Famous Anti Racism Quotes

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These famous anti racism quotes will help you stop creating a burden for yourself! Stop living in a lie, and stop talking about yourself when that 'self' is not even you at all. Trust me, from my quote, GOOD will come after we ALL feel the same guilt we are hiding from each other. Doing the wrong things doesn't make you evil and it shouldn't unless your brain really wants evil to take place, intend on it, then kill the next person.

But for those, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, adolescents, widows, monks, priests, sheikhs, Imams, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Pagans, non-straight, Straight, or what is considered the so-called Normal.

One of the most successful aspects of institutionalized racism is its social acceptance as a normal way of life. In the instance that it is challenged there are numerous legal and social justifications given for the deaths of black and brown individuals in the name of preventing violence. Then the same individuals who benefit from this system turn around and state all life is created equal, the process is fair to everyone, the system is for everyone, and you are just emotional. Sorry you are just delusional.
Anti Racism Quotes

Anti Racism Quotes:

  1. If we go into every conversation and interaction with fellow humans with the two greatest commandments in our hearts and minds, we should always be able to lift one another. I vow to continue to strive to love my neighbor as myself.
  2. If we all, removed our masks, revealed our wounds and very sins, stand bare naked, all of us, knowing our shame, guilt, and the rest of your flaws, then the world would be a better place...and thus...many mouths will remain shut.
  3. I learned that ‪‎racism is a big problem and people don't notice it really because they're either oppressed or blinded to what is really going and what we're supposed to be doing even when the problem is right in our face, we even get thrown in a cell for life or harassed for walking through a neighborhood to a store and looking "shady" then shot with no justice for example.
  4. Follow yourself, for you are not your parents, your teachers, not your neighbors, not your friends, and almost many people. They live by their ways and it should not mean you should follow them. Do take some ideas from them... But at the end of the road, you are the one who's walking to YOUR destination, not theirs.
  5. The karma from it is, being so damn scared of being exposed to the world for your crimes you try to hide.
  6. You and I are all still masked beings, perfectly flawed. Let us all be aware of that!
  7. I get to state my experiences of likes and dislikes due to experiences and what I've seen. It should not mean that I am against many things but I am just aware that what’s ordinary and what's said to be good are not that good...it's how it is in the REAL world.
  8. The world would be a better place if everyone knew each other's dark and filthy sins for they will have nothing to lose and it’s a progress to see how many would support each other, accept each other and focus on a unity plan and a solution.
  9. The most insidious thing about privilege is always that it tends to be invisible to those who have it. And trying to convince people they do have it is usually perceived as an attack.
  10. I can at least let my recognition of them help me better empathize with people who have a different cultural experience than I do. And unfortunately, I've found that failing to recognize them is to risk being seen as condescending, even when I know my motives are pure.

I think we stand to be most productive sitting down together, not to hold hands singing together, but to bring dignity & respect to the realness of our individual human stories.

Reality is while racism may not seem to be every person's issue in the United States, if we have a single loved one, neighbor, friend, etc. who have fallen subject to this thing (I have), then it becomes our story. It's not just my story. It's your story. It is our history. History cannot be rewritten, but it can be redirected. We don't have to be bitter; we need to be better.

We really need to spend more time better listening to one another's human story, learning from it & growing from it together. We may not have built this wall of division, but we can together help to continue tearing it down. Let's do some soul searching and ask God "is there anything in me that needs to change [as a white person, black person, brown person]? Change me God. Let's not "get over it", but deal with it. "Together we stand, divided we fall.

40 Funny Questions to Ask on Yahoo Answers

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I think a really fun thing to do online is to go to Yahoo answers and asks someone a really stupid but answerable question. So if you’re getting bored, try out answering these funny questions.

I hate when you're trying to get help with homework so you open yahoo answers and the answer is "do your own homework”.

Funny Yahoo Question

  1. How the animal rights people have outlawed riding a Kangaroo without a saddle and special license?
  2. If you could give someone easiest suicide advice, what would it be?
  3. Does anyone know the discount code for buying a breakup?
  4. I'm just curious, why do women need to put lots of make up when heading grocery shopping?
  5. How can I fix my stupid boyfriend?
  6. What is the capital of Mars?
  7. What is the best translation program for alien words?
  8. I am looking for an Android app to detect a person who farts, any help?
  9. Which part of the world has the most Gold Diggers?
  10. Can we contact aliens through NASA?
  11. Name the first female who used the internet?
  12. What is more delicious, elephant or loin meat?
  13. Can I hack my own Facebook account?
  14. Is it legal to ask questions from US government on Yahoo Answers?
  15. What are other benefits of using toilet roll?
  16. What people do before the invention of toilet roll?
  17. What are the facts behind area 51?
  18. How many potatoes can you eat by using Facebook?
  19. Should I fire a case against Lady Gaga, my little daughter gets afraid of her voice?
  20. Why people destroy their pictures on Instagram?
  21. Can we still update our Facebook statuses in the space?
  22. What Facebook does with the accounts of dead people?
  23. Is it possible for me to start a new business at Mars because economy condition here on planet earth is worst?
  24. Just like Justin Bieber I want to record my solo song on YouTube, anybody here to sponsor me?
  25. Does Jet Audio program made by some genius pilot?
  26. Should making fake accounts on Facebook remain tax free?
  27. How could I successfully control my girlfriend mind?
  28. What is the best small business idea for my mastermind husband?
  29. Anxiety is a viral disease in love or just a stage?
  30. My wife cannot live without shopping, kindly advice me how to cheat in shopping centers.
  31. Can I change my hair color with red pen ink?
  32. What does it mean if your poop sinks or floats?
  33. How to terrorize snakes?
  34. I dropped my Iphone mini in the toilet, can I still ask for the claim?
  35. Why does my powder bleach always disappear on a Sunday?
  36. Do you have any swag hairstyle idea for my sweet cat?
  37. Is there any smart device in the market to push for cheating my boring husband?
  38. What is a difference between a real man and someone who lay down to create a child?
  39. Why I cannot see the moon and stars in daylight?
  40. Give me some useful suggestions to get adopted by Angelina Jolie.
  41. Note: if you know the answer of any questions listed above, kindly post it here; it must be a real knowledgeable fun.

Tips for a Healthier Home and Healthy Lifestyle

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By adopting these healthy lifestyle tips at home you can really relax yourself and refresh your energy. You have to do a few little things and you will suddenly feel a better new change in your old home.

Tips for healthy lifestyle in home:

Safe and Healthy home tips
  1. First of all throw away all spare and unused things, like old furniture, old photos, CD racks, books, broken toys, spare electronic equipment's, etc. Only keep the things that you really need. Now you can see how much breathing space you just get unexpectedly in your home.

  1. Bring yourself near to the nature, grow flowery and fruity plants in stylish pots and set these pots on your balcony, stairs, corridor, etc. As we know green plants are good for eyes and also a good source of fresh oxygen.

  1. Feel free to invest in air purifiers that cleanse the air and filters for drinking fresh water.
  2. There must be a proper ventilation system in your kitchen; proper aeration system saves your kitchen from the extra heat and unwanted smell of cooking.

  1. Always shop smartly, only purchase the households that you really need and avoid unnecessary shopping, unwanted things not only acquire extra space in your house but also disturb your financial budget as well.

  1. Avoid drinking and smoking habits in your house, it pollutes your internal environment badly.

  1. Your bedroom should be as simple with minimal accessories; a healthier bedroom must be free from TV, computer, book racks, and strong lightnings. Forget the use of heavy curtains in your bedroom (they do not soak up light), but vague the blinders.

  1. Decorate your living room, drawing room, kitchen and bedroom with colorful wallpapers, posters with motivational quotations about life and love, sceneries, etc.

  1. Only bring seasonal and fresh fruits in your home, also avoid freezing fruits or vegetables for a long time in your freezer.

  1. Regularly clean the things which give you the impression of clean and clear e.g. cell phone, remote control, refrigerator handles, kid toys, tablets, PC, glasses, etc.

  1. Do not allow your pets to enter in your bedrooms or kitchen otherwise it may cause several allergies.

  1. Do not use aluminum or melamine crockery; these are dangerous for your health. You can use stainless steel, cast iron or copper pots in your kitchen for healthy cooking.

  1. Always use spring air mattress for sleeping, but also keep in mind that sometimes these mattresses become the house of bed bugs so do not forget to give a sunbath your mattress once in a month, sun rays kill all the invisible bugs and bacteria’s from your mattress.

  1. In the toilet, do not forget to turn on the exhaust fan, which drains the unpleasant odor and moisture during its use.
  2. Whenever you need to use mosquito sprays or clean your house with detergent or cleaners, do not forget to open up your windows otherwise you may face headaches, irritability, and fatigue.

  1. Always use soft cotton and low polyester clothes, because low quality and polyester rich clothes may cause skin problems.

Best quotes about health!

  • Keep healthy stay fit eat healthy because life is short make it sweet no compromise in food and health do not take chances.
  • Money is not the most important thing if you can't live a healthy life to enjoy it. Take care of your body. Nutrition and exercise!
  • There is nothing I love more in this world than a good health.

Bitter Facts about Today's Women

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Let’s explore some weird, bitter but true facts about women relationships, mentality and so called rights in today’s society. So what does a man do in today's society when it seems all females are pretty much the same?

Women today play the same games and move in the same predictable patterns as the next woman. They all say the famous line "all women aren't the same", or "I'm not like other females", yet they NEVER display anything different. How many women have YOU met who were actually distinctive and original? Meaning, not into the SAME frivolous things such as gossip, or worrying about what the next female is doing or saying. Today's women have completely fallen off in terms of having polish and common sense. It's okay nowadays to be a bad girl, and if any man calls a female out on herself destructive behavior she will write him off as "bitter" and "woman bashing". So females never learn how to improve because they find defense mechanisms to avoid accountability for their poor choices in men, life, and their unacceptable behavior!
Strange facts about women

Interesting facts about women!

Does the man avoid women all together? ? (Self centered, no respect for the male gender, materialistic, superficial, irresponsible) Does he just hit and quit like a lot of guys to avoid the headaches that are destined to come? What does he do? Well, in this post, I will break down the elements women of today display and whatever the guy reader decides to do is his business.

First stage facts:-
The women reading this piece, I hope you all take in what is being said, instead of being so quick to be defensive. What happened to women who wanted to be in a committed relationship? Women today have become the new guys. Women have become so fed up with these "no good Niggas" that they've adopted the same traits. They lie more than men now ,they play more games than ever because they are constantly hounded by "thirsty" guys 24/7, they manipulate and scheme their way through society, instead of gaining respect. Women rather gain control and attention. And when things blow up in her face, she plays the victim and uses the man or her "baby daddy", or her father not being in her life as an excuse. Why do women do these things? Because society rewards their behavior and reinforces it on every social outlet or media outlet! They start out as cute little girls that get what they want because they are cute and throw fits in order to get their way and they grow older and they are brainwashed by the older females who talk about how bad men are and how useless they are and how they cheat. Most women are raised in broken homes as well, and they have no example of how to be a woman or how to keep a family together. Or be a wife because they never witnessed one. What many women's mothers leave out of their story is that they cheated on their daddy all through their marriage until they had kids and then she quit putting out and started playing her control games. She paints a picture in her daughters mind that "all men are dogs", so the little girl grows an early hatred for men.

Second stage facts:-
The next step a female goes through growing up after the "princess stage" is her teenage years (13-19) "curious stage", where they develop a body, and they want to feel pretty so they give themselves blindly to guys to make their self esteem and social standing rise, and that means they get a boyfriend to feel pretty, secure, loved, and to have someone she can develop her games with that she learned from either her mother, her older relatives, her friends, or what she read in a magazine, blog, social site, or watched on TV then they either cheat, and or dump their old boyfriend for a guy that is either older, cooler (in her eyes), more attractive, or has more money.

Third stage facts:-
Then comes the next phase females go through: the "college year’s stage" (19-25) "bopping stage". This is when the real bad come out after 18 years of training. They hit their desirability peak; and that all men with few exceptions think girls from 18-25 are the most attractive, so the young female takes advantage by either humping many guys, or associating with many guys (this explains the "I have a lot of male friends" mentality). Very few women settle for the first guy who comes her way. She is still in her bad phase and has to get all of her fantasies and curiosity out of her system before she fully commits to a guy/girl (whichever she prefers). Couples who meet in college usually break up before they graduate due to too much temptation on campus, long distance problems, or the lack of know how to make a relationship last. Very few make it.

Fourth stage facts:-
After the age of 25 the woman's biological time clock really hits full swing. Now reality starts to set in, they realize that their looks are fading, they become lazy and stop taking care of their bodies (especially the ones who had a kid by this age) so most don't want to actually work beyond what is expected of them except for the corporate whores that sleep their way to the top. So most women (not all) act like they tame things down by lying and manipulating their way into a relationship where they hope to really get a guy and get him to make the worst decision available in modern times: which is to marry her?

Marriage NEVER works in a MAN'S favor.  If the marriage ends, HE loses. SHE gains. If the marriage lasts, he invests ALL of his time, money, and life earnings into providing a stable foundation for the woman...while she invests NOTHING. In conclusion, most women of today (arguably 90%...9 out of every 10 females) have gone from being loyal, honest, trustworthy, self respecting queens, to being heartless, mindless, self absorbed, drama filled, irresponsible.


If you look around, you will see more single moms than anything. Why is this? Because many men know once the kids come his life is over as he know it and if he's lucky she will cheat on him behind his back until the kids get grown, leave, then she leaves him and takes his life's earnings and spend it going out with all of her stupid girlfriends and bound rich guys etc. The greatest part of all is her easy life, thanks to the poor foolish males that provided it. So she will live longer than all the guys she ran through and destroyed. And when these guys drop dead, or are sick and dying, she will pass on all of their graves and act like she never did anything wrong to any of them. Again, women take NO accountability for their actions or wrong doings. So to all the men out there: do yourself a favor and take time getting to know a woman before you commit to her and give her a baby. So If you are unsure about her, do NOT move in with her, do NOT get her pregnant, and lastly, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT marry her! Make every woman you meet EARN your time, EARN your trust, EARN your money, and EARN that ring. To the ladies out there, the same rules apply to you as well. Pay attention to all the signs. Don't end up miserable just because you wanted to have someone. Understand that men come a dime a dozen, and no matter how handsome he is, there is someone out there who is tired of his stupidity. So choose wisely.

How to Being a Professional Quotes

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These quotes will teach you lessons about how to being a professional in the workplace and in every situation of life. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, a banker or a teacher, these best professionalism quotes will give you a right direction.

Most of the time opportunities are passed up because you prepare for them but yet let excuses get in the way, you don't have time but yet live paycheck to paycheck, you want success but won't work hard enough for it, you want more out of life but yet settle with what's been given to you and with what you have. Success is a mindset you have to want it bad enough, do whatever it takes to succeed! Make decisions in your life to take control so you don't miss another one of your kid’s activities, so you don't punch the clock and have someone tell you how much you’re worth, so you can live your life on your terms! Has opportunity been knocking on your door?

Quotes about being professional!

  1. Make the most of your day, do everything to the best of your ability, and watch success work on your behalf.

  1. Life is so short. Do what you must; get what you must all the time. Surround yourself with motivated, empowered people as much as you can. Ignore the ignorance

  1. Be arrogant as you want to be. As confident as you know how to be, as fearless as you want to be. Wait for no one when it comes to your greatness. Be selfish, everyone else is! Get a team that will go hard for your BRAND!

  1. Make tomorrow a big success by making yesterday your basis of standard and living it out today.

  1. They that seek the chief’s seat aren't always ready to be chief but they that learn from the chief qualifies because they understand what it takes to occupy that seat. The greatest leaders are usually the ones that had no problem being the most dependable followers.

  1. Don't stay in a pity party when things aren't going the way they need too. You’re wasting time that you will never get back, on things that don't matter. Get up, get out and change things around! After all your success falls on your actions, no one else's!

  1. I do not have time for drama, negativity, ignorance. If I do business with you, No I will not date you. Do what you must for you and take the best foot forward, because I am.

  1. Not to be so quick to share the energy of your vision with others.

  1. In order to be a leader, at some point you have to learn to follow. Even a queen bee learned before giving out instructions to worker bees.

  1. The struggles we face are so many times compared to others to reflect that a positive outcome is possible but each situation is different just as the person facing it...so don't compare but just stand firm because your struggle makes a damn good story when you succeed.

  1. Don't waste time with people who want a few hundred here and there when you have the power to make billions.

  1. You have to work hard for what you want. The dream is always free but the hustle? The hustle not many people actually go out and go after it. It's one thing to say you’re going to do something; it's another to actually do it because you said you would!

  1. If you really focus to get into the groove of you, you will feel that there is a certain amount of energy in the air & if you flow with it you will get a lot done. Don't wait. Time is working in your favor.

  1. It's amazing how much value you will see in people when you remove the bad seeds others have planted in you about them. Never let the opinion of someone else determine the way you treat others. You never know when you're in the midst of greatness

  1. Moving forward sometimes means leaving behind. Let today be a day all about you. Take it straight back to the basics.

  1. Embrace who you are, where you are and build from there. Anything lost in that process was never meant to witness and/or be hosted in your penthouse.

  1. Struggles are meant to strengthen you. Motivate you towards greater. Keep building. Keep dreaming. Keep believing in your promise. Our potential is endless.

  1. Don’t despise small beginnings, those who walk out of your life, those who don't understand your destiny, and those who don’t believe that you will ever be famous.

  1. If you’re waiting for the right time, this is it! Don't stop until you're proud!

  1. When adversity kicks in, when things are where they are supposed to be, when people and things are coming against you, know that something great is about to happen! Don't give in now, it means your doing something right. Success isn't an easy road to travel hence why many people don't go for it, but just know that YOU were called to be great, claim it, accept it, and stick it out.

  1. Your leader should always lead you to your intended destination. If you never make it to your destination, you're just a little lost puppy following someone around.

  1. If you are that powerful, take all that power and build your own vision for once.

  1. Make sure those you are helping, help you. People, who say they are not always for you, be careful, because some people will use your knowledge for their gain and leave you out to dry.

  1. One doesn't cancel out the other but don't get left behind caught up on something that will change as time progresses and growth is embarked upon.

  1. You must carry the spirit of excellence with you wherever you go. This life is not about what you don't know how to do, but it is about how open you are to learning and having the right attitude to becoming better at what you do.

  1. Build relationships with people and actually listen to what they are saying trust me it's appreciated.

  1. You know you need to do it, so do what you don't feel like doing sometimes.

  1. When you are truly done hiding behind the walls of pretending, judgment, and what people think of you. You will make your belief personal and your gift will make room for you beyond what you could have ever imagined. Or maybe you imagined it already, but maybe there was one decision you had to make to fully embrace it.

  1. If you’re broke you can't afford excuses, do whatever it takes to succeed!

  1. People will show you signs that you can't trust them. Take heed & keep pushing forward.

  1. It is not what you do alone; it is what you do as a team. You are as strong as the people behind you.

  1. Most powerful thing you were ever given by God is your own power to create. What you are about to see is nothing more than a manifestation of your own creativity.

Much is given, much is required. Sometimes that means giving up you on another level. Most times you can tell when people around you are in tune with you; they pick up a concern for you spiritually. My test now is to move beyond this point to the next one. I got to move on, even if that means leave things, people, and situations behind me.