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Whatsapp Funny Status for Boyfriend

Post these weird and funny Whatsapp statuses about your boyfriend an gift a funny laugh to your best friends. Hope you cannot stop your laugh after reading these short but funny quotes about guys and girlfriend relationships.

Funny Whatsapp statuses about boyfriends!We women are the most innocent creature in this world; even some of us truly love their husbands.The men are renowned by what they do, women by directing men to do.The men are wrong, great men always admit that they were wrong.And one day all men in this world will discover that these flying plates were only studying the lives of bugs.Those men who do not pay attention to beautiful always deserve a treatment in a mental hospital.Love is the medical disorder in which men are more likely to see the fake things.Controlling others men is intelligence, controlling your own husband is true magic.Men who seek happiness in their married life are like the drunk who can not find their own…

Inspirational Quotes That Give You Hope

Are you looking for cute love quotes that give you hope? These inspirational words about faith, hope and love will bring you out from the darkness of disappointment and you may turn into a true believer of one God.

In life, sometimes people encounter undesirable circumstances, which are repeated or new, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. Whenever we face these situations, people usually try to hard to recover so they can be happy. I think that, as time goes by, people can become mature and wiser from various experiences. Therefore, I hope that we will have the skills to regain our happiness quickly and be flexible in responding when unpleasant situations occur.

Love quotes that give you hope!It is so sad that we look for the negative. None of us are perfect and none of us do everything right. Let us look for the good.They say love is patient; love is kind, love never ends, but it does play with your mind. Some have faith, some hope for a love that is true, but th…

Instagram Funny Captions for Selfie

It really fun when you find a funny captions for Instagram selfies, so you scroll down to the comments to see how the debate's going, and you can't even make sense of what is being said! All because people refuse to use proper grammatical structure and words that can actually be found in a dictionary. Not to mention, everyone's best defense seems to be talking about how weird someone is, or calling them a number of different insulting names. Listen up, idiots of Instagram: if you can't even speak properly, coherently, read and write using proper English, or even focus on the topic at hand logically and intelligently, nobody cares about your weird comments. Go back to school to relearn English. Of course, then you can speak your mind without being harassed for being a blubbering idiot. Thank you, good day and use these hilarious captions on Instagram wisely!

Funny selfie quotes!
The one most important thing to do in today’s life is none other than take a selfie. A daily…

List of 300 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

The following list of cute nicknames will force you to call your boyfriend or lover or spouse with. Every girl dream for a unique secret name to call her partner and you dream is going to fulfill through this page. I tried my best to include all letter names from A to Z but if you got more creative pet names in Spanish or any other language than I will appreciate if you share in the comments.
It’s important to use such cute nicknames to call each other during communication in a relationship. If you don't, then how would you be on the same page as that person! Timing is very special too. No matter what, I believe your boyfriend should enjoy that pet name in the right time to advantage. Because when you all both have use sweet nicks for each other time to time should feel very precious to both of y'all. There shouldn't be any excuses. Nor should there be any reason why your special someone feels like the spark isn't there anymore. If that guy makes a decision to walk aw…