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Ten Plus Reasons to Date a Football Player

Here you will discover the more than top 10 reasons why you should date a football player.
There are so many reasons to date a football player or anyone you really love. Dating could be fun if your crush belongs to your favorite sports and soccer is the world most favorite game, so there comes a big list of reasons to start dating with a footballer in your community. But there is nothing I hate more than little girls who think they're grown and get ready for dating. Most of the underage girls try to date with men of their favorite shows or sports, for example there are millions of underage girls who are ready to date with a Hollywood celebrity or soccer player. When your statuses have words with more than one of the letters and it's not necessary, when you make duck lips and dress like a wench and when you are getting drunk and you're not even out of high school. You’re not cute. You're dumb. Go to school. Get into college. Figure out a career. Then party. Yeah you g…

How Facebook is leading to Depression

Besides bullying, Facebook is also leading to depression and the latest statistics and survey shows it clearly that this Facebook thing is playing a vast role and a big cause of cyber bullying. I just realized, I don't get the modern Internet. When I started in this business, people who gave opinions tended to have at least a PhD in what they were talking about; now they just have stupid glasses, a keyboard and no concept of shame or of their own worthlessness.
As an analyst (I so rarely get to say that these days!) one of the most worrying things I saw at the beginning of the social media era was this whole negative peer-reinforcement malarkey that is still really common. People are so scared of being seen to be different that when somebody in their tribe posts something that is frankly moronic, you will generally see the rest of the group saying how great it is and actually encouraging the negative behavior. The same obviously happens for the trite behavior with a quite obvious…