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Famous Anti Racism Quotes

These famous anti racism quotes will help you stop creating a burden for yourself! Stop living in a lie, and stop talking about yourself when that 'self' is not even you at all. Trust me, from my quote, GOOD will come after we ALL feel the same guilt we are hiding from each other. Doing the wrong things doesn't make you evil and it shouldn't unless your brain really wants evil to take place, intend on it, then kill the next person.
But for those, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, adolescents, widows, monks, priests, sheikhs, Imams, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Pagans, non-straight, Straight, or what is considered the so-called Normal.
One of the most successful aspects of institutionalized racism is its social acceptance as a normal way of life. In the instance that it is challenged there are numerous legal and social justifications given for the deaths of black and brown individuals in the name of preventing violence. Then the same individuals who benefit from this sy…

40 Funny Questions to Ask on Yahoo Answers

I think a really fun thing to do online is to go to Yahoo answers and asks someone a really stupid but answerable question. So if you’re getting bored, try out answering these funny questions.
I hate when you're trying to get help with homework so you open yahoo answers and the answer is "do your own homework”.
Funny Yahoo Question
How the animal rights people have outlawed riding a Kangaroo without a saddle and special license?If you could give someone easiest suicide advice, what would it be?Does anyone know the discount code for buying a breakup?I'm just curious, why do women need to put lots of make up when heading grocery shopping?How can I fix my stupid boyfriend?What is the capital of Mars?What is the best translation program for alien words?I am looking for an Android app to detect a person who farts, any help?Which part of the world has the most Gold Diggers?Can we contact aliens through NASA?Name the first female who used the internet?What is more delicious, elep…

Tips for a Healthier Home and Healthy Lifestyle

By adopting these healthy lifestyle tips at home you can really relax yourself and refresh your energy. You have to do a few little things and you will suddenly feel a better new change in your old home.
Tips for healthy lifestyle in home: First of all throw away all spare and unused things, like old furniture, old photos, CD racks, books, broken toys, spare electronic equipment's, etc. Only keep the things that you really need. Now you can see how much breathing space you just get unexpectedly in your home.
Bring yourself near to the nature, grow flowery and fruity plants in stylish pots and set these pots on your balcony, stairs, corridor, etc. As we know green plants are good for eyes and also a good source of fresh oxygen.
Feel free to invest in air purifiers that cleanse the air and filters for drinking fresh water.There must be a proper ventilation system in your kitchen; proper aeration system saves your kitchen from the extra …

Bitter Facts about Today's Women

Let’s explore some weird, bitter but true facts about women relationships, mentality and so called rights in today’s society. So what does a man do in today's society when it seems all females are pretty much the same?
Women today play the same games and move in the same predictable patterns as the next woman. They all say the famous line "all women aren't the same", or "I'm not like other females", yet they NEVER display anything different. How many women have YOU met who were actually distinctive and original? Meaning, not into the SAME frivolous things such as gossip, or worrying about what the next female is doing or saying. Today's women have completely fallen off in terms of having polish and common sense. It's okay nowadays to be a bad girl, and if any man calls a female out on herself destructive behavior she will write him off as "bitter" and "woman bashing". So females never learn how to improve because they find d…

How to Being a Professional Quotes

These quotes will teach you lessons about how to being a professional in the workplace and in every situation of life. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, a banker or a teacher, these best professionalism quotes will give you a right direction.
Most of the time opportunities are passed up because you prepare for them but yet let excuses get in the way, you don't have time but yet live paycheck to paycheck, you want success but won't work hard enough for it, you want more out of life but yet settle with what's been given to you and with what you have. Success is a mindset you have to want it bad enough, do whatever it takes to succeed! Make decisions in your life to take control so you don't miss another one of your kid’s activities, so you don't punch the clock and have someone tell you how much you’re worth, so you can live your life on your terms! Has opportunity been knocking on your door?
Quotes about being professional!
Make the most of your day, …