1. There shouldn't be a fear of getting old. It's the fear of not getting there that scares me.

  1. If you're starting a metal band and need a name, chances are you'll find one in a biology book, Examinations, Pathogen, Rigor Morris, Carcinogen, Antigen, Blood Borne, Vector. I'm sure these are all currently existing bands.

  1. Are people upset because someone they knew died or are they simply upset at the fact that they're reminded that they too will die?

  1. Eating a whole apple core because you can't be bothered going to the bin, admit it, you've done it.

  1. Coming back to face the reality that a normal day is not beer on the beach or calamari in the belly.

  1. I absolutely hate instagram, and anything else having to do with hashtags.

  1. I have this new theory that human adolescence doesn't end until your early thirties.

  1. I have friends and acquaintances of various races and ethnicities. I consider myself a culturally sensitive person. But I seriously think there should be a universal deodorant rule.

  1. If life was like a video game, I could turn it off when I don't want to play. Or I could roll back to an earlier save file. Or I could simply pause it while I go take a nap. This would be so much better.

  1. Can you believe that it's faster for me to restart my computer than wait for windows to recognize and use my headset?

  1. Someone stands to gain a ton of money by starting the Instagram app, considering there's no place to set up and jam without feeling your friends secretly hate you for doing it.

  1. If you haven't watched Sound City yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. It's a history lesson in music and the recording industry. It reminds us that digital technology has enabled people who have no business in the music industry to become stars.

  1. It’s Weird that all pics shared from Instagram are always blurring.

  1. I think it's weird if a girl doesn't have an Instagram now days.

  1. All you hipster need to stop wearing Nirvana shirts if you don't even listen to them.

  1. After a series of experimental nights, my observations have led me to the stark conclusion that gin and tonic is the devil.
Funny Tumblr captions

I will re-follow people who follow me on Instagram. I un-follow people and am only going to follow those who follow me! But when I tried to follow people now, stupid Instagram won’t let me. So eventually when Instagram isn't being stupid, I'll follow those who follow me again.

List of 300 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

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The following list of cute nicknames will force you to call your boyfriend or lover or spouse with. Every girl dream for a unique secret name to call her partner and you dream is going to fulfill through this page. I tried my best to include all letter names from A to Z but if you got more creative pet names in Spanish or any other language than I will appreciate if you share in the comments.
cute nicknames for guys

It’s important to use such cute nicknames to call each other during communication in a relationship. If you don't, then how would you be on the same page as that person! Timing is very special too. No matter what, I believe your boyfriend should enjoy that pet name in the right time to advantage. Because when you all both have use sweet nicks for each other time to time should feel very precious to both of y'all. There shouldn't be any excuses. Nor should there be any reason why your special someone feels like the spark isn't there anymore. If that guy makes a decision to walk away just because you don't take time out to be with him.

Aero App
Act of Love
Actor of Mars
Al Pasta
Al Butter
Al Honey
Al Apes
Al Gangster
Al Champ
Al Nitro
Atlas Ache

Beat of Bee
Bachelor Hand
Beacon Biscuit
Blurry Face
Broken Always
Beta Hero
Back of Hercules
Blow Bunny
Bravo Don
Black Shun
Beaky Buy
Bold Bull
Buzz Bun
Balcony Guy
Bull of Houston
Busy King
Bucket Smile

Capricorn King
Coupon Heart
Crazy Ken
Cute Con
Catchy Creeper
Chulo ( Spanish name derived from a song)
Carino (Mexican charm)
Cabeza (Italian nick)
Cuddly Monk
Coin On
Chuck Chains
Clever Crush
Charming Chuck

Dulzura (Spanish nick means beloved or darling)
Dracula like
Dragon Cat
Double Jam
Dancing Drop
Dew Dagger
Dove Lope
Deeper Man
Dual Danger
Django Mask (Italian mix)
Drizzling Statute
Depth Personality
Do More
Dying Hero

Eclipse On
Echo Sub
Eve Filler
Ego Hub
Egyptian Wave
Einstein Clone
Elliot Eye
Easy Man
Enrique Edge
Euro Height
Elder Lover

Frozen Pho
Fizzy Flat
Finest Stiff
Foggy Fitch
Fifer David
Flapper Gem
Fantasy Banta
Fokker Owl
Friendly Boss
Fullest Freak
Freaky Flow
Fly of NY
Final Nine
Fofo Eagle
Frito Bull

Golden Owl
Greasy Ox
Grill of sand
Gorgeous Jug
Giggly Lad
Glacier Fox
Galaxy Train
Glasgow Hunter
Gemini Stick
Genius Ginny
 General Mist
Go Guider
Glazy Bin
Gaga Glory
Glitch Picker

Honey Lips
Honey Eyes
Honey Glaze
Hot Breather
Hot Cube
Hyper Moo
Hello Counter
Hi Jack
Hawaii Hawk
Hotshot Mr.
Hat Lover
Hoax Bee
Hera Shine
Humpty Hero  

Innocence of Moon
Innocent Pilot
Insane Dove
Intelligent Icon
Irish Mug
Icy Lips
Interior Hugger
Itchy Lips
Italian Boss
Irish Hanger
Idiot of Pluto
Idol of Ace

Jack Raw
Jupiter Guy
Junior Judge
Jubilee Jingle
Jazz Smile
Justice Band
Juicy Lips
Jogo Ginny
Jesse John
Jazzy Junk
Jungle Champ

Kissing Rider
Kisser of Mars
Kasper 21
Kilo King
King of Nights
Kit Kat
Kind Sleeper
Knot On
Keeper Eyes
Kicky Jogger
Kit Kim

Last Monk
Lasting Fever
Lovely Bun
Loving Boo
Light Mad
Lower Lover
Life Bug
Lake of Love
Lazy Runner
Little Eyes
Lice Killer
Lemon Puff
Luxury Lion
Love Locker
Lad of Neptune
Landlord Fan 

Mi Pollito
Mustache Master
Micro Max
Minor Munch
Master Pearl
Mi Amor (use for attractive Mexican guys)
Magical Eyes
Magician Man
Macaroni Bull
My Soul
My Fear
My Map
My Major
My Minor
My Jump
My Catch
My Mist
My Monk
My Magic
My Mule
Mysterious Mexican
My Monopoly
Mule Maker
Mist of Care

Nasty Rider
Night Copier
Naughty 19
Nice Play
Niche Guy
Nuclear Heart
Never Guy
Nerd Guru
Navy Seal
National Champ
North Storm
Nick Pick

Open Pink
Oprah coach
Obvious Talent
Only Sage
Orchestra Player
Ozone Fever
One Jack

Papi (Cute Spanish)
Pet Boo
Panic Hero
Pasta Punch
Punching Pad
Plain Honey
Pizza Guy
Prom Rider
Playful Full
Pixie Jin

Querido (a Spanish name means charming)
Qatar Rose
Quadratic Boy
Quality Looser

Union Start
Urban Formula

Rocking Wrist
Real Racer
Rare Romeo
Running Pearl
Ripper Core
Rancher Cut

Slavic Stun
Sweet Iron
Super Ash
Senior Son
Slop of Love
Sunny Leo
Sneaky Lips
Sage saga
Slow Train
Sugary Little
Sugar Potato
Snow Sun
Sweeter Syrup
Sure Shot
Shut None
Slate of Adore
Stony Rick
Sandy Boy
Sizzling Sea
Side Shore
Salsa Soup
Tough Rough
Tight Looser
Tiny Giant
Tweet Book
Toper Dawn
Tsunami Caster
Tramp Jailer
Ticket Lover
Trophy Runner
Tarzan Twin
Tattoo Truck

Violent Naive
Violet Wax
Villain Villa
Victoria Covert  
Venezuela Blue

Wolf of Galaxy
Wonder Wind
Wow Man
Winning Sweet
Waving Worker
Wicca Jin
Wacky Itch
Xian Alpha
Xiao Arc
Xbox Hero

Yellow Hen
Yoyo Yen
Yolo Fan
Yelling Ninja
Yeast of Love
Yale Ox
Yes Boo
Yearly Kisser
Yokel Local
Yawning Ruler

Zero Up
Zip Gum
Zoom M

Feel free to call your boyfriend with these cute names on his birthday, special parties, occasionally or you could also dare to call him with these nicks on regular basic. 

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