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Ten Plus Reasons to Date a Football Player

Here you will discover the more than top 10 reasons why you should date a football player.

There are so many reasons to date a football player or anyone you really love. Dating could be fun if your crush belongs to your favorite sports and soccer is the world most favorite game, so there comes a big list of reasons to start dating with a footballer in your community. But there is nothing I hate more than little girls who think they're grown and get ready for dating. Most of the underage girls try to date with men of their favorite shows or sports, for example there are millions of underage girls who are ready to date with a Hollywood celebrity or soccer player. When your statuses have words with more than one of the letters and it's not necessary, when you make duck lips and dress like a wench and when you are getting drunk and you're not even out of high school. You’re not cute. You're dumb. Go to school. Get into college. Figure out a career. Then party. Yeah you got a ton of likes on your Instagram and Facebook but you're a derelict who's illiterate.

10 Plus Reasons To Date A Soccer Player!

Date a soccer player
  1. He always likes to hold the top position.
  2. He can do it anywhere, anytime.
  3. He is always super good in handling great ball skills.
  4. He gives the same excellent performance from start to end.
  5. He always hit the ball in correct box.
  6. He is expert in going hard for complete 90 minutes.
  7. His protective gear is always on.
  8. He will never disappoint you even if the ground is wet or sloppy.
  9. His lights are always on for night games.
  10. For him, sweating is not a problem at all.
  11. He knows how to run a passion in lover’s heart.
  12. In or out? He can’t promise about it.
  13. He could yell like Hercules when he likes what’s going on.
  14. He is always available in a standard big size.
  15. It’s thrilling but true, he can do it in 11 awesome positions.
  16. He is very tricky and takes the charge anytime.
  17. He could easily identify between millions.
  18. He knows how to keep warm in cold.
  19. He knows very well about how to straightly head the ball.
  20. The word tired isn’t available in his dictionary.
  21. He never give-up until someone win the score.
  22. He believes in his strength.
  23. He never stops when he scores but chase for more.
  24. He is always for all barriers coming in his way.
  25. He is very well familiar about how to celebrate a victory.
  26. If he ever gets hurt, he will be back in the show in less than 5 minutes.
  27. He always gets exciting by getting overtime.
  28. His only passion is scoring.
  29. He is enough brave and don’t afraid to get down or getting dirty.
  30. Yes he is popular in everyone’s heart.
To all you girls out there, please stop letting your mates go out on a night out looking like a total state. It probably makes you feel better about yourself, or maybe you haven't got the heart to tell them they look a show but for my own personal sanity I'd appreciate it if you could give them the once over whilst you're necking your Blossom Hill Rose before hitting whatever inbred town you choose to stagger around. It used to be the small things that triggered my gag reflex like the classic cottage cheese thighs or the poorly executed hair extensions but of late the list is growing, till the next update you can continue to date with a soccer player with the above mentioned reasons. 


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