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Funny Attitude Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Do you urgently require a funny quote or a short attitude status for Whatsapp or Facebook? Don’t worry here you will get a brand new collection of funny attitude statuses ideas for sober girls, bad guys and straight people. I just want to inform all the females that when you on Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook your private photos, just remember that there are young boys, young girls, and other females husbands who may learn something wrong from your bad attitude. There are also Moms who are teaching their daughters self respect and their sons what respect looks like. We all should be accountable, including those who click like. Respect yourself. You don’t have to be half dressed on Whatsapp or Instagram to get attention.
Funny Attitude Whatsapp Statuses!
To Whom It May Concern; when you post a picture of you studying or picture of your books to show us that you are studying please don't forget to also take a picture of your script the next week when you get your results.
Don't c…

Tragedy of Cruel Elephants Training For Circus

Most of us really like to enjoy each and every bit of circus and elephants show is our favorite part, but do you ever think about the cruel training for these pity elephants? I had planned to let the Elephants speak for themselves with their bellows of pain as they’re beaten into submission as routine training but was told I couldn't play the video. So I will try to speak for them.
I have come here today to ask that you seriously consider banning circuses that use animals or at the very least ban the use of the bull hook, whips and chains. First let me inspire you to take that leadership role to step up to the plate and do the right thing with this bit of shocking news. China, a country known for widespread animal cruelty that at times seems to know no bounds has taken the unprecedented step by banning all circuses that use animals. Let me say that again, China has mandated an end to animal circuses and has warned its zoos to stop the abuse. Now if China can see how horribly abus…

Two Letter Scrabble Words A to Z

In this awesome post you will learn a lot about two letter scrabble words cheats and guru tricks. It's no big secret that one of the first steps to becoming better at Scrabble (and for that matter, Ban-anagrams, Diddler, Upwards, Words with Friends, and similar games) is to know your two-letter words really well. Playing a short-to-medium length word parallel to an opponent's word, forming a whole slew of secondary two-letter words is my favorite thing to do in life. It racks up loads of points even with low-value tiles, and tends to not give away high-scoring opportunities to your opponents. Indeed, according to some guy on the internet, 75% of Scrabble words played are between two and four letters long, and 50% of points earned are from those 2-4 letter words. Memorizing all the three- and four-letter words in the English language is a pretty daunting task, but memorizing the TWO-letter words is not hard at all-- there aren't that many-- and once that's done, learnin…

True Story of Unsung Heroes of Animal Rescue

You may read a multiple book and articles animal heroes true rescue stories, this story is not a famous one but surely it will touch your hearts. Tonight I went to the beach to watch 2 sea turtle nests. At 11:pm 3 young college kids, two girls and a guy, came over. I had met them 2 weeks ago when they asked what I was doing sitting by a nest. I told them about the sea turtles and they sat there for several hours with me getting an education about sea turtles and other imperiled marine life. We watched the nest but nothing happened. The next night they were curious so they went to check on the same nest at about 11:pm. It had started to hatch. They were sure the hatch lings would go toward the water. They had no buckets or flashlights, they couldn't call me because they didn't have my cell (which I think everyone on the planet must have by now and knows I'm on call for animal rescue 24/7)
The nest started to hatch with 80 babies racing toward the dune. They remained calm a…

Quotes on Happy and Safe Journey Wishes

Everyone likes to wish happy and safe journey wishes to their loved ones and these quotes will definitely convey your message in a decent way. Sometimes a simple looking trip does not go to the swift, but to those who keep on running their tracks with ambition and do not give up. Sometimes it seems like where we are going and what we are doing is of no value, but every journey brings a lot of lessons in our life and I want to encourage you to continue your travel because your destination is coming in. Share these safe journey quotes to your friends, lover, husband and colleagues on Facebook and let show your presence with them.
Safe journey wishes!
Beautiful eyes see beautiful things and an amazing girl like you shall always meet amazing people along the way. May your journey keep getting better and better and the smile on your face never fades away.
Your journey might be cruel and hard, life might be bitter, but there are lives around each corner of your life. Your happiness is mine a…

25 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl on Facebook

Ask serious questions on the Facebook status and you see girls stroll on by as if you said nothing at all. Ask some funny questions and they'll feed off it for days to come. You could also ask these weird questions to your girlfriend by inbox her, or go it viral for all the girls in your FB circle, hope you will get a lot of likes and comments after starting this game.
Do you ever have those moments when everything seems funny, but no one gets your humor? And in spite of their straight faces, the giggles will not cease? In fact, the more serious they look the funnier it becomes. And you feel like you did when you were a little kid and your mom would tell you to stop laughing and be quiet, but the more you tried the harder it was to suppress your giggles? That is a very strange place to be when you’re a grandma now and the role has reversed! When I was a kid at that moment I wanted to tell my mom to lighten up! Hey, kids lighten up! Life is too short to take it so seriously. If yo…

Funny Posters and Slogans for Facebook

Funny SlogansA Company slogan is one of the most important elements that help to build the uniqueness of the company. A good slogan must be a versatile, meaningful, creative and memorable that customer can easily remember. A company slogan and logo both play an important role to suggest, where the company or business is going, what is its policy and values.
An advertising slogan is the password to attract customer’s concentration to the company or to its specific service or product.
Catchy Slogan Ideas: We got you covered everywhere.We are promoting success after your every fear.Cry & cry until you win.Don’t do the same mistake.Leave life to the fullest.Never look back & learn to appreciate.Be yourself before you choose your friends.I first then the rest!My ego at the peak!Stories first, facts a distant secondWe’re not making any links, we are simply implying them.We are just being polite even for strangers.Don’t accept anything less than you deserveNothing is like a good food a…

Birthday Thank You Quotes for Facebook

I bet you would like to post these thank you quotes for happy birthday wishes on your Facebook, Whatsapp status and Instagram bios with your birthday fun photos. You can also use these sample notes to appreciate someone gifts and favors you received on your special day.
How to say thank you quotes for birthday wishes!
Thank you all for the birthday messages. It is highly appreciated. I pray that I have the honor and blessing of your good wishes for a long time to come. I must however acknowledge that I also pray that those who had a dark day will also be given that which they need to persevere and face tomorrow.
I want to thank the hundreds of friends and well wishes for your acts of kindness, words of encouragement and love you've shown me for my birthday. I'm blessed and fortunate to be acquainted with so many beautiful people. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for taking time to care.
I want to thank everyone for all the kind words and wonderful birthday wishes yes…

College Survival Kit Ideas for Guys

Every guy needs some cute ideas for high school graduate or college survival kit, on this page you will discover all the necessary items you need to become a super student or freshman of the year. We all want to have the things we want. It’s a natural effect that triggers your mind to admire something, get hooked, daydream and eventually obsess about it, but it isn't easy to satisfy. I am talking about wicked gadgets that make you feel like batman or some kind of CIA secret agent with all those bad-ass gadgets. We may not have a portable quantum super computer, an invisible suit, super shades or inceptions portable dream-in-an-instant machine but at least it’s OK to drool over gadgets that is available in the market.
we drool even more when we reach college, Seeing people with all their laptops and updated cell phones... you start wondering, what are the things that would really complete my college and years beyond (aside from friends and families of course) behold my personal su…

Good Ideas for Instagram Bios

You can make super good Instagram bios by posting these cute and funny quotes on your IG. I am so frustrated with angry people on Instagram attacking one group of people through their clever bios. Let people be. No reason to attack someone because they practice something different, or because they are different. There is no reason to automatically assume someone is conservative/liberal that they are a certain way. To say just be one is funny that they are evil is beyond ignorant. No need to say something like, "all cops are bad" or all "guys are cheaters" or "all girls love selfies" You are putting a large group of people into one category. All whites are not one way, all blacks are not another. Everyone pretty much knows this, and would consider someone ignorant to say otherwise. Why is it all of a sudden acceptable to put a religion, or a job, or a hobby into a category and say they are a certain way?
Good Instagram bios quote!
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